Jaquar whirlpools bring wellness into your home with great style and panache. Their jets project water in a flowing, circular motion, which offers a wide array of health benefits, including relaxation, improved blood circulation and sore muscle and joint relief. Whatever you desire, whether hot or cold water massages, long relaxing soaks or even chromo therapy, a Jaquar whirlpool can give it all. Easy to use manual or remote functions flawlessly switch water modes for your benefit.


The PMMA Advantage

Jaquar bathtubs are made of the highest grade of PMMA acrylic. Due to the reinforcement with 20mm of plywood at the bottom, the tub doesn’t develop cracks at the bottom when filled with hot water.

Air Suction Valve

There is an additional pipeline in the water circuit which is connected to all the water jets. This pipeline is also connected to a pump with a heating coil which sucks atmospheric air, heats it and distributes it to each and every water jet to boost the jet pressure.

Safety Vacuum Breaker

This is one of the most important safety features installed in Jaquar whirlpools. In case of blockage in the suction point, the motor switches off automatically.

No Bacteria Formation

The water pipes connect via V-shaped housings, creating a bow which ensures the complete drainage of water. Unpleasant odours and bacteria are thus avoided and you get fresh water every time.

Environment Friendly

The pipes are made from special Food Grade PVC. These pipes have an anti bacterial coating on the inner side so that even if some drops of water stay behind after the tub is drained, there won't be any bacteria formation in the water droplets.

3 Tier Test

Each and every Jaquar Whirlpool goes through a functional test with hot water after which it is tested on a European test machine for earthing resistance, insulation test and a high voltage test.

Easy To Use

The digital/manual control activates all the hydromassage functions to regulate Airpool intensity. All electronic parts can be installed and removed on site.

Water Jets

The effectiveness of the hydromassage is enhanced by the exclusive performance of the Glass patented “JET CLEAN” nozzles. They have orientable nozzles with partial closing system. The water flow can be adjusted in intensity and direction to suit personal needs, in order to gently massage delicate areas with capillary fragility and give a more energetic massage to areas that need more vascular stimulation

Airpool Jet

The airpool jets are made of plastic and provide a gentle and delicate massage on your spine, which increases the sensation of warmth in the body and has benefical effects on the back.

When immersed in water, the body builds up a protective layer which insulates the body. The air bubbles open the insulation layer releasing oxygen, and stimulating blood circulation. It optimises the transfer of warmth and the feeling of wellbeing.


Clearer skin:

Steam showers have the ability to unclog pores and remove deeply trapped congestion from under the surface of the skin

Infection treatment:

A major benefit of regular steam showers is relief from respiratory infections

Increased circulation:

Steam showers are an excellent way to naturally boost circulation throughout the body. Increased circulation brings more oxygen to cells and decreases the risk of hypertension, hardened arteries and muscle function

Stress relief:

One of the most powerful benefits of steam showers is their ability to reduce both physical and mental stress

Advanced water saving flow restrictor:

Metabolism and weight loss: ot steam increases blood flow by stimulating the lymphatic system which, in turn, helps to speed up the metabolism:

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