Flushing Systems

A flush tank that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Jaquar, a complete bathroom solutions provider, presents a design revolution that is superbly designed with high-quality materials to bring you the latest and the most advanced toilet flush. Besides modern flush tank designs that offer a sleek look to bathe spaces and outstanding features like water-saving, easy access maintenance and anti-condensation, Jaquar Concealed Cisterns ensure your bathrooms look spacious, clean all the time.

Types of Flush tank:

  • I - Flush: Elegant and modern comes to mind when you look at i-flush. This flush is easy to repair and maintain. I-flush also gives an instant flush technique with just a click of a button.
  • Flush plates: we installed Flush plates on the wall and usually have two buttons. You have a choice to use whole or half the water for flushing.
  • Flush valves: If you want a toilet flush tank that releases high-pressure water, then a flush valve is your best option. It works like any traditional flushing cistern but gives better flushing performance.
  • Concealed cistern: In this flushing cistern, the concealed flush tank hides behind your bathroom wall and you can easily flush by pressing the wall flush plate.

Buying guide for flush tank

Confused about how to choose the toilet flush perfect for your bathroom? Here are few things you should consider:

  • Type of toilet: There are many toilet flush types in the market. Choosing your toilet flush tank will depend on the toilet you get for your bathroom. A two-piece toilet will have a separate flush tank and seat. While in the in-wall toilet, the concealed flush tank hides in the wall. If you are looking for a modern toilet design, we recommend you try a concealed cistern.
  • Types of flushing: After you’ve decided on the toilet, check on the flushing system that you want for your bathroom. Having a gravity flush system is inexpensive and functional. Pressure flush systems can be helpful if you are looking for a toilet flush that is powerful and gives an impressive performance. The most advanced and latest type of flushing system is the dual flush system. In a dual flush system, you can choose between flushing little or whole water, which will help you save water.
  • Height of toilet seat: A toilet seat height is important to let you sit comfortably as well as making your bathroom look elegant. A typical bathroom will have 17 inches toilet height, but if you want to be comfortable, you can choose 19 inches. Choosing a 19-inch toilet seat will help you and your guest be comfortable.
  • Placement of toilet tank: The ideal distance to keep your toilet away from other objects is 15 inches. You can measure the distance from other parts of your bathroom like the wall, vanity or shower enclosures. For a modern look, you can keep your flush tank 18 inches away from the other part of your bathroom.
  • Buttons and levers: You can choose to install a traditional lever or use modern levers with a push-button feature. Most modern bathrooms have the push button that comes with a dual flush feature, where one button will give you a full flush while the other will use less water. Using a dual button will help you save on your water bills.
  • Colour of the flush tank: While choosing a toilet flush tank, it is vital to match the aesthetics of your bathroom. Flush tanks come with beautiful designs and colours that can add a personal touch to a boring toilet flush. You can choose a colour that stands out or blends in with the design of your bathroom.

Features of Jaquar’s Flush tank:

Perfect Easy Alignment

Fixed inlet and outlet distance (135 mm from centre to centre) mean a perfect installation of WC, and pre-defined space for cistern results in better flushing every time.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable legs (0-200 mm) to allow for customised variation in heights of WC.

Easy Installation

Easy and hassle-free installation as there is no chiselling of the wall.

Load Bearing Capacity

Wall hung WC can have bolts that secure to the frame, which can take a load off up to 400 kg.

Wide Compatibility of WC

Accommodates different wall-hung WCs as they provide holes at different heights

It is an enormous task to get economical bathroom renovation and to find products for your personalised bathroom. Visit Jaquar to get a complete bathroom solution and also find bathroom products that are elegant and economical.

Frequently asked questions on Flush tank:

High tank toilets flush better as gravity forces the water to the bowl. All flushing cisterns work the same way. Since we placed high tank toilets above the wall, it has a better flush technique.

A toilet flush tank holds a supply of water to flush out the sewer. It releases this water or sewage periodically and fills once the tank is empty.

The toilet flush is pretty easy to use. When you push the lever, the flush valve will lift the valve seat. Using a lever will empty the water from the tank into the toilet bowl. Once the water level drops, the floating valve will lower to the button of the tank and cover the outlet pipe.

If you are looking for a modern design for your bathroom, a concealed cistern is the best solution. Concealed flush tanks occupy less space which will make your bathroom look more spacious. You can also hide all plumbing in the wall or any unit, giving a minimal touch.

Choosing a concealed cistern or flush valve depends on your bathroom needs. Concealed flush tanks save space, giving a minimal look for your bathroom. A flush valve provides more control of your water choice and also clears out any dirt.