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June 17, 2023

Is your living room feeling lacklustre and uninspiring? Are you craving a change of scenery and a fresh start? It might be time for a modern living room revamp!

For Indians, our living room is the heart of our home, where we relax, entertain guests, and create lasting memories. It deserves to be a place that truly feels like our sanctuary. A revamp with these living room decor ideas can breathe new life into your home and elevate your everyday experience.

In this guide, we will explore a plethora of captivating living room decor ideas to transform your living room into a haven of comfort, beauty, and functionality. From furniture selection and colour schemes to lighting and accessories, let's dive into a world of inspiration and create a living room you'll love to spend time in.

Luxury Bathroom Designs in India
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Luxury Bathroom Designs in India

As the pursuit of luxury becomes an essential aspect of modern living, bathrooms are no longer limited to mere functional spaces but are transforming into personal sanctuaries that exude elegance and grandeur. In this blog, we we delve into the world of opulence and sophistication in bathroom design specifically tailored for Indian households. If you're looking to create a luxurious bathroom that's both functional and stylish, you'll want to check out these 73 stunning luxury bathroom designs. From high-end finishes and fixtures to unique design elements, these bathrooms are sure to inspire your next renovation project.

1. Contemporary Oasis

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A sleek and minimalist bathroom with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a freestanding bathtub, and a rainfall shower. It features high-end fixtures and materials like marble and brushed metal.

2. Classic Elegance

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A traditional bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub, a crystal chandelier, and intricate tile patterns. The vanity is made of rich, dark wood, and there are ornate mirrors and sconces. This master luxury bathroom design is perfect for a traditional Victorian-style house.  

3. Spa Retreat

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A luxurious bathroom with a large, sunken bathtub surrounded by natural stone, a spacious walk-in steam shower, and a built-in sauna. It incorporates warm lighting, plants, and soothing colours for a relaxing atmosphere.


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4. Modern Glamour

Living Room Light Ideas in India

This Indian bathroom design combines luxury modern bathroom design with opulent touches. It features a floating vanity, a glass-enclosed shower with a digital control panel, and a backlit mirror. The walls are adorned with textured wallpaper or mirrored panels.

5. Zen-inspired Haven 

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A bathroom with a Japanese aesthetic, featuring a deep soaking tub, a wooden vanity with a vessel sink, and bamboo accents. The luxury bathroom interior design is created to evoke tranquillity and balance, with natural light and earthy tones.

6. Coastal Retreat

Living Room Light Ideas in India

This luxurious bathroom captures a beachy vibe with light-coloured tile, a freestanding bathtub overlooking the ocean, and a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with pebble flooring. The fixtures are made of brushed nickel or polished chrome.

7. High-Tech Haven

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A bathroom equipped with the latest smart technology, including voice-activated controls, a smart mirror with built-in TV and speakers, and an electronically adjustable bathtub. The lighting and temperature can be adjusted with a smartphone app.

8. Art Deco Glam

Living Room Light Ideas in India

This luxury bathroom design pays homage to the Art Deco era, featuring geometric patterns, mirrored surfaces, and glamorous accents. The vanity has a marble countertop, and the shower is enclosed in black-framed glass.

9. Nature-inspired Sanctuary

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A bathroom with large windows offering panoramic views of a lush garden or forest. It incorporates natural elements like stone, wood, and plants, and includes a rain shower, a wooden soaking tub, and a green wall.

10. Romantic Haven

Living Room Light Ideas in India

This luxurious Indian bathroom is designed for romance and indulgence. It includes a freestanding bathtub with a cascading chandelier above, a fireplace, and soft, velvety textures. The colour palette consists of deep reds, purples, or rich neutrals.

11. The Minimalist Masterpiece

Living Room Light Ideas in India

This luxury bathroom design is about simplicity and clean lines. This bathroom creates a calming and serene atmosphere with a neutral colour palette and minimalistic fixtures. The large, freestanding bathtub is the centrepiece of the room, while the sleek, wall-mounted faucets and minimalist vanity add to the overall modern aesthetic. If you're looking for a bathroom design that's both elegant and understated, this minimalist masterpiece is the perfect inspiration.

12. The Glamorous Gold

Living Room Light Ideas in India

One luxury bathroom design trend that has been gaining popularity is using gold accents. From faucets and showerheads to mirrors and lighting fixtures, adding a touch of gold can instantly elevate the look of your bathroom. Pair it with marble or other natural materials for a truly opulent feel. Just be sure to balance it out with neutral colours and textures to avoid overwhelming the space.

13. The Rustic Retreat

Living Room Light Ideas in India

If you're a fan of the cosy, cabin-like feel, then the rustic retreat bathroom design is perfect for you. Think of warm wood tones, stone accents, and earthy colours. Incorporate a clawfoot tub or a wooden vanity for added charm. You can even add a fireplace or wood stove to really complete the rustic vibe. This design is all about creating a cosy and inviting space where you can relax and unwind.

14. The Ocean Oasis

Living Room Light Ideas in India

If you're looking for a luxury modern bathroom design that will transport you to a tropical paradise, then the ocean oasis is a perfect choice. Think shades of blue and green, with accents of white and sandy beige. Incorporate natural elements like seashells, coral, and driftwood for added texture and interest. A freestanding bathtub with a view of the ocean or a large window with a beachy scene will complete the look and make you feel like you're on vacation every time you step into your bathroom.

Remember, these are just design ideas, and you can mix and match elements to create your own unique luxury bathroom designs that are tailored to your preferences and style.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity Designs

15. Double Floating Vanities

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A pair of sleek, wall-mounted vanities with smooth surfaces and minimalist lines. They can be made of high-quality wood or finished with glossy lacquer for a modern and luxurious look.

16. Antique Elegance 

Living Room Light Ideas in India

A vintage-inspired luxury bathroom vanity design with intricate carvings and ornate details. It can be made of rich, dark wood or feature a distressed finish for added character. Pair it with a marble or granite countertop for a touch of luxury.

17. Hollywood Glam 

A vanity that exudes Old Hollywood glamour, featuring a mirrored finish, crystal drawer pulls, and a built-in lighted mirror. Add a plush stool or ottoman for a touch of luxury.

18. Marble Masterpiece

A vanity made entirely of luxurious marble, featuring a beautifully veined countertop and matching sink. Incorporate a mirrored backsplash and polished brass fixtures for a truly opulent look.

19. Custom Statement Piece

Commission a custom vanity designed specifically for your master luxury bathroom in India. It can be a unique piece of furniture or a built-in unit with personalized details, such as intricate inlays, exotic wood species, or custom hardware.

20. Contemporary Minimalism 

A sleek and minimalistic vanity with clean lines and a matte finish. Opt for a minimalist and luxury bathroom design with hidden storage and integrated sinks for a seamless and luxurious look.

21. Gold Accents

Choose a vanity with gold accents, such as gilded trim, gold-plated hardware, or gold leaf detailing. Pair it with a marble or quartz countertop to create an elegant and luxurious statement piece.

22. Backlit Beauty

Select a vanity with built-in LED lighting behind the mirror or within the drawers, creating an illuminated effect. This adds a touch of modern luxury to your bathroom design and provides excellent lighting for your daily routine.

23. Rustic Charm

Incorporate a vanity made of reclaimed wood or distressed finishes to achieve a rustic yet luxurious look. Combine it with a stone or copper sink and complementing fixtures for a warm and inviting bathroom.

24. Open Shelf Style

Opt for a vanity with open shelves instead of traditional cabinets. Use luxurious materials like glass, mirrored surfaces, or polished metal for the shelves, and display carefully curated items like high-end toiletries or decorative accents.

Remember, the key to a luxury bathroom vanity designs is to select high-quality materials, pay attention to craftsmanship, and choose a style that complements your overall bathroom aesthetic.

Luxury Bathroom Tile Designs

25. Marble Elegance

Use marble tiles in various sizes and patterns to create a luxurious and timeless look. Opt for classic white marble or go for a bold statement with a colourful or patterned marble tile.

26. Mosaic Masterpiece

Create intricate mosaic designs using small luxury bathroom tile designs in different colours and materials. Consider mosaic patterns on the floor or walls, or as an accent border to add a touch of luxury and artistry.

27. Metallic Accents 

Incorporate tiles with metallic finishes such as gold, silver, or bronze. These tiles can be used as a border, accent, or even as a feature wall to add a glamorous and opulent touch to your bathroom.

28. Geometric Patterns

Choose tiles with geometric patterns to create a visually striking and luxurious bathroom design. Consider intricate hexagonal, herringbone, or chevron patterns to add depth and interest to your space.

29. Glass Tiles

Install glass tiles to create a luxurious and reflective surface. Choose from a variety of colours and textures, or go for iridescent glass tiles that shimmer and change colours depending on the light.

30. Natural Stone

Incorporate natural stone tiles like travertine, slate, or granite for a luxurious and organic look. The unique veining and texture of natural stone create a sophisticated and high-end aesthetic.


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31. Patterned Porcelain

Use porcelain tiles with intricate patterns to create a luxurious and detailed look. Moroccan-inspired designs, floral patterns, or intricate motifs can elevate the style of your bathroom.

32. Textured Tiles

Incorporate luxury bathroom tile designs with three-dimensional textures, such as raised patterns or embossed designs. These tiles add depth and visual interest to your bathroom, creating a luxurious and tactile experience.

33. Wood-look Tiles

Opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles that mimic the look of natural wood. These tiles offer the warm and inviting aesthetics of wood while providing the durability and moisture resistance needed for a bathroom.

34. Onyx Splendor

Use onyx tiles to create a truly high-end and luxury bathroom design. Onyx offers unique veining and translucency, allowing light to pass through and creating a captivating visual effect.

Luxury Elements in your Bathroom

35. Whirlpool Bathtub

A whirlpool bathtub for a luxury bathroom provides a blissful and rejuvenating experience, combining relaxation and hydrotherapy to create a lavish sanctuary for ultimate comfort, indulgence, and wellness. Install a high-end whirlpool bathtub with hydrotherapy jets for a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience.

36. Steam Shower

Transform your shower into a steam room with a built-in steam generator. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy right in your own Indian bathroom.


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37. Rainfall Showerhead

Upgrade to a large rainfall showerhead that provides a gentle and immersive showering experience, mimicking the sensation of standing under a soothing rain shower.

38. Body Jets

Install body jets in your shower to create a therapeutic and invigorating water massage. These jets can be strategically positioned to target specific areas of your body for a spa-like experience with your luxury toilet design.

39. Digital Shower Control System

Invest in a digital shower control system that allows you to adjust the water temperature, and flow rate, and even customize your shower preferences with ease.

40. Towel Warmer

Install a heated towel warmer in your bathroom to keep your towels warm and cozy. It's a luxurious addition to your luxury bathroom design that adds comfort and indulgence to your post-shower routine.

41. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Set the mood and create a relaxing ambience with an aromatherapy diffuser in your bathroom. Choose essential oils with calming scents like lavender or eucalyptus for a spa-like experience.

42. Built-In Sound System 

Install a built-in sound system or waterproof Bluetooth speakers to your fancy bathroom design to enjoy soothing music or spa-inspired sounds while you relax and unwind.

43. Smart Mirror 

Consider a smart mirror with built-in features like integrated smart LED lighting, touchscreen controls, and Bluetooth connectivity. It adds a modern and high-tech element to your bathroom while enhancing functionality.

44. Luxury Bathrobe and Slippers

Treat yourself to a plush, high-quality bathrobe and comfortable slippers. These luxurious essentials will make you feel pampered and relaxed after a bath or type of shower.


These luxury bathroom designs can elevate your bathing experience and create a spa-like atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home. Remember to choose products that align with your preferences, budget, and available space in your bathroom.

Luxury Wash Basin Designs

45. Crystal Basin

A wash basin with a crystal or glass basin bowl that exudes elegance and opulence to an Indian household bathroom. The transparency of the crystal or glass adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

46. Onyx Basin

Choose a luxury wash basin design that is crafted from onyx, a semi-precious stone known for its striking colors and natural patterns. The unique veining and translucency of onyx create a luxurious and captivating basin design.

47. Sculptural Basin 

Opt for a sculptural wash basin that serves as a functional work of art. These basins often feature creative and abstract shapes, adding a touch of artistic luxury to your bathroom.

48. Gold Leaf Basin

Select a wash basin adorned with gold leaf detailing. The shimmering gold accents elevate the basin's design, creating a lavish and extravagant look.

49. Stone Vessel Basin

Choose a wash basin carved from a single piece of natural stone, such as marble or granite. The organic texture and beauty of the stone create a luxurious and timeless luxury bathroom interior design.

50. Ceramic Mosaic Basin

Consider a wash basin adorned with intricate ceramic mosaic patterns. These basins showcase meticulous craftsmanship and add a sense of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom.


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51. Porcelain Basin with Hand-Painted Designs

Look for a wash basin made of fine porcelain with hand-painted designs. These basins often feature intricate patterns or scenic motifs, creating a visually stunning and luxurious focal point.

52. Wood and Metal Combination Basin

Opt for a wash basin that combines the warmth of wood with the sleekness of metal. These basins feature wooden or metal elements integrated into the design, resulting in a unique and luxurious aesthetic.

53. Floating Basin

Choose a floating wash basin that appears to be suspended in mid-air. These basins create a sense of elegance and modernity, perfect for a luxury bathroom design.

54. Swarovski Crystal Basin

Consider a wash basin adorned with Swarovski crystals. These luxury Indian basins feature sparkling crystal accents, adding a touch of glamour and luxury to your bathroom.

Remember, these luxury wash basin designs can be customized to suit your personal style and preferences. Consider factors such as the overall bathroom aesthetic, available space, and your desired level of extravagance when selecting the perfect wash basin for your bathroom.

Luxury Shower Design Ideas

55. Walk-In Rainfall Shower

Create a spacious walk-in shower with a large rainfall showerhead mounted from the ceiling. Add multiple body jets for a luxurious and invigorating shower experience.

56. Glass-Enclosed Steam Shower

Install a glass-enclosed steam shower with a built-in steam generator. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of steam therapy in a luxurious and private setting.

57. Outdoor-Inspired Shower

Create a shower that mimics the experience of being outdoors for a luxury bathroom design. Use natural stone tiles, install a rainfall showerhead, and incorporate live plants or a living wall for a refreshing and luxurious feel.

58. Hydrolite Shower

Install a hydrolite showerhead that cascades water from above, creating a soothing and immersive shower experience. Pair it with stone or pebble tiles for a natural and luxurious ambience.

59. Multi-Head Shower System

Design a shower with multiple showerheads positioned at different heights and angles. This allows for personalized water flow and a spa-like experience for each user.

60. LED-Lit Shower

Incorporate LED lighting into your shower design to create a captivating and luxurious ambience. Use colour-changing lights or install lighting strips to enhance the mood and create a unique shower experience.

61. Frameless Glass Shower

Create a sleek and luxury modern bathroom design with a frameless glass shower enclosure. This design choice adds a touch of luxury and allows the beauty of the shower tiles and fixtures to take centre stage.

62. Mosaic Tile Shower

Use mosaic tiles in various colours and patterns to create a visually striking shower design. Choose high-quality materials like glass or natural stone for a luxurious and artistic look.

63. Japanese-Style Shower

Create a luxury toilet design with a shower inspired by traditional Japanese baths. Incorporate a deep soaking tub or a built-in bench for seating. Use natural materials like wood and stone to create a serene and luxurious atmosphere.

Spa-Inspired Shower

Create a spa-like shower with features such as built-in seating, a rain showerhead, body jets, and a built-in sound system. Incorporate natural materials, soft lighting, and luxurious amenities to evoke a sense of relaxation and indulgence.


Remember, these luxury bathroom design ideas can be customized to suit your personal preferences and available space. Consider factors such as your budget, desired level of luxury, and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom when selecting the perfect shower design for your needs.


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How to Build a Luxury Modern Black Bathroom?


Building a luxury modern black bathroom requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some steps to help you create a luxurious and contemporary black bathroom:

64. Plan the Design

Start by envisioning the overall design and layout of your bathroom. Consider elements such as the size of the space, fixtures placement, and the desired features. Create a luxury bathroom design plan by consulting with Jaquar to ensure a cohesive and luxurious result.

65. Choose Black Fixtures and Fittings

Select black fixtures and fittings for your bathroom, including faucets, showerheads, towel bars, and other hardware. Opt for high-quality materials like matte black or brushed black finishes for a modern and luxurious look.

66. Black Bathroom Tiles

Use black tiles on the walls, floors, or both to create a dramatic and sophisticated ambience. Consider options like black porcelain or ceramic tiles, black marble, or black mosaic tiles for added texture and visual interest.

67. Lighting Design

Pay attention to the lighting design in your master luxury bathroom. Incorporate both ambient and task lighting to create a luxurious atmosphere. Consider recessed ceiling lights, wall sconces, and LED lighting for accentuating specific areas or features.

68. High-End Vanity and Countertop

Install a sleek and high-end vanity with a black finish. Look for modern bathroom designs with clean lines and ample storage space. Pair it with a luxurious black countertop made of materials like granite, quartz, or black marble for an elegant and sophisticated look.

69. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Consider a frameless glass shower enclosure to create a spacious and luxurious shower area. The transparency of the glass will allow the black tiles and fixtures to stand out, enhancing the modern black aesthetic.

70. Luxury Bathtub

Incorporate a freestanding or built-in luxury bathtub as a focal point in your bathroom. Choose a design that complements the modern black theme, such as a black-accented tub or a black matte finish.

71. Accent Colors and Materials

Introduce accent colours or materials to add depth and contrast to the black and fancy bathroom design. Consider incorporating elements like white marble, metallic finishes, or warm wood tones to create visual interest and prevent the space from feeling too monochromatic.

72. Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

Place mirrors strategically to maximize natural light and create a sense of spaciousness. Consider incorporating reflective surfaces like glass or mirrored tiles to enhance the luxurious ambience and create an illusion of depth.

73. Finishing Touches

Complete the luxury black bathroom with carefully curated accessories and details. Choose high-quality towels, bathrobes, and bathmats in complementary colours. Add a statement piece, such as an oversized mirror or a piece of art, to elevate the overall design.


Let’s Conclude

These were our top 73 luxury bathroom design ideas. Remember, building a luxury bathroom requires attention to quality materials, cohesive design choices, and attention to detail. Take your time during the planning and execution stages to create a space that reflects your desired level of luxury and style. With Jaquar, you can upgrade your bathroom to bring luxury to the bathroom.