Plan Your Bathroom

  • Step 1

    Evaluate your bathroom needs

  • Step 2

    Keep in mind the space

  • Step 3

    Exude your style

  • Step 4

    Light it up wells

  • Step 5

    Ask the experts

The first step to planning a restroom is thinking of its users. Who will use the bathroom space? Is it going to be a space for just two? Or a family bathroom with more than two members that requires enough storage space? Or is it going to be a bathroom for the guests? All of these factors will impact the fixtures, fittings and colour schemes you choose.
The dimensions of your bathroom space are crucial to designing the interiors of your bathroom. Measure the scale shapes of all the elements to be used in the bathroom like the washbasins, bath & shower enclosures, loo etc. and work out a layout that looks the best. Don’t cram in fittings that make the space look smaller.
What kind of bathroom designs inspire you the most? A classic look? A contemporary style? You can draw inspiration from interior décor magazines, small hotel or restaurant bathrooms as well. Formulate design ideas and a visual checklist that appeal to you.
The way you light up your bathroom space has a direct impact on your senses. The amount of light that you require in the daytime may vary from the nighttime. You wouldn’t want flashy lights bothering others sleeping in your room or yourself when you take a bathroom break at midnight. It would help if you considered having different lighting levels that you can turn low or high as per your requirement.
You can seek expert advice. Experts can guide you in maximizing space and minimizing cost by looking at your space and needs. They can tell you about the latest materials, trends and technologies, and floor you with many solutions and options to choose from depending on your budget.

Coordinated Bathroom Designs that go withyour lifestyle

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