Bathroom Interior Design Tips || Add Luxury to your Home Decor

Bathroom is not just a room built to shower and freshen up. If you know how to make the best use of this space, it can be transformed into a room that exudes luxury and panache. Think of a freestanding tub, statement chandelier, luxury bathroom products, and everyone’s favorite steam shower! Of course, getting a complete renovation can cost you a bomb, but playing cleverly with bathroom products can help you style up the space in a way that you, your family members and even your guests would never want to leave.

Incorporate vintage, gold accents

Brass, the decoration staple from the yesteryears is back in trend and for good. Adding a touch of gold-toned metal faucets/fixtures will not only give your bathroom an instant face lift but also make it look warmer, newer and fresh. Solid-brass fixtures last longer and require the least care, especially with hard water.

But if you don’t want to rip out everything and start over, try metallic accent pieces such as bathroom sink handles, and cabinet knobs and other vanity products to get the same effect.

Say Goodbye to Shower Curtains

If you use shower curtains instead of sliding doors, it’s time to say them goodbye. There’s a larger selection of shower enclosures and you can easily find something affordable that instantly up the luxe factor.

Finding a shower enclosure that matches your needs shouldn’t be a problem as there are a plethora of options available – square, rectangular, solid, or a more contemporary lightweight tray. Always check if there is enough space for the door to swing open and you have plenty of room to clamber in. Typically, a shower area needs to be at least 32 inches x 32 inches to be practical and comfortable to use.

If you are not a tub person or don’t have enough space, a frameless shower cabin would come handy here.

Swap your Shower for a Freestanding Tub

Now, this is for those who prefer tubs over shower stalls. A freestanding tub gives a spa-like feeling to the bathroom so you can relax after a hard day’s work. When it comes to freestanding tubs, you have the freedom to create any size bathtub that fits the available space and your preference. Whether you want a contemporary sleek design or a classic clawfoot, the choice is yours.

To make your bathroom look just as luxurious and functional, opt for a more traditional look in color and tone. Natural wood works best with its easy charm.

Haute Sanitaryware

As the need for luxury increases, designers have found ways to glamourize sanitaryware. Modern toilets come in a variety of finishes: stainless steel, gloss powder coat, and matte powder coat. Most advanced toilets embody a sleek, modern and minimal style, and are often marked as a new standard of excellence in bathroom designs. You can find plenty of options to choose from to instantly give your bathroom a leg up on the average look.

Don’t Forget to Add Plants

Last, but not the least, a bathroom should always have room for plants. They are an easy way to add personality and freshness to a stale bathroom. For a spa-like look, pick lots of greens coupled with white flowers and house them into a beautiful white or black ceramic pot. Choose different colors to highlight different seasons or moods.

Carefully selected plants can transform your bathroom into an elegant, relaxing retreat while enhancing the space’s soothing atmosphere.

Think Fluffy

If you are going to splurge, splurge on towels, rugs and floor mats. Investing in soft, fluffy, neutral-colored bath linens goes a long way if you’re trying to give your bathroom a rich look. Also when buying towels or bath linens, ditch the ones made with regular, everyday cotton. Choose towels made with Turkish Cotton. They have longer fibers, better durability, and softer feel that make them appear thick and luxurious.

What more options? Turkish cotton towels are popular in hotels and spas. Want more options? Look for towels made with Zero twist technology. Towels made with zero twist technology are extraordinarily soft, lightweight, fluffy and durable.

That’s your instant glam!

So these were 5 easy luxury bathroom design hacks to help you create your ultimate private sanctuary. There’s sure to be something to help everyone!

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