Check out the best Bathroom Sanitaryware in India

Having the ideal bathroom sanitaryware is wanted by all of us. But it becomes difficult as it’s either stylish but uncomfortable or comfortable and makes your bathroom look like a mess. We here at Jaquar understand that finding the ideal bathroom sanitary items that don’t fit in while looking sleek and stylish is quite hard to find. That’s why Jaquar has designed the perfect and best sanitaryware items for your utmost comfort while looking natural and stylish in your bathrooms.

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Features of Jaquar’s bathroom Sanitary are:

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    Complete Comfort

    Jaquar bathroom sanitary items have been designed in a unique way that makes sure to go beyond just a sense of comfort. Not only that, it is built to fit seamlessly in your bathroom, without you making roundtrips for access. It’s built for every kind of bathroom to maintain your bathroom’s wellness zone.

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    Sleek design

    Aside from comfort, these sanitaryware solutions are made to naturally fit inside your bathroom without looking out of place. Jaquar has carefully designed sanitaryware for you with perfection to ensure that everything looks just right no matter what your bathroom size or structure is. Retain a powerful presence, while seeking no attention.

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    Anti germ finish

    Unlike other sanitaryware options, Jaquar has an exclusive anti-germ finish. We care about you and your health, and strive to  prioritize workplace hygiene and home hygiene at all times. Having a clean and sanitized bathroom can help give you an assurance of protection against germs & viruses that often plague our world. Thus, Jaquar provides you with top-level protection from any viruses or germs.

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    Premium Aesthetic

    Jaquar provides the perfect aesthetics for a premium bathroom. Jaquar sanitaryware products come in monochrome colors that radiate a powerful presence with a gloss or matte finish. To the untrained eye, monochrome seems bleak to see, but true aesthetic lies in a simple yet eccentric idea. Sleek but catches you off guard without intention. It transforms your bathroom to be your oasis, cut off from the stress and worries of the outside world.

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    Water conservation

    The importance of saving water has been no secret over the past few decades. And with a booming population, it has been necessary to bring attention to this cause. A vast majority of water waste being corporations, Jaquar has carefully considered and developed technology to conserve water while letting you enjoy the best of what can be offered.

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    Quick Installation

    Another one of its unique features includes a quick and easy installation. Why bore yourself with long trips of searching for perfect sanitaryware and then taking another month or two to fit in your bathroom? Jaquar has ensured you don’t need to move an inch out of your house to find what you need by making available all the sanitaryware online. And upon receiving it, it takes less than a day to install it in your bathroom.


Jaquar sanitaryware

Other sanitaryware

Complete comfort and easy access


Anti-Germ finish


Premium Aesthetic


Water Conservation


Quick installation





As seen above, Jaquar offers features like no other.

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    6 types of bathroom sanitaryware collections to decide from

    If you have no idea what to choose then you can take a look at the various collections available and pick the right one for your bathroom. Some of those that are available are:

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    Wall-hung Basin/WC

    These are hung on your wall and fitted well enough to require no external pillar and support. They increase the spacious feel of your bathroom and look neat and sophisticated. They are ideal for small bathrooms or bathrooms that are cramped.

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    Over the counter Basin

    Placed over the counter, these provide a unique feel to the bathroom. They look out of place but in a good way, capturing the attention of whoever enters your bathroom only for them to admire its look. Ideal for bathrooms with large counters.

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    Floor standing basin

    Standing tall, these basins give your bathroom a long and elegant look. They make your bathroom firmly stand out against ordinary bathrooms with their generic, bend over to gain access basins. Ideal for bathrooms with space and tall ceiling bathrooms.

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    Countertop basin

    Embedded into the counter, these basins give a stark stand out against the crowd. They appear as indented on the counter in a clean and well-finished manner. Ideal for small countertops.

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    One-piece WC

    With no need for wall attachment, these perfectly well designed WCs are there when you need them while also enhancing the look of your bathroom.

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    Rimless, blind WC

    As mentioned, this is a rimless WC available in matt and gloss finish as well as white black to fit the aesthetic of your bathroom without looking like an odd anomaly out of place. Ideal for small and space constricted bathrooms

What to consider while selecting bathroom sanitaryware products?

Be it for your home, office, restaurant or hotel; consider bathroom sanitary items that perfectly match your aesthetic and give them a personal touch. Planning ahead will help you find sanitaryware products that are perfect for your needs. Some things to keep in mind while purchasing the best sanitaryware products are:

  • Spacing: When buying sanitaryware online, you should analyze if your bathroom is spacious enough to accommodate the products. You can also find ideas to spruce up your space and keep it organized and well maintained. Your bathroom sanitaryware should perfectly fit your bathroom without making it look crowded or overdone. Ensure that at least 1/3rd of your bathroom space is free.
  • Colour: The white bathroom is now a classic theme. But you can also add your personality to the bathroom by changing the color and matching the theme of your home, restaurant or hotel. You can choose sanitary items that color coordinate and give a perfect touch to your bathroom.
  • Style: There are various styles of sanitaryware that can match the style of your home. At Jaquar, some range of style varies from the elegance of Queen’s to fusion touch for a contemporary look. Exploring various styles of sanitaryware products will add a personalized touch to your bathroom that will make your experience a satisfactory one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Sanitaryware

Bathroom sanitaryware products are made out of ceramic that makes them durable and economical. They can also be cleaned easily and have good resistance to chemical substances. Some of the sanitary items for your bathroom are:

The most basic types of faucets are:

  • Toilets
  • Bidet
  • Urinals
  • Sinks
  • Washbasins
  • Pedestals

Other sanitaryware accessories are:

  • Soap trays/holders
  • Ashtrays
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Towel Rod

Some of the key points you can consider while buying Jaquar sanitaryware are:

  • Buy from Jaquar’s authorised dealers
  • Buy from Jaquar’s authorised dealers
  • Check the retail price with the price offered. If the product is fake, it will be sold at a reduced cost
  • Check if the product has the original Jaquar logo
  • You can check the Jaquar website to find products and buy online if you are confused with offline purchases

Bathroom sanitaryware is made from porcelain that include washbasin, WC, urinals and other products that you use in your bathroom. sanitaryware has many benefits as they are efficient, save water and are cost-effective.

A water closet or WC is basically a toilet or any room that has a toilet/commode. The reason people use WC is that it is less vulgar or sounds more discreet than a commode or toilet.

Here are few tips that can help you find the perfect accessory for your bathroom:

  • Set your budget: Having a predetermined budget will help you narrow your search and filter the items that you really require. You will find bathroom accessories that match your style and budget.
  • Determine your requirements: Knowing what you want will save you hours of useless scrolling and buying accessories that you never wanted to use in the first place.
  • Prioritise: After planning your budget, you can prioritize what sanitary items to buy now.
  • Choose good lighting: You might not prioritize lighting while buying bathroom accessories, but having a good bathroom light fitting can enhance the features of your bathroom. It can give you soothing and calm feelings each time you step into the bathroom. You can also look more into bathroom lights at Jaquar lighting.

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