Modern washbasin design ideas for your bathroom: 2021 Edition

Looking for a modern washbasin design for your bathroom? You are at the right place. We have curated 5 washbasin design ideas that effortlessly blend in with the aesthetic of your bathroom.


  1. Make the colour pop

Make your bathroom more elegant and modern by experimenting with colours. Adding a hint of colour to your boring bathroom makes it look trendy as well as gives it a wow factor. You can try incorporating a washbasin with a beautiful matte finish that stands out in your bathroom, giving it fresh energy.  


  1. Modern floating washbasin

Having modern washbasin designs means being in trend and what more can be trendy than a beautiful floating washbasin! A wall-hung washbasin has many benefits. It will not only amaze your guests but make your bathroom look spacious and you can add in storage space under it too. A floating washbasin is a true sign of elegance and contemporary design. 


  1. Add a wooden touch

Planning to get a wooden exterior to your bathroom? Then a washbasin that matches the style will add in a charming look. Our table top wash basin sits perfectly on the wooden table and almost feels like a decoration. You can impress your guests when they walk in and find an amazing designer washbasin in a beautiful wooden finish bathroom.


  1. Enjoy extra space

 Making the most of your bathroom space is essential. We recommend you try a floor hanging wash basin. The main advantage of having a floor hanging washbasin is that it saves space in your bathroom and takes less space than any other normal sink. It makes your bathroom look sleek as well as it helps you save some extra space.


  1. Sustainability is the new trend

Having a washbasin that is sustainable is the new trend of 2021.  Having a thin rim table top basin will store more water in your basin, avoiding any excess use of water. A modern basin design does not satisfy just the aesthetics but also is functional and sustainable. 


If you are still confused about what washbasin will be the best for your bathroom, you can look at our complete bathroom solutions to get a clear idea. 


Tips to choose modern washbasin design:

Confused about which washbasin will be perfect for you? Here are some factors you should consider before a washbasin for your bathroom:


  1. Style 

The style of your modern washbasin design should match with other bathroom accessories. If your bathroom style is trendy choose a basin that is colourful and unique. If your style is contemporary, choosing a washbasin with muted colours like white or black is the best option. 


  1. Size:

Considering the size of your bathroom is an important factor. If you have a small bathroom, choosing a wall-mounted basin or floor standing washbasin will help you save a lot of space and make your bathroom look elegant. Recognising your bathroom space will help you experiment with the different designer washbasins. 


  1. Mount:

Your washbasin will work best when it is connected and mounted properly. While fitting a washbasin the looks are not the only things that matter. You should also consider a basin that provides the best functionality and makes your life easier. There are many types of mounted wash basins like a countertop, wall-mounted, pedestal and many more. Remember to think about the functionality of modern washbasin design before making your choice. 


  1. Material:

There is a wide range of materials in modern basin designs. While choosing a washbasin you should choose one that is simple to use and maintain. Some materials used in designer washbasins are:


Special features




Highly durable

Highly resistant

Easy to maintain


Long shelf life

Resistant to scratches

Easy to maintain


Eco friendly

Resistant with the proper cleaning method

Easy to maintain if cleaned with harsh chemicals

Natural stone


Can be stained

Cleaned with mild cleaning solutions


Highly water-resistant

Highly resistant to scratches

Easy to clean using a mild soap. 


Keep note of these points before choosing a washbasin according to your bathroom needs. 


  1. Storage:

Having a storage place to keep your day to day utilities is another added benefit. For example, when you use a wall-mounted washbasin, you can add a cabinet below the space. Also using a countertop washbasin will blend in with your bathroom table making it more functional. Planning out the storage space is important as it will determine the type of washbasin that will be best for your bathroom. 

We at Jaquar have solutions to all your problems. You can also watch our video on washbasin installation to make your installation process easier. Living with the elderly in your home? You should look at tips that will improve your bathroom safety and plan out your modern bathroom according to them.  To match with the washbasin you need to know the type of taps and how they will blend with your bathroom designs.

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