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A beautiful home means beautiful life. After a long tiring day at work, what is it that reduces your stress and gets you going for the next day? The comfort and the beauty of your house. Home lights are an incredible and integral part of your sense of home. After all, what looks good is also what makes you feel good. Investing in home lighting solutions will help not only to brighten up your space but also work as mood lighting which is a perfect investment in today's stressful life. At Jaquar Lighting, we have got you some of the best LED lights for home that will prove to be the perfect home lighting solutions for all your problems. Be it creating enough light for study purposes, working, or cooking in the kitchen; you are all sorted.

Home is not just a place but a feeling, right? It’s time to get some LED lights for your home so that you can experience the lighting and the beauty of your house that instantly makes you happy. At Jaquar consumer lighting, we have a wide range of home lights from which you can choose. Be it fancy LED lights for home, some designer lights for home, LED lights for room, or just about any LED house lighting solutions and consumer lighting solutions we have got it all. Now, if you wish to just relax in some dim light at night and have a good time with your family or your special ones, you can easily do so, because the beautiful lights by Jaquar Lighting are a perfect solution for all your special moments. Chit-chat and relax, take a back seat as our beautiful consumer lighting solutions do the work for you. Get in touch with one of the leading home lights manufacturers in India, Jaquar Lighting, and experience comfort lighting all your life.

Types Of LED Lights For Home

At Jaquar Lighting, we have got the perfect LED lights for home for you with our plethora of types of LED lights, LED lights for room, living room LED lights, and LED light fittings are a few of the many LED lighting solutions we have that help you suit every home set up and create a comfortable and graceful space. From designer LED home lights to LED panel lights for the home, you can get everything. Luxury home decor lights along with LED light fittings are our speciality because of their ergonomically designed body and graceful appearance. We have got the Best LED lights for home, which are sure to brighten up your space with beautiful lighting.

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    LED Battens Lights

    With a nice sleek body and a graceful white colour, our LED battens lights are one of the most beautiful options for LED lights for home. They are not too bulky or heavy in terms of appearance but have a nice soft touch to them that blends in well with the most modern contemporary setups. This is one of the best LED house lighting options by Jaquar Lighting because of its sleek and slim body and affordable price. We have different variants of LED lights for home in this edition from which you can choose the one that suits your home decor, the best.

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    LED Downlights

    It's time to get some beautiful house lights without distracting your budget or burning a huge hole in your pocket because our led downlights are not only very affordable but are a perfect choice for LED lights for room. They come in a nice white colour and their different variants camouflage well with all architecture. The circular design of these home LED bulbs, is perfect to be installed at the top of the wall, making these the perfect LED lighting solutions for people who wish to have designer LED lights that are not too mainstream and yet not too very subtle.

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    LED Panels

    Looking for some LED panel lights for your home? Well, not to worry! because at Jaquar Lighting, we have got the perfect LED lighting solutions for you with our LED panel lights and LED light fittings. They come in two different shapes, square and round, and you can choose one that suits your decor. These are a great choice not only for LED lights for room but also for living room LED lights. The panel lights emit sufficient light to instantly brighten up your house and also work as designer LED home lights because of their beautiful design and sleek body.

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    LED Spotlights

    LED spotlights are the easiest of the LED lighting solutions for houses and a classier choice for LED lights for home. They are especially perfect if you're looking for LED light fittings that are not too long and do not occupy much space. These LED spotlights come in two shapes round and Square; you can choose one that matches your decor and home setting. The best part about these LED spotlights is that they are very affordable, and their light white colour goes well with different colours and styles. Undoubtedly it is the perfect addition to your modern chic living room setting.

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    LED Strip Lights

    LED Strip Lights are slightly more expensive than all other LED house lighting options, precisely because of their high quality and modern design. The LED strip lights are perfect if you are looking for high-end designer LED home lights that will instantly brighten up your space and set your mood right for every little gathering. It is also one of the best energy efficient LED lighting options, so if you wish to upgrade the game of your home decor and are looking for chic light fixtures, and energy-efficient lighting options then this might be the one for you.

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    LED Lamps

    Wondering how to redesign your living room? Not anymore because our LED lamps are one of the best home lights by Jaquar Lighting that is a perfect addition to your rooms. This home LED bulb works well with different kinds of architecture and is a perfect balance of the contemporary setting with just a tad bit of vintage touch. These LED lamps also work very well as fancy lights for your home, which are sure to leave your relatives and friends dumbstruck because of their warm light and beautiful body. The home LED bulbs or lamps can also work if you are looking for some beautiful luxury home decor lights, these are slightly more expensive than other light home lights but totally worth it.

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    Street lights

    Well, when it comes to proper street lighting, it has become important to have a proper installation of these lights because of the increasing crimes. At Jaquar Lighting, we believe in putting an end to all your problems with the perfect consumer lighting solutions. You can opt for not only a modern but also an energy efficient LED lighting option that is sure to light up your street and also ensure enough light around your house, as well. You can browse through some of the best LED House Lights for your house and opt for the one that matches your vibe. After all, without proper street lighting, it becomes very difficult to come in and go at night, it also reduces the risk of any accident that may occur because of insufficient light. Apart from these necessary reasons, the proper street lighting also helps you create a nice reputation for your colony as it upscales the property's appearance. In all, it's a win-win situation for you!

Jaquar House Lights

It's time to get your hands on the perfect lighting solutions with Jaquar lighting. We promise to deliver you the best LED House Lights that are not only good on the eye but are also made up of premium quality.

We believe in giving you long last and reliable lighting solutions. You can choose from a wide variety of options like different types of LED lights that we offer. From dome lights for a home to home decor modern lights or just some fancy lights for home, we have got you covered. Jaquar Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers in India and when it comes to lights for home, what is better than entering your house after a long day at work and seeing your family comfortably seated in beautiful lighting? All this gets possible because of the perfect home lighting solutions that we offer to you at really affordable prices. It's time to create a beautiful atmosphere at home with our premium quality home lights, which are sure to brighten up your face as soon as you enter your home.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best Suited For The Kitchen?

The kitchen is a true workhorse in the household, doing everything from having conversations to the actual meal preparation and cooking. The right lighting becomes necessary to ensure that it’s suitable for everything.

For the ceilings of your kitchen walls, recessed lighting is ideal. They are compact and don’t take much space making your kitchen appear larger and neat. Modern and decorative kitchens add task lighting to highlight the kitchen cabinets. It ensures you have enough light when you are chopping vegetables and picking the right labelled cans! You can also run LED strips around the base shelves, it illuminates your kitchen and adds a positive vibe. LED strips can be used around china cabinets to showcase your vintage crockery collection. Nowadays, hanging decorative lights are used to add an aesthetic design. Of them, chandeliers or pendant lights are the popular picks. They add character to a room and allow the owner to make a statement.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Living Room?

The living room is a huge area that is the centre of attraction. It is not only the space where you sit with your friends and gossip but you keep your collection of books or artefacts. With us becoming more modern and trendy, our living area should reflect our personality. For this, you can easily take command over lights and light up your room. Popular for being the most efficient form of lighting, ceiling fixtures hardly take up any space and can fit in areas, which are usually dark. Another advantage of ceiling lighting is that you can control the amount of lighting you require. The basic rule with choosing the right living room light ideas should be to use various kinds of lights in order to make it suitable for each task performed there. While there should be plenty of ambient lighting to increase the room’s overall illumination, there should also be task lighting to ease up your reading or the kids doing their homework. Accent lighting should be there to add drama and interest to your favourite showpieces and pictures or even your bookshelf. Lighting works best in layers as it avoids the living room from looking monotonous. You can also have a mix and match of fixtures to experiment with different lights and shadows. The corners and sitting areas appear empty and darker than the rest. To fix that darkness, you can buy new floor lamps. Floor lamps are not just decorative ornaments, they are pieces of contemporary art. Add a small table lamp or a floor lamp in a corner to illuminate the entire room. Make a little reading area by adding a lamp. According to your needs, you can buy arc floor lamps, fancy floor lamps, or tripod floor lamps. Jaquar has varied options of living room LED lights to choose from.