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Choose your style from an exquisite range of bathroom solutions, and turn your ‘me’ space into a calming experience every time you step in.

Evaluate your bathroom needs

It all starts with you and your taste. At Jaquar, you can conceptualise your bathroom and bring your unique style to the space.

You can consult Jaquar to know about premium and luxury bathroom fittings and design it your way, for Jaquar lets you customise it to make your dream a reality. Elite or value designs, choose from a wide range of options and buy the best bathroom accessories, sanitaryware and more.


Jaquar provides complete bathroom solutions across segments- Elite, Premium or Value. From faucets and showers to saunas & shower enclosures, there’s a Jaquar range for every need. This extensive portfolio of products offers bath solutions under one roof./p>

Coordinated Bathroom Designs that go withyour lifestyle

  • A Complete Bathroom Solutions where you can conceptualize your own bathroom concept
  • Get first-hand experience of what you are about to make; find all the relevant products for your dream bathroom.
  • Jaquar concept offers everything one could dream of in the bathroom space through its most respected global brand.
  • This is for people who are glad to have the most exquisitely designed and precision engineered products in their bathroom.
  • There are a few more who demand a premium range of bathroom fittings that also coordinate well with each other.
  • It’s for such connoisseurs that Jaquar has created coordinated designs that flow from tap to basin, shower to bathtub, ceramic to accessories
  • Products that let bathrooms make an impeccable impression with their well coordinated looks and complement their style.

Wondering how to design your bathroom?

Looking for the place that offers the best bathroom solutions? Worry no more, and visit Jaquar for all your bathroom designs and options. At Jaquar, you can conceptualise your own bathroom and bring in your unique style to your bathroom.

With numerous bathroom designs and styles, you will have a wide plethora of colours to choose from too. Moreover, you can also simply go for a consultation with Jaquar to know about premium and luxury bathroom fittings and design it your own way! Jaquar lets you customise it entirely on your own, so you can make your dream a reality. You can buy the best bathroom fittings and products that suit your bathroom.

Choose from a wide range of options and buy the best bathroom accessories, sanitaryware and more. Jaquar offers a wide range of premium bathroom fittings for you and your family - whether you wish to opt for the elite or value design choices. Visit Jaquar today for the best luxury bathroom fittings and get the complete bathroom solutions you need today!


A Faucet tap is a simple valve that controls the release of water while a mixer is a device that has the mechanism to mix both hot and cold water together. A mixer also lets you control the flow of the water and the temperature.

The most basic types of faucets taps are:

  • Pillar taps
  • Mixer taps
  • Monobloc taps
  • Wall mounted taps
  • 3 hole basin taps
  • Tall basin mixer taps
  • Sensor taps

A detailed guide on the types of taps or faucets will help you understand their nuances better. You can also visit the Jaquar website to know more.

The common reasons for a leaky faucet are:

  • Mineral deposits on the internal parts
  • Corrosion due to usage
  • Defective parts such as washers, gaskets, o-rings
  • Improper installation of the faucet
  • If you have encountered a leaky faucet, learning how to fix a leaking tap or faucet can help you solve the issue quickly and independently.

The different parts of a faucet include:

  • Handles
  • Screws
  • Buttons
  • Rings
  • Caps
  • A spout
  • Aerator
  • A diverter
  • Gaskets
  • Washers

The faucet parts may vary based on whether you are using a faucet for a bathroom or a kitchen