8 Different Types of Wash Basins in India

Types of Wash Basins
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February 03, 2023

When it comes to choosing the different type of wash basin for your bathroom, there are many factors to consider. From ceramic to glass, wall-mounted to countertop basins, there’s a vast selection of styles and materials that can help you create the perfect look. Find out more about the 8 types of wash basins in India available and make an informed choice.

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How to Choose the Right Wash Basin?

Choosing the right wash basin can be tricky – with so many shapes, sizes, and styles to consider, it's important to find one that will fit your needs as well as the overall look of your bathroom. Here are a few details you should consider before choosing from the different types of wash basins. 

  • Size of your bathroom
  • Design of wash basin
  • Location of existing plumbing fixtures
  • Material for the basin
  • Your budget
  • Wash basin colour

What is the Best Material for the Wash Basin?

The material that your basin is made from will have different impacts on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. You could choose ceramic, stone, glass or even metal basins to bring a modern edge to your bathroom. Let us read in detail about some of the best types of wash basin materials in India: 


Ceramic is a classic option that comes in a range of designs and colours. They are more traditional looking but may be more delicate than glass or stainless steel. They have extremely strong surfaces and are resistant to scratching, chipping and impacts so that you can withstand the rigours of everyday use. 


Stone is heavier and more luxurious. You can choose multiple wash basin colours when choosing stone material. They are also pretty durable and renewable as well. They are easy to clean and maintain. They give a pinterest perfect and natural look. 


Glass will bring maximum light into the space. It is modern, stylish and easy to clean, but it might be hard to maintain. Unlike the common impression, glass basins are impact resistant and durable. They do not stain or scratch and offer a wow factor to the bathroom. 


Metals such as stainless steel provide an elegant finish. Stainless steel and copper wash basins tend to be more durable and have a sleek modern look. Metal wash basins are known to provide a rustic look to the bathroom but they can be result in scratches and stains. 

Right Size of Wash Basin 

There is no specific wash basin standard size as it depends on the space available. The size of your bathroom plays an important role in selecting the right wash basin. A large one will often consume too much space or look out of proportion. A small one could be influenced by the rest of the decor, making it look like an afterthought. Carefully measure the dimensions and existing fixtures so you can accurately determine the space available for a new type of wash basin.

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Types of Wash Basins in India

Deciding on the right wash basin for your bathroom can enhance its overall aesthetic and provide you with a functional centrepiece. Whether you’re looking for something ornate and traditional, sleek and modern, or just something simple – there are 8 different types of wash basins to choose from. 

Types of Wash Basins:

  • Wash basin bowl 
  • Wash basin box
  • Simple wash basin
  • Table top design for wash basin
  • Hanging wash basin
  • One piece wash basin
  • Over counter wash basin
  • Rimless wash basin
  • Flat black wash basin

Wash Basin Bowl Design

Alt text: Bowl type wash basin for the deeper bowl to be attached to the wall

A wash basin bowl design is quite self-explanatory as these units consist of a deeper bowl attached to the wall with a flat surface rather than a tap deck. Unlike many others, this type of wash basin requires a separate counter/table to be used as they are taller and provide more depth. Bowl-type wash basins can be positioned at any height according to the user’s needs and come in various shapes, including square and rectangular, for added design appeal.

Wash Basin Box Design

Alt text: Box design wash basin for a contemporary style in your bathroom

The wash basin box design is a contemporary style that adds a sleek look to any bathroom. It has geometric lines and a modern washbasin design, which can easily match other fixtures in your bathroom. Additionally, this type of wash basin also takes up less space than a pedestal or wall-mounted basin, as only part of the wash basin is visible, giving you more room for other features in your home.

Simple Wash Basin Design

Alt text: Simple and pedestal style wash basin design 

One of the most popular choices is the simple wash basin design, which provides an unobtrusive way to add a traditional wash basin style to your bathroom. It adds a touch of classic elegance with its graceful form and can be easily installed in a corner, against a wall or even at the focal point of your space. This is one of the most standard wash basin sizes. It features curved spouts that lend it a sense of grandeur and are supplied with one tap hole for the faucets.

Table Top Design for Wash Basins

Alt text: Table top design for wash basins for modern and minimalistic design

Table top design for wash basins are modern, sophisticated addition to any bathroom. The tabletop style adds a fashionable touch and helps to create the perfect ambience for your home. It is a great option for small bathrooms as it doesn’t take up too much space and comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Available in different materials from ceramic to glass and granite, Table top design for wash basin also provides plenty of versatility when it comes to style and design.

Hanging Wash Basin Design

Alt text: Wall hanging or wall mounting wash basin for smaller bathrooms

Wall-mounted or hanging wash basin design are one of the most popular types. These offer a sleek, contemporary look and help keep the floor space free, allowing for more storage underneath. They can come with pre-fabricated countertops or be purchased separately. If you opt for a hanging wash basin design but want something a little bit different, you may want to consider a trough sink design which is larger in size than traditional models and offers a unique wash basin style.

One Piece Wash Basin

Alt text: Easy to install one piece wash basin design

A one piece wash basin is a great choice for those seeking an easy, large-capacity option. This kind of basin usually comes with a detachable tap deck and is considered one of the most practical wash basin models on the market. This type of wash basin is easy to install and can be wall mounted or placed in a cabinet. Some of these models come with an integral splash guard to ensure that no water spills out during use.

Over Counter Wash Basins

Alt text: Over counter wash basin to directly attach on the countertop

Over counter wash basins are another type of wash basin that is often found in contemporary bathrooms. As the name suggests, these units are designed to be attached directly to a countertop and fixated into place, creating a seamless look without any visible pipes and joints. This style of the basin will usually feature one or two ‘bowls’ depending on the width of your bathroom counter in order to maximise space and give a more stylish feel.

Rimless Wash Basins

Alt text: Rimless wash basin for contemporary bathrooms

Invisible-edged or rimless wash basins are becoming increasingly popular due to their modern design. Ideal for contemporary bathrooms, these basins feature no visible rim and have a neat, seamless finish. This type of wash basin is easy to clean and less prone to creating bacterial and germ build-up compared to traditional basins. Rimless wash basin models are usually larger than other kinds and can be installed as a single bowl or double bowl basin.

Corner Wash Basin Design

A corner wash basin design is a modern, rectangular sink with minimal detailing. It offers a clean look and has curved edges at the corners, giving it an integrated feel in the bathroom design. The main benefits of a corner wash basin design include the larger capacity for storage compared to other sinks, and its size and style make it suitable for any kind of bathroom space. 

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Top Features of Quality Wash Basin

When shopping for the right type of wash basin, it’s important to understand the features of a quality product. From size, durability and design to materials used, there are several key characteristics that you should take into consideration before making your purchase.


Durability is one of the key factors to consider when selecting a quality wash basin. You want a basin that is crafted from high-quality materials and can withstand the rigours of frequent use. 

Easy Maintenance 

To keep your wash basin looking good and functioning properly for years, it’s important to choose a wash basin design that is easy to clean and maintain. Look for features such as a non-porous surface and smooth edges, which make it easier to wipe down with a cloth or non-abrasive cleaning solution.

Non-porous Surface 

When selecting the type of wash basin, it’s important to look for a non-porous surface. This type of finish helps repel dirt and makes it easier to clean. Non-porous surfaces also won't fade or stain as easily as porous materials, ensuring your sink looks brand new even after years of use.

Proper Drainage 

Good quality wash basins should have built-in drainage features. Check for proper drainage capability when choosing a basin so that wastewater and other substances are drained quickly and efficiently. 

High Quality Fittings 

It’s also important to make sure the fittings are of high quality. The drainage, water supply pipes and end connectors should be well-fitted for proper functioning. When it comes to installation, check that the basin is installed correctly and that enough space is left around the sink for easy cleaning. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 8 types of wash basins, including bowl type, pedestal wash basin, tabletop, wall hanging, over-the-counter wash basins and more.

There are several types of wash basins in India that you can choose from, but the most common wash basin is usually a ceramic wash basin with a pedestal design.

Washbasins are made using several different materials, including ceramic, stone, glass, and metals like stainless steel.

There is no wash basin standard size; your wash basin’s size should depend on the space in your bathroom and the space allotted to the bathroom.

The main difference between a sink and a washbasin is the area of installation. A sink is used in kitchens and pantries, while washbasins are placed in bathrooms or toilets. Commonly, sinks are made of stainless steel, while washbasins are made using ceramic.

One of the best wash basin colours is white or grey coloured. You can also choose a cream-coloured or black basin as per your bathroom style.