How to Make Your Shower More Serene in India? A Complete Guide

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september 12, 2022

Creating a serene shower can help you relax, reduce your anxiety levels and keep your entire mind and body healthy. Any shower space can be upgraded into a spa-like zone with the help of some additional elements and bathroom fixtures. In this article, we deep dive into 14 ways on how to make your shower more serene in India with the help of plants, aromatherapy, and music along with bathroom fixtures like shower systems, saunas, hot tubs, lighting and more.

There's nothing like taking a long hot shower at the end of a stressful day but have you ever wondered why that is? That feeling of warm water completely enveloping your body can instantly make you feel calm and help soothe your anxieties, making your shower space one of the best healing stations in your home. But have you ever wondered how to make your shower more serene?

Shower spaces in modern homes are no longer just utilitarian spaces; they are now a serene wellness areas for you to relax in and calm your mind before you go ahead and conquer the world. Here are 3 reasons why you need to turn your shower into an at-home spa!

Chapter 1- How to Make Your Shower More Serene in India
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Why Should You Learn How to Make Your Shower More Serene? 

A relaxing shower helps you rejuvenate

With the fast-paced lives we all have nowadays, most of us forget to catch our breath and de-stress from time to time. We tend to focus on relaxation only when we are on vacation while neglecting our mental health and stress during the rest of the year. Keeping your shower as a wellness zone allows you to rejuvenate whenever you need it and doesn't even require you to step out of your home.

A shower can relax muscles and relieve anxiety

In fact, having a relaxing shower routine can have several stress-relieving benefits and can relax your tense muscles in a matter of minutes.

A hot shower can improve skin and respiratory system

Other elements of an at-home spa like a sauna or steam bath can also improve your breathing and clear your skin, benefiting your body and mind at the same time. 

Learn more about the benefits of a steam bath in the video below! 

This article will discuss 14 ways on how to make your shower more serene and zen-like, so the next time you want to feel like you're in a spa, you can step into your own!

Shower into Wellness Zone In India
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14 Tips to Make Your Shower Area More Serene

There are several ways you can make your shower more serene. Create an experience by incorporating soft, ambient lighting, playing calming music or nature sounds, and using essential oils or scented candles for aromatherapy. Install a rainfall showerhead for a gentle, soothing flow of water. Keep the space clutter-free and add plants or natural elements for a tranquil atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a simple addition to your shower to improve its serenity like aromatherapy or you're looking to completely renovate your bathroom, these comprehensive 14 tips will help guide you through the process on how to make your shower more serene in India on any budget. Let's begin!

Install a High-Speed Water Heater 

It can be absolutely frustrating to take a shower with the hopes that it will be soothing, and having icy-cold water pour down your body. Of course, while there are several cold shower benefits for skin, no modern home is complete without a high-speed water heater that pours out hot water at your beck and call. There are tons of hot water bath benefits besides just making you feel good; the heat helps relieve muscle tension and pain, clears your skin and can relieve a blocked nose. The many benefits of bathing with hot water are enough to convince anyone as to why a good water heater is a must in every home. A good quality water heater like Jaquar's is the foundational base on how to make your shower more serene. 

Invest in Quality Lights 

When you walk into the spa, what's the first thing you notice? It's the mood and the ambience the place sets that instantly puts you in a relaxing mood. Well, your bathroom can mimic the same vibe by installing beautiful lights for your bathroom that have a dimmer to set the right mood. There are many India bathroom lighting ideas to browse through, based on the right style and aesthetic of your home.

Fit a Shower Panel  

A shower panel is a perfect addition for every kind of shower routine.

Let's begin with what a shower panel is- it is  basically a panel attached to the wall of your shower with multiple shower heads, body sprayers and knobs to customise the pressure and temperature of the water. They help spice up your shower routines as they give a plethora of different shower options to choose from. In fact, panels are some of the best bathroom shower ideas if you are looking for a way on how to make your shower more serene.

Add a Bathtub Combination 

 A bathtub combination is the perfect choice for a spa-like bathroom in India

Since most modern Indian homes hardly have the space for a bathtub and a shower, have you considered installing a shower bathtub combination? These tubs hardly take much space as they double as a shower and are a great way for you to have the best of both worlds. Adding a bathtub to your space can give you the option to soak in the warm water, take a relaxing bath and wash away your tensions, being one of the best selfcare tips for you to unwind. 

Bring in A Sound System 

Whether you want to install a complete surround sound system into your bathroom or a simple bluetooth speaker, that's up to you. But adding speakers to your showers is one of the best ways to make it feel like a spa as music can calm you down and put you in a zen-state. 

Tip: We all know bathrooms have the best acoustics, so don't forget to install your speakers close to your shower zone so you can sing to your heart's content while washing away the previous day's stress off your body. 

Add a Steam Room To Destress 

How to make your shower more serene in India with a steam room

You never have to waste your money on a spa again by installing a steam room within your bathroom. There are several benefits of a steam bath at home besides just relaxation as the steam can clear your skin, get rid of toxins and help you breathe better. If your home doesn't have the space for a separate steam room, fret not as Jaquar provides complete steam solutions so you can get a steam bath installed within your bathroom shower and turn your bathroom into a wellness zone.

Install a Rain Shower 

Engulfing yourself in a rainfall shower is one of the best ways on how to make your shower more serene in India

If you've ever taken a shower under a rain shower head before, then you know that there's no going back after that! Rain showers are one of the best ways to relax as they allow the water to completely engulf you within a manner of seconds. In fact, if you are wondering how to take a bath properly, rain showers might be a great solution as they help rinse your entire body so you can get squeaky clean in seconds.  Rain showers also work well with every type of shower room design as they are versatile and easy to install.

Jaquar's Rain Showers in India

Opt For an Aesthetic Shower Niche Idea 

Shower niches are recessed shelves that are built into your shower wall and are designed to hold your cosmetics and other shower accessories. In India, they can be custom built or pre-fabricated and finished when you are installing your bathroom tiles. If you are looking to create a spa-like bathroom, shower niche ideas are great because they let you display a few of your most exquisite and favourite products like shampoos, body washes, etc. for easy use as well as aesthetics. For a cohesive look, opt for glass pump bottles that you can fill with your favourite bath products as it gives the ultimate apothecary look while making the area more exquisite.

Go for a Walk-In Shower 

A Walk In shower is the perfect solution on how to make your shower more serene in India

Walk-in showers are all the rage nowadays as they are spacious, without taking up too much space. Besides this, they can really open up your shower space and are one of the best bathroom shower ideas as they fit into any bathroom and every aesthetic. While a true walk-in shower is a tiled separate space that's fully open, without any enclosing walls and doors, many modern walk-in shower designs include glass shower doors to separate the space from the rest of the bathroom. 

Tip: Ensure your walk-in shower has a ledge to contain the water. This can help prevent the rest of your bathroom from getting wet.

Consider an Outdoor Shower Area 

An outdoor shower is the perfect escape and at home spa idea

Are you ready to be adventurous with your bathroom shower idea? Then try an outdoor shower! If you are looking for an ultimate solution on how to make your shower more serene, this might be the perfect option as an outdoor shower allows you to get closer with nature in the midst of fresh air. Outdoor shower areas are perfect if your home is already amidst nature like a beach, lake or hills where you can get your privacy while being out in the open. However, outdoor showers work well even if you live in a city landscape as you can install your outdoor shower in your backyard. You can build your own outdoor bathroom today with the help of Jaquar. 

Tip: Fill your outdoor shower area with plants and flowers to add an additional layer of privacy while connecting you with nature. 

Bring In Aromatherapy 

No spa is complete without some aromatherapy and the same goes for your dream bathroom. Herbal scents in your bathroom can be therapeutic on many levels and can elevate your entire relaxation experience in the shower. Whether you opt for incense, candles, essential oils or bath bombs, there are tons of ways you can stimulate your olfactory senses and make your shower an absolute treat! 

Tip: Add a bouquet of lavender, eucalyptus or fresh mint to your shower area to release  its natural aroma. You can even keep a bowl of potpourri on your vanity to keep the area fresh. 

Add a Touch of Green 

Adding a touch of green to your space is an excellent aesthetic bathroom idea to incorporate.

If you can't have an outdoor shower that's one with nature, then bring nature to you with the help of plants! One of the best ways to decorate any bathroom space is to add a touch of green with the help of plants. Not only will they freshen up the space, but they also make aesthetic bathroom ideas to elevate the space without spending much and they can instantly lighten up your mood. 

Tip: Add a couple of potted plants across your bathroom with tall plants to improve the vertical space of the room. If space is an issue, consider hanging plants or vines across a wall that gets direct sunlight.   

Install a Hot Water Tub 

Soaking in a hot water tub is an excellent step to add to your shower routine in India

There's nothing that screams relaxation more than a hot water tub. Fitted with massage jets and temperature control, a hot water tub or a spa in your bathroom is the ultimate way to destress and relax like a king. While a hot tub may seem like a hefty purchase, it gives you the comfort of an at-home spa and is guaranteed to last you a long time. Investing in a good quality spa is one of the best solutions on how to make your shower more serene. 

Tip: When it comes to choosing the right types of spas for your bathroom, find one that works with your bathroom aesthetic ideas as well as your budget. Check out Jaquar's wide range of at-home spas that are perfect for every home.

Jaquar's Spas in India

It's all in the Fabric 

You'd be surprised to know this but fabric is a key element to consider if you are wondering how to make your bathroom more serene. A cosy, spa-like shower room design has several fabric elements to add texture to the space while keeping it warm and functional. A few ways to incorporate more fabric into your bathroom are by including a plush rug outside the shower area, adding an open rack with fluffy towels that match the aesthetic of your room and adding a hook for silk and terry cloth robes that you can grab after a relaxing bath. Another way to incorporate fabric is by adding a shower curtain with a print that matches the rest of your aesthetic bathroom ideas for the perfect, cohesive space.

Wellness- how to make your shower more serene in India
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Final Considerations on Wellness with Showers in India

While this comprehensive list has 14 different ways on how to make your shower more serene, not all of them work with every house. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind before you get started on your journey towards a zen home in India. Here are a few considerations that are crucial: 

  • The journey towards creating a spa-like shower varies from person to person based on what they consider relaxing. While these 14 tips may be relaxing to some, they may have the opposite effect on other people. First, identify what makes you relax and find ways to incorporate them into your shower. 
  • Budget plays a crucial role when it comes to renovating your shower. Having a higher budget allows you to indulge in more premium spa-like fixtures like a hot tub, sauna or steam room. However, there are many budget options to improve the look and feel of your shower like the ones mentioned in the above list. 
  • Sometimes, your shower space may not allow for complete renovations like fitting a new shower system, bathtub or storage unit. In such cases, you may need to opt for other ideas that are simpler to execute like adding speakers, plants and rugs to make the space more spa-like. 

Now that you have these considerations in mind, are you ready to transform your shower into a serene spa? Check out Jaquar's range of bathroom fittings and accessories that can help you make your shower more serene and spa-like today! 

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Make Your Bathroom More Serene 

Taking a bath or a shower is a transformative experience, not only in keeping you clean but to also destress and relax your body and mind. If you are wondering how to take a bath properly, we recommend starting with hot water as there are several hot water bath benefits that help with distressing. You can also add aromatherapy, music and epsom salt bath benefits to improve the relaxation process and give you the ultimate spa-like experience. 

There are many cold shower benefits for skin as the cold water can help tighten pores and keep your skin supple. While a cold shower might not be the most pleasant experience, there are definitely quite a few benefits of bathing in cold water. 

If you are wondering how often you should shower, the answer is completely up to you, based on your activity and preference. There are definitely many daily bath benefits as bathing daily ensures you start/end each day in a clean manner. Besides keeping you clean, showers can also help you relax and calm you down after a stressful day. 

There are several ways to create a shower oasis and make this personal space into a spa-like setting. Some popular ways include adding in candles, music, greenery, adding a bathtub and other bathroom accessories that help make your shower a relaxation zone.