Jaquar faucets provide a great experience with their high quality performance. Jaquar’s in-house, award winning design team is well integrated in its approach and helps to produce 100,000 faucets per day. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are backed by a world-class testing lab. That’s why Jaquar faucets conform to the highest quality and regulatory standards. Jaquar’s passion for perfection reflects in the 10 years of warranty it extends on its faucets. The faucets comprise of 17 ranges to suit various design needs, besides a complete range of faucets with single-lever, quarter turn and multi-turn operation.



The heart of every faucet, the cartridge is responsible for controlling water supply.

  • Jaquar cartridges are Half a million cycle tested to give a longer and trouble free operating life of up to 20 years (considering 60-70 operations per day)
  • Wide angle of lever provides ultra comfort and flawless, smooth operation
  • Our cartridg e spindle is made of brass instead of plastic, to avoid breakage
  • Works smoothly even at high temperatures (85 degrees) and in various pressure conditions (0.5-5 bar)
  • Recognised and approved by national bodies NSF-USA, ASME-USA, WRAS-UK, ACS-FRANCE

Chrome Finish

  • Upper shiny protection layer provides a mirror finish to every faucet.
  • High plating thickness (Nickel: 10 microns and Chrome: 0.3 microns) provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions
  • 450+ hours of salt spray test ensures our finishes are highly durable and corrosion resistant for a much longer duration.


  • Devices that mix air with water to give a soft and splash-free flow.
  • Our integrated honeycomb-structured aerator, provides lime build-up protection
  • Integrated anti-clogging dome screen of the aerator filters sediments and dust particles

Unmatched Warranty

  • Jaquar range of products are so precision engineered and made to such exacting quality standards, they come with a 10 Year Warranty. So that customers could rejuvenate without a worry.

Jaquar Care

  • Armed with a large service network of trained personnel who offer on-site plumbing guidelines and preventive maintenance services besides regular check-ups. Jaquar ensures uninterrupted bathing pleasure.
  • Optimum Flow
    and Temperature
  • Operates Smoothly
  • Higher Longevity
  • Soft Water Flow
  • Jaquar Care
  • Unmatched Warranty
  • Advanced Water
    Saving Flow Regulator
  • Higher Durability
    (0.3μ Chrome + 10μ Nickel)

Global Quality Certifications

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