What is a Spa? Types of Spas in India And Their Benefits

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September 27, 2022

Learn the meaning of what is a spa, the benefits of using one regularly for your body and mind and the difference between a spa, hot tub and a whirlpool. We also explore 7 different types of spas with their pros and cons in the buyer's guide and discuss why you should pick Jaquar for your next spa purchase! 

When you think of the word 'spa', what's the first image that pops into your mind? Is it an image of relaxing in a tub of water? Interestingly, that's exactly what a spa is! The word 'spa' actually comes from the Latin word 'Solus per aqua' meaning health from water and a spa tub was used in ancient times to cure muscle aches and heal wounds of soldiers. 

Well, the 'tub' element of a spa has developed enormously over the centuries, from a simple metal tub to fancy hot tubs with temperature control and massage jets. In this article, we will be doing a deep dive into what is a spa, what the different types of spas are and why you need to get one for your home. 

What is a Spa? A Modern Definition
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What is a Spa? A Modern Definition

While the term spa is commonly used as an umbrella term for any kind of water therapy, a modern answer to what is a spa is a large bathtub that comes with massaging jets. This type of electric tub allows the user to completely immerse themselves in the water, change the temperature of the water and utilise all the many features that most spa tubs come with. 

If you are wondering how a spa is different from a regular bathtub, the biggest difference is the massage jets. A massage jet is a water based spa treatment that uses water pressure to massage your body while you soak in a tub. A bathroom spa can be far more relaxing and therapeutic as the pressure of the water from the jets can cure aching muscles and help you recover from any body pain. 

Benefits of Spa
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Health Benefits of a Spa

Now that you know what is a spa, let's look into the benefits of spa for your health and well-being, the many spa advantages and why you should consider getting one for your home. 

1. Spas can promote relaxation 

Starting with the obvious one, one of the most important benefits of spa is its ability to relax your entire body and mind. The massaging action of the spa jets can help ease muscle aches and soothe any tightness in your body. Besides soaking in a tub, there are many hot shower benefits as well, that can help promote relaxation. 

2. Improves Sleep Quality  

Body heating has long been used to help with insomnia in adults and soaking in a warm tub is known to induce sleep and ensure quality sleep can be achieved. 

3. Aids with Pain Relief 

Not just with muscle aches, one of the best spa advantages is its ability to soothe joint aches, tense tendons and cure cramps. The hot water supports your body weight, taking the weight off of joints and improving range of motion. Even for people with arthritis, one of the main benefits of sitting in hot water tub is that the warm water and massaging action can aid with inflammation and reduce stiffness. 

4. Helps Burn Calories  

Soaking in a hot spa can actually burn calories. While this cannot substitute exercising by any means, it can be a great addition to your fitness journey and help those who cannot exercise much.

5. Provides Stress Relief 

Soaking in a warm tub along with massaging jets can help soothe your mind and can relieve physical, emotional and mental stress. To add to the stress relief, you can also immerse yourself and your surroundings with aromatherapy and calming music. Even if you prefer taking showers, there are several ways on how to make your shower more serene and relaxing so you feel like you're actually at a spa. 

Now that you know what is a spa and the many benefits of owning one, it's time to take a deep dive into the different types of spas. But before we do that, let's answer some age-old questions on the difference between hot tubs and spas. 

Difference between Jacuzzi, Hot Tub and Spa
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Difference between Hot Tub and Spa 

While the two terms have often been used interchangeably, there are some differences between the two that you must know about before making the big purchase. 

What is a hot tub? 

A hot tub is a vessel of heated water that is commonly enjoyed by more than one person. While they don't always come with massaging jets, any self-heating tub of water can be considered a hot tub. 

What is a spa? 

As discussed before, a spa encompasses many broad terms and in fact, all hot tubs and whirlpool tubs can fall under the umbrella term of 'spa'. Spas can be on the ground, attached to a swimming pool or even come in a portable version that is above the ground. 

Spas vs Bathtubs: Which One to Choose?

Wondering whether you should install a spa or a bathtub in your home? Here is a thorough comparison between a bathtub and a spa so you can make an informed decision: 

You should consider a spa if: 

  • You are looking for the ultimate way to relax and relieve muscular pain
  • You want a solution that accommodates multiple people at once 
  • You have a larger budget to spend on your relaxation equipment 
  • You have an outdoor area that would benefit with a spa 

You should consider a bathtub if: 

  • You are looking for an affordable solution to relax at home 
  • You want to create an intimate space that accommodates only one person at a time 
  • You don't have a need for massaging jets and the fancy technology that comes with spa tubs

If you are looking for the ultimate hybrid of the two- a spa and a bathtub, then you should consider a Whirlpool tub! 

Jaquar's Whirlpool Tubs in India

Whirlpool Bath Therapy

If you want to reap the benefits of a bathtub and a spa, then a whirlpool bath is just for you!  A whirlpool tub is any bathtub that has jets to propel water. Whirlpool bath therapy combines the benefits of spas and bathtubs to give you the best of both worlds. With the help of the jets, you can have a therapeutic soak from the comfort of your bathroom. 

With the same benefits as a hot tub or spa, whirlpool tubs come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to accommodate all your needs. You can get a whirlpool tub that is the same size as a standard bathtub for a smaller bathroom or choose a larger, multi-seat variation to accommodate more people. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Jaquar whirlpool bathtubs for wellness! 


Now that you've come this far in your journey to create the ultimate spa day at home with a spa tub, let's dive into the different types of spas available today and their many features. Is a Spa Worth it?

Types of Spa Tubs -  A buyers guide
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Types of Spa Tubs - A Buyer's Guide 

Buying a spa tub for your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration and thought. Besides knowing what is a spa tub and what are their features, you must carefully consider the different types of spa tubs available in the market today along with their price points. In this section, we will be discussing 6 common types of spas in detail. 

1. Wooden Spas 

Often considered the first kind of hot tub, wooden spas are less common today. Unlike the electric kinds that are common now, wooden spas use alternative heating methods like wood fire or gas. However, because of the energy used, these spas can be used in off-the-grid locations and outdoors and are easy to move around. 


  • Can be placed in areas without electricity 
  • Gives a rustic, traditional spa look 


  • Not energy efficient 
  • Requires regular maintenance that can be costly 

2. Swim Spa Combos 

Alt text: Swim spas are the best option for the best of both worlds so you can swim and soak.

If you are looking for a solution that gives you the benefits of a swimming pool as well as a hot tub, then a swim spa combo is the choice for you. This exquisite choice gives you the choice to exercise at home while also providing the ultimate relaxation experience with the help of its massage jets. These combos can be installed outdoors and indoors. And while they may be heavy, they can still be moved around. 


  • Allows you to swim at home and soak 
  • Easy to use, heat and operate 


  • Due to its size, it can take up a lot of room 
  • Tend to be pricey 

3. Portable Spas 

Also called prefabricated spas, these are probably some of the most popular and common hot tubs in the market, particularly for residential spaces. While these tubs are always overground, you can create a deck around the exterior and place them in for an expensive, in-ground look at a lower price. The name portable spas can be misleading as it makes them sound flimsy and easy to carry around when this isn't necessarily the case. These tubs are actually quite hardy and heavy and can last a long time. 


  • Because of their popularity, you have a vast variety of options and sizes to choose from 
  • Can be moved and relocated if need be 
  • Relatively affordable 


  • Not easy to carry and move around the house 

4. In-Ground Spas

Alt Text: In-ground spas are the best solutions for an outdoor, relaxing soak!

If you are looking for a spa that can be placed in-ground and appear like a swimming pool, this may be the choice for you. In-ground spas are some of the most luxurious spas because they are usually custom-built for your home. However, these types of spas require space and pre-planning before your construction/renovation. 


  • Adds value to your home 
  • Allows for customization 
  • Less bulky as they are inward and blend seamlessly with landscaping 


  • Expensive to install and maintain 
  • Requires professionals to install 

5. Inflatable Spas 

As the name suggests, inflatable spas are a form of hot tub that inflates, making them a highly portable option.  These spas are a great option for those who are still exploring what is a spa and aren't looking for high commitment. However, these spas don't offer many of the functions that a standard hot tub provides you, and they can be flimsy and non-durable. They are, however, the most inexpensive solution for your home, making it a great bargain buy. 


  • Highly affordable 
  • Easy to travel with and set up 


  • Temperature cannot be set too high and massage jets don't come with much power 
  • Product has limited features
  • Cannot be used in low temperatures 

6. Rotationally Moulded Spas

Possibly one of the most inexpensive options besides inflatable hot tubs, rotationally moulded tubs are a great in-between option if you want to combine the durability of standard hot tubs and affordability. They also weigh less than 150 kg making them highly portable. They also come with moulded seating from a single piece of material making them strong and less likely to damage. 


  • Affordable option 
  • Relatively easy to set up and move around 


  • Made of plastic 
  • Isn't energy efficient 
  • Doesn't come with many features as a prefabricated hot tub

7. Whirlpool Tubs 

As discussed before, a whirlpool tub combines a bathtub with a spa, making them a great option for indoors, especially inside your bathroom. Whirlpool tubs come in a vast variety of styles and sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your bathroom. If you are looking for a great whirlpool tub option, learn more about Jaquar Whirlpool for wellness. 


  • Easy to use and operate 
  • Relatively affordable when compared to swim spas and portable tubs 
  • Blends seamlessly in bathrooms and doesn't take up too much space 


  • Are more expensive than standard bathtubs 
  • Are usually used for single-person use 

Now that you know about what is a spa and the different spa designs and types they come in, which one are you ready to choose? If you are on the market for an incredibly durable and easy-to-use spa, check out Jaquar's vast collection of spas and whirlpools today! 

Types of Spa Tubs -  A buyers guide
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Is a Spa Worth it?

Spas can often feel like an indulgent purchase with a high setup and maintenance cost but is it all worth it? Well, we definitely think so as they help make your home into a wellness escape and provide the ultimate way to relax with a spa day at home. Owning a spa at home only increases the resale value of your home and provides you with years of use without any damage. 

If you are looking for a spa that is truly worth it, we highly recommend Jaquar spas. As one of the most popular wellness and bath brands in India, Jaquar spas are leagues above most spa tubs you find in the market.

Features of Jaquar Spas 

Here are the features of Jaquar spas, and why you should buy them for your home. 

1. Cabinet Insulation 

Jaquar spa tubs come with insulation across the perimeter of their cabinets so that the heat from the tub doesn't escape. This helps keep your tub warm for longer, thereby reducing energy costs. This insulation also helps reduce the noise of the spa pumps, allowing you to have a more tranquil experience. 

2. Intelligent Thermal Regulation 

Jaquar spas can tune themselves to their environment and help you save on heating costs up to 20% with its adaptable control system. The system learns how to use and what happens in spa and adjusts itself to provide more consistent spa water temperatures and lowers daily operating costs.

3. Purezone Micro Filtration 

One of the best features of Jaquar spas is its effective water treatment system that can remove waterborne contaminants. These spa tubs help keep the water in your tub clean while also providing you with a luxurious spa experience. 

4. Hydroflow Jets 

What is a spa without its massage jets and by no means does Jaquar disappoint in this feature. Jaquar tubs come with a multitude of directional, fixed and spinning jets that give you the ultimate massage and hydrotherapy experience. 

5. Includes Multiple Lounger Seats 

All Jaquar spas come with at least two lounger seats so you can relax and enjoy the experience of a spa day at home with your loved one. You can also opt for a bigger spa if you want to relax with your family or friends together. 

6. Dynamic lighting options

Another reason to purchase a spa from Jaquar is all the additional features you can add to your spa-like floodlighting, backlit cup holders and other types of underwater lighting to enhance your spa experience. 

7. Neck Therapy Collar Add-On

What is a spa massage without a deeply rejuvenating neck and shoulder pressing? To add to your spa experience, Jaquar provides you with a neck therapy collar add-on so can get the most rejuvenating neck massage while you are in the spa tub. 

8. Ergonomic Design 

All Jaquar hot tubs are designed with design, function and aesthetics in mind to give you the best possible spa experience at home. With powerful jets, beautiful exteriors and cushion seats, soaking in a Jaquar tub is the ultimate way to unwind. 

9. Individual Pressure Control 

To give you complete customisation and satisfaction, Jaquar allows each seater in the spa to control the pressure of the water jets. 

10. Easy to Operate 

Jaquar puts your comfort and ease first before anything else, making every spa easy to use, operate and maintain. The control systems of Jaquar spas are intuitive, giving you maximum control with the touch of a button. 

So to answer your final question on whether a spa tub is worth the money, we leave that up to you to decide. While the market is filled with an abundance of options and styles, there's no one who can compete in function, value and design with Jaquar in India. Still have more questions on what is a spa and how to go about with your purchase? You can get on a call with Jaquar's team of experts today with the help of a virtual consultation. 

Jaquar's Spas in India

Frequently Asked Questions on Types of Showers

Similar to what is a body spa, a spa massage is the ultimate way to relax and soak in a tub while being massaged at the same time. Utilising hydrotherapy, a spa massage helps cure muscle aches and tight tendons with the help of water jets that apply pressure against your muscles.  

When you get into a spa tub for a relaxing soak, the warm water helps loosen tight muscles and helps boost your mental state. The massage jets helps remove any muscle aches and provide a calming effect on the body and mind.  

You can also read: How to use Bathtubs More Efficiently. 

Spa tubs can be damaged easily and require more frequent cleaning if you add soaps, bubble baths and shampoos to the water as the sediments can clog the jets and cause residue build-up. In general, it is recommended to use nothing but pure water in your hot tub but if you want to use aromatics and bath products, ensure you use ones that are spa-safe and clean your tub well after each use.