Jaquar Faucets

Jaquar faucets provide great cleansing experience with their high-quality performance and eye-catch designs. With our wide range of shower taps, sanitary taps, designer taps for washbasin including luxury taps, we cater to a mammoth variety audience looking for design as well as affordability. You can look at the different types of Jaquar faucets online. Every type of wash basin tap comes in a variety of colours and features. Ensure that your new faucet goes with the wash basin designs you have in mind. Jaquar faucets provide true and complete bathroom solutions to every household.

Flaunt your Bath Faucets

Much like the saying ‘the beauty lies in the details’, faucets are an integral part of your bathroom or kitchen’s overall appeal. Sleek, chrome finish bath faucets can give that contemporary, minimalist look while antique finish, designer taps for wash basin with curves can immediately spin a royal and luxurious look out of your normal bathroom.

Buying the Right Faucet Tap

Given the sheer volume of brands, designs, sizes, styles, features and functionality of faucets and designer taps for wash basin it might be a difficult task to buy the right faucet tap for you. Additionally, with a plethora of faucets online, the task can get even more arduous without a hands-on experience. This is why it is important that you do your research about the best faucet tap brand, get guidance from a professional before purchasing. Faucet taps can differ even according to the use and place of installation. For example, bathroom tap sets cannot be fixed in the kitchen and a wash basin long tap that is usually used in kitchen sinks cannot be used in a luxury bathroom set up.

Jaquar’s offers professional assistance virtually to customers wanting to buy taps online with our robust bathroom fittings online service. You can go through the wide range of faucets online from the safety of your own home. When you choose your bathroom faucet, a buyer’s guide comes handy. But a few things to keep in mind are:

- While looks are important, it is imperative to check your future bathroom faucet for convenience and long term dependability

- Understand the handwash sink design you are setting your faucet up in. and the type of wash basin taps that will go with it. You aren’t spoilt for choice at Jaquar and will get exactly what you want

- Get to know the water pressure that flows through your pipes. This is important because certain types latest taps for bathroom require a certain amount of pressure to flow through them

Why are Jaquar faucets the best?

Jaquar hosts a wide range of latest taps for bathroom and faucets online to make the in-house, award winning design team is well integrated in its approach and helps produce 125,000 Jaquar bathroom taps per day. The collection of designer taps for wash basin at Jaquar are conceptualised and curated by reputed designers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are backed by a world-class testing lab that ensures Jaquar faucets including the shower taps and sanitary taps conform to the highest quality and regulatory standards. Jaquar’s passion for perfection reflects in the 10 years of warranty it extends on its washbasin taps and faucets. Jaquar bathroom taps are a constant favourite among the masses owing to their affordability without compromising on design.

The bathroom faucets online consist of 17 ranges to suit various design needs including luxury taps for luxury bathroom concepts. Jaquar’s collection of basin taps include single-lever, quarter turn and multi-turn operation. The Jaquar wash basin taps come in a variety of colours and features. Ensure that your basin taps suit the wash basin designs you have in mind.

Features of Jaquar Faucets


The heart of the best bathroom taps by Jaquar, the cartridge is responsible for controlling water supply.

- The cartridge is a tool responsible for controlling water supply in taps. Cartridges of Jaquar taps are half a million cycles tested to give a longer and trouble-free operating life of up to 20 years. This ensures maximum life of your Jaquar tap to give you the best profit

- Wide angle of lever provides ultra-comfort and flawless, smooth operation of the Jaquar bathroom taps

- The cartridge spindle of a wash basin tap is made of brass instead of plastic, to avoid breakage

- The bathroom faucets work smoothly even at high temperatures and in various pressure conditions

Chrome Finish

- Chrome finish is the outer shiny cover layer protection that provides a classic, mirror finish to every Jaquar faucet.

- The chrome finish for every curated Jaquar taps comes with high plating thickness and provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions, causing lesser wear and tear.

- 450+ hours of salt spray test ensures that every Jaquar wash basin tap is highly durable and corrosion resistant for a much longer duration.


- Devices that mix air with water to give a soft and splash-free flow.

- Our integrated honeycomb-structured aerator, provides lime build-up protection

- Integrated anti-clogging dome screen of the aerator filters sediments and dust particles

Unmatched Warranty

Jaquar range of products are so precision engineered and made to such exacting quality standards, they come with a 10 Year Warranty. So that customers could rejuvenate without worry. At Jaquar, you are promised the best bathroom taps with an unmatched warranty.

Jaquar Care

Armed with a large service network of trained personnel who offer on-site plumbing guidelines and preventive bathroommaintenance services besides regular check-ups, Jaquar ensures round the clock customer service for bathroom tap. We ensure

- Optimum Flow and Temperature

- Smooth Operation

- Higher Durability and Longevity

- Unmatched Warranty

- Advanced Water Saving Flow Regulator

Keeping in mind your budget and design requirements, connect with our highly-trained professionals for a virtual consultation to find the right fit Jaquar faucet for you!


Soft Water Flow

Advanced Water Saving Flow Regulator

Higher Longevity

Operates Smoothly

Optimum Flow and Temperature

Higher Durability (0.3µ Chrome + 10µ Nickel)

*Unmatched Warranty

Jaquar Care

Global Quality Certifications













FAQs about Faucets

What is the difference between tap and mixer?

A tap is a simple valve that controls the release of water while a mixer is a device that has the mechanism to mix both hot and cold water together. A mixer also lets you control the flow of the water and the temperature.

What are the basic types of faucets?

    • The most basic types of faucets are:
    • - Pillar taps
    • - Mixer taps
    • - Monobloc taps
    • - Wall mounted taps
    • - 3 hole basin taps
    • - Tall basin mixer taps
    • - Sensor taps

A detailed guide on the types of taps or faucets will help you understand their nuances better.

Why do faucets leak?

  • The common reasons for a leaky faucet are:
  • - Mineral deposits on the internal parts
  • - Corrosion due to usage
  • - Defective parts such as washers, gaskets, o-rings
  • - Improper installation of the faucet
  • If you have encountered a leaky faucet, learning how to fix a leaking tap or faucet can help you solve the issue quickly and independently.

What are the different parts of a faucet?

  • The different parts of a faucet include:
  • - Handles
  • - Screws
  • - Buttons
  • - Rings
  • - Caps
  • - A spout
  • - Aerator
  • - A diverter
  • - Gaskets
  • - Washers
  • The faucet parts may vary based on whether you are using a faucet for a bathroom or a kitchen

What are the signs of a faulty faucet cartridge?

  • The usual signs of a faulty faucet cartridge are:
  • - Water leaks from the spout of the faucet
  • - Facing difficulties in adjusting the temperature of the water
  • - Unnecessary mixing of hot and cold water lines ie, hot water running out of a cold water outlet
  • - Inadequate heating of water at the required outlets