Find the Perfect Bathroom shower with Jaquar

Jaquar Bathroom showers are designed to deliver a range of experiences to let you have a shower of your choice every time. Our overhead, hand and body showers complement a wide range like bathroom shower set, hand shower or water shower that caters to your unique showering habits, design and installation requirements.

Jaquar showers are designed to deliver great precision and consistent water distribution to each nozzle. Our bathroom shower designs give you a choice of 5 different flows to match your mood. Your morning showers will never be boring with our shower experience with the unique flow that you desire.

Types of bathroom showers:

Body showers

Body showers spray water on your body through a side shower panel. Using a body bathroom shower can help relieve body aches and can also clean even the difficult parts of your body.

Air showers

Air showers use air and water to remove dust particles or any other harmful particles in our bodies. The combination of air and water in the bathroom shower design saves water and adapts green technology.

Maze showers

As the name suggests, Maze showers have a maze pattern nozzle that is perfect for modern and contemporary homes. Maze bathroom showers provide a softer shower experience while equally distributing water to all its nozzles.

Rain showers

Rain showers are water showers that are generally larger compared to the normal showers heads that you have in your home. Rain bathroom showers provide better flow directly above your head. With Jaquar rain showers, you are guaranteed the best shower experience that feels just like rain.

Multi-function showers

On some days, we understand how you might want to relax after a long, tiring day.You can do so by having a long shower! However, having different bathroom shower sets costs a lot. Using a multi-function shower helps you change the settings of the flow type you want.

Hand shower

Hand showers can be held in your hands if you need to reach and clean difficult areas in your body. Our Hand showers come in Single flow and multi-flow nozzles that can be a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Hydrolite showers

Jaquar’s Hydro lite bathroom shower design has a built-in generator that can detect the temperature of the water. With a change in water temperature, the lighting in the shower also changes. The LED ambient lighting is sensitive and can detect the temperature of water and change accordingly.

Features of bathroom shower:

Advanced Rubit Technology

A feature that keeps water showers clean and increases their longevity. Since the spray jets on the showers are made from elastic silicone, they ensure that no limescale deposits stick to the bathroom shower face. Even if they do, they can be easily rubbed off by hand or flannel.

Click Position System

All Jaquar bathroom showers are multi-functional with a convenient click mechanism. You can feel and hear the click while changing the function of the shower sprays.

Thermo Insulation

Jaquar's insulated shower systems prevent scalding by not heating the shower body. To know more about this feature, you can check our website.

Jaquar Booster Technology

Jaquar Booster Technology creates the sensation of a full shower regardless of the water pressure. The booster technology in the bathroom shower set helps you have a unique shower experience every day.

Benefits of using a bathroom shower

Showering improves your hygiene and makes you feel clean throughout the day. Using a shower can also provide pain relief through hydrotherapy. Some of the benefits of using bathroom showers are

  • Improvement in your energy

    Taking a morning shower is a great start as it restores your energy. Cold showers in the morning improve alertness as cold water reduces the temperature of your body. Bathroom showers in the morning can also reduce melatonin, the sleep hormone in your body, making you feel refreshed the whole day.

  • Relieves body aches and muscle pains

    Showering after a tiring day can help in reducing body stress or pain. The water flow from showerheads can massage and increase the circulation of blood in your body, reducing any form of muscle pain.

  • Improve your blood circulation

    The pressure from water flow can rush your blood to the surface of your skin. Good blood circulation can increase the oxygen flow in your body which will reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Reduce stress:

Taking a cold shower helps reduce stress after a long day at work. You will also increase the intake of oxygen when showering which will automatically reduce stress levels in your body.

You can buy showers online at Jaquar if you are looking for shower products that elevate your bathroom experience. With shower heads, you also need to know more about the bathroom shower mixers that fit the choice of your bathroom shower designs. You can also read our blog on why you should use a thermostatic mixer and how it’s the perfect choice for a contemporary home. You can also buy showers by Jaquar from your nearby retailer.

Frequently asked questions on bathroom showers

Showering every day have various benefits like:

  • Reduce any swelling.
  • Improve your immune function.
  • Improve concentration.
  • Reduce difficulty in breathing.
  • Reduce difficulty in breathing.

Showers in the morning will wash off any dirt, bacteria or sweat that you got from your skin. Morning showers also improve your energy levels and concentration level throughout the day. Use lukewarm water to clean your skin and reduce acne and other skin problems.

Hand showers help you rinse off parts of your body that are difficult for a normal shower head to reach. Hand showers are easy to use and save water as you wash off only in areas you want to clean yourself.

Cleaning a Jaquar shower is pretty simple. All you have to do is hold the showerhead and rub the nozzles with your thumb to remove any dirt from blocked holes. You can also use a cloth dipped in vinegar to clean your bathroom shower once a month.

A water shower is a much more sustainable option to choose as they use less water than a bath. A full bath can use upto 70 gallons of water while a shower uses less than 2.5 gallons of water.