Water Heaters


Looking for a geyser in India that lasts a long time without compromising the quality? Find some of the best geysers for hard water and the best electric geysers online from Jaquar.  With Jaquar’s bathroom geysers, you can enjoy the experience of a warm and relaxing bath either in a bathtub or in a shower. Choose your preferred temperature and enjoy a hot shower as you please! Jaquar’s best hot water geyser and instant water geysers are of premium quality that comes with comprehensive safety measures.

Jaquar also assists you in installing the Elena water geyser and in answering any questions on how a digital water geyser functions! With a multi-function safety valve and cordless leakage, Jaquar instant water geysers are made with materials of the highest quality. This electric geyser is also corrosion free and comes in different designs and capacities (in litres). There are numerous benefits of a hot shower, and with a perfect water geyser for bathroom, you are a step closer to enjoying a relaxing shower.


More Safety and More Security

Double Safety Thermostat

There are times when we switch on the bathroom geyser but forget to turn it off. If you get an ordinary geyser, this can cause an internal malfunction and overall damage to the water geyser. However, with the advanced technology of the dual overheating control mechanism, in all Jaquar water geysers, the power automatically cuts off, even if the primary cut fails!

Multi-function Safety Valve

The water pressure of each apartment or house depends on its pipelines. The Jaquar geyser for hard water adapts to that pressure and discharges water. This safety valve acts as a non-return valve if pressure or temperature exceeds the preset limits. It is highly recommended for apartments that have a private water storage system for each floor, especially if the water pressure fluctuates constantly. It is important to operate it smoothly as it is also suitable for different types of showerheads from Jaquar.

Earth Leakage Circuit Brake

An ordinary hot water geyser faces the challenge of touching the heat of the water geyser or touching it with wet hands. That is because of the absence of the Earth Leakage Circuit Brake. Well, this feature is present in all of Jaquar's best geysers for the bathroom. An Earth Leakage Circuit Brake is a safety mechanism and device that prevents any user from receiving an electric shock. It controls the voltage of the hot water geyser and stabilises any imbalances in the internal mechanism.

More Life and More Longevity

  • Superior Quality Glass and Lined Inner Tank - It prevents rust and corrosion and prolongs the life of the inner tank of the electric geyser
  • Single/Dual Glass with Coated Incoloy Heating Elements - A solid coating of high-quality steel that accelerates the heating process as well as prevents scale formation inside the hot water geyser
  • High-Quality Glass with a Lined Heating Element - The overall definition of the glass prevents any breakage or spillage and can allow your hot water geyser last for years.

More Savings and More Benefits

  • High-Density Insulation (CFC-free) - PUF insulation with added thickness minimises heat loss and maximises the energy savings of your best hot water geyser. All the details are taken into consideration and mentioned in the Jaquar Wellness Properties.
  • Cathodic Protection – a sacrificial Magnesium Anode protects and saves the tank from electrochemical reactions during water heating.

Attractive Digital Features

  • Cordless Remote - A Wireless remote control for operational ease
  • Full Digital Display - A complete digital geyser-like Elena Water Heater stands out against an ordinary hot water geyser.
  • On/Off Timer - Add a limit to turn on and off with your wireless remote rather than switching it manually on or off.

Jaquar’s Superior Quality Water Heater

Quality sets Jaquar apart. The high standards of our products have cemented our reputation as the most valued premium brand in the bathing industry.

Unmatched Customer Service

Jaquar is one of the best geyser brands in India. Therefore, Jaquar Bathroom geysers, instant water geysers and hot water geysers come with a warranty along with service backup making them the best water geysers in the market. Jaquar also offers a Bathroom Maintenance Service (BMS) for instant water geysers for showers and hassle-free bathrooms. You can add this bathroom geyser with a rain shower if you are wondering how to make your shower more serene.


We understand that from a wide range of water geysers it is difficult to know how to choose the right water heater for your home. To buy your water geyser online or in-store, we have a checklist for you that will help you find the perfect bathroom geyser for your home.

  1. Family Size: Make sure to choose a geyser that will work best according to your family consumption needs. If you have a small sized home, you can opt for an instant tankless water heater . When you have a huge family and huge space, switching to electric storage water heaters can be beneficial. 
  2. Energy consumption: Choosing a 5 star rated water geyser means that you can save on electrical and water bills. These heater water boilers are beneficial in the long term as they save much more on your monthly bills.
  3. Features: Some features you should look out for are: 

-The safety valve for pressure release.

-Rustproof outer body.

-Glass coating to avoid heat in the body.

-Automatic thermal cut out

-Adjustable thermostat setting. 

  1. Warranty: Warranty is a vital part to remember while choosing your bathroom geyser. Check the warranty of the instant water geyser before purchasing your water heater for bathroom or kitchen. Also, it is better to check the warranty on other elements of the water heater to be on the safer side. A water heater and instant water geyser  are necessities, especially with the changing weather conditions.

A Jaquar bathroom geyser assures you a long life and strength. Jaquar’s exceptional customer service is just another perk of buying the best water heater with a double safety thermostat and also has a glass-lined inner tank. Get an instant water heater for showers in your bathroom with Jaquar.


What more could you possibly desire in a water geyser for bathroom that assures you 100% quality? Jaquar instant water geysers also have several digital features to make them convenient and user-friendly. Contact your nearest Jaquar dealer today for the best water geysers online in India.

To ensure that they are worthy of the trust that is placed by customers in every Jaquar product. Browse through a whole range of safety, longevity and energy efficiency featured water geyser online that are built especially for your choice!