6 best and economical tips for remodeling bathroom

Most people ring in the New Year with conviction to start making tweaks in their lives, habits and homes. In order to start the year with a brighter and healthier life, most home owners give their homes a new twist by re-furnishing it, especially by remodeling the bathroom. So, if you are one of those people who is on the lookout for luxurious yet economical bathroom fixtures, we have got you covered. But before we delve deeper, it is important to establish that bathroom renovations don’t always mean extravagant and high-end expenditures – something as simple as upgrading your basics, like faucets and showers, to a more in-vogue version of the same. Can’t quite get a hold of all that information? Worry not, this article will break it down for you step by step.

If you want to give your bathroom a luxurious spin but are worried about the bathroom renovation cost it is always better to start with the basics.

Change the Lighting

Modern bathroom accessories don’t always mean attaching bathtubs or spas. They include small details that change the vibe  and aura of your room. Good lighting in the bathroom creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere by transforming the aura and rejuvenating your bathing experiences. You could start off remodelling bathroom by fitting motion sensor lights. It immediately uplifts the sense of style and luxury in the bathroom. Other than the traditional lighting of yellow and red, try out blue color lights known to calm and rejuvenate the mind and body or green known for reducing depression or any sorts of stress and anxiety.

Upgrade your bathroom utility basics

Bathroom accessories like your showers, faucets and water heaters are your utility basics. These form the primary components of your bathing bliss. If you have kids or elderly in the house, it is better to invest in water heaters that have a digital water temperature control and a self-stop timer to prevent any overheating. You can cut down on your bathroom renovation cost by investing in showers that possess high pressure while saving water. Jaquar’s overhead, hand and body showers complement a wide range of shower systems, making them ideal for all your personal showering habits in terms of both design and installation. While choosing your faucets make sure you pick the ones that look elegant, modern and long lasting.

Include Sensor based toilets

Sensor based bathroom accessories is the new trend of 2020. Be it sensor taps, showers or toilets, the idea of a contactless, automatic bathroom experience sure does sound fancy. Though it might sound luxurious, these products like Jaquar’s sensor toilet flush are extremely affordable which immediately makes your bathroom look like one pulled right out of a catalogue. Sensor toilets are not only aesthetically pleasing but are extremely economical given the high water conservation and low maintenance costs. So including a sensor toilet in your bathroom renovations project is guaranteed to woo your guests.


Paint the bathroom

Painting is something so simple, yet such a profound element in upgrading the vibe of your bathroom. It is one of the easiest and cost-effective in every bathroom remodeling plan. It freshens up the atmosphere and gives the bathroom a whole new makeover. Picking the right paint colour to suit a relaxing, rejuvenating mood is important as the bathroom should be a place to unwind. Go for mild or cool tones like a soft pink or blue, mint green and lemon yellow which will complement brilliantly with your white cabinets, wash-basins and bath tubs. It is advisable to pick a paint with semi-gloss finish which will resist mold build-up.

Liven up the space

Like the age old saying ‘less is more’ clearing the clutter from your bathroom creates an illusion of more space and thereby a bigger space. There are probably three half-used toothpaste and face wash tubes, five old worn out toothbrushes and what not lying in your bathroom cabinet. Throw out the unnecessary ones and concentrate on a minimalist approach. You could always spruce up the vacant spaces with small bathroom plants like money plants, lucky bamboo plants, orchids, lilies and ivy plants which require less sunlight but can be a pleasant, aesthetic addition to the bathroom renovations list.

Make one good Investment every year

Shopping has become unbelievably convenient these days. You no longer have to take time out of your busy schedules to shop. You can find all the information you need regarding steam showers or simply look around for the best saunas in India. Modern spa models are technological marvels that relax and restore equilibrium. Massage jets are strategically placed to stimulate different parts of the body. Choose what you want, get information and only then shop.

Remodeling bathroom entirely every year is not a wise move. New technological up-gradations take place every year. Make one purchase a year – this ensures a new latest installation every year as per your choice and budget. Simple changes can completely transform your bathing experience. Starting from faucets to shower enclosures, everything from the look of the accessory to the utility contributes to your bathroom’s appeal. Don’t make a decision in a hurry, look around, gather information and never compromise on quality. Jaquar offers a wide range of beautiful bathroom-fittings at affordable costs to bolster your bathroom renovations plans!




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