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Rain showerhead: Soothe and rejuvenate your body with a relaxing shower

Rain showerheads give you an amazing shower experience that can rejuvenate your body and give you the relaxation you’ve never felt before. Be it a small cosy bathroom or a luxurious bathroom, these overhead showers are perfect for all kinds of bathrooms. Visit the Jaquar website to know more about showerheads and shower enclosures.

Features of Rain showerhead:

Aids in rejuvenation:

Our Jaquar rainfall shower head makes you relax like never before. Starting your day with a refreshing shower can make your whole day better. These showerheads help relieve your stress and create your bathroom into a wellness zone.

Premium Design:

Now enjoy a shower head with a premium design. This rain shower head makes your bathroom look elegant and sophisticated. You can match your showerhead with an elegant piece of shower enclosure


Our Rain showerheads are also adjustable with a click position system. You can change each setting conveniently with just one click. While changing the function of the shower head you could hear the ‘click’ sound. You can also add a thermostatic mixer to change your water temperature for that perfect shower experience every day. 

Hydrolite technology:

Our rain shower head comes with powerful Hydrolite technology that generates variations in lights with the water temperature. You don’t have to invest in battery or electric power and it’s convenient to check the water temperature without scalding yourself. 

Unique experience:

When you use a rain shower head you will get an experience like never before. You’ll have a better shower time as a rain shower can drench your whole body within seconds. Installing our ceiling shower will make you feel like you’re enjoying rain every single time!

Booster Technology:

Regardless of your water pressure, our Jaquar booster technology will provide you with a full-body shower experience. Rainshower heads have spray nozzles that can offer better water pressure whilst a relaxing experience.

Water conservation:

Since our rain showerheads have powerful water pressure with spray nozzles, you spend less time in the shower. This in turn preserves water and saves some extra cost on water bills. 

Rain showerhead Vs Normal shower head:


Rain showerhead

Normal showerhead

Relax and rejuvenate your body


Quick installation process



Adjustable settings



LED lights


Solid water pressure


Saves water



As seen above, a rain shower head is efficient and gives a luxurious touch to your bathroom. 

3 Types of Rainshower heads to choose from:

Confused about what type of showerhead will be perfect for your bathroom? Choose from these 3 rain shower heads that perfectly match your necessity. Some types of rain shower heads are: 

  • Wall Mounted rain shower head: 

A wall-mounted rainfall shower head is attached to your wall usually through a shower arm. These are usually used to maintain the traditional look of your bathroom. Wall-mounted shower heads usually have a low height so the water pressure is perfect for providing a relaxing experience.

Ideal For: Residences with traditional bathroom design. 

  • Ceiling Mounted Rain showerhead: 

As the name suggests, a ceiling mounted rain shower head is installed in your ceiling. You can install a waterfall overhead shower which will give you an experience of bathing in a surreal waterfall. Ceiling mounted shower heads come in two types:

- Connected to the ceiling through a shower arm. 

- The recessed shower head has been flush against your ceiling. 

Ideal for: Luxury bathrooms at home, hotels or commercial buildings. 

  • Hand rain shower head:

If you want a showerhead that cleanses every part of your body then you can try hand rain showerheads. These showerheads can spray water at any part of your body. This helps in deep cleanse and also saves water from being wasted. You can also easily switch modes in just a click. These showerheads are usually rounded with spray nozzles that give you a relaxing shower. 

Ideal for: Homes with kids. 

Buy the perfect rain shower head for your bathroom at Jaquar: 

At Jaquar, we have the complete bathroom solution. You can look at a variety of rain shower heads that fit perfectly to your bathroom designs. A simple showerhead can be integrated with a beautiful shower enclosure for that elegant and sophisticated look. At Jaquar, you can also shop for various other products like faucets or sanitaryware that will blend in with the showerhead and shower enclosure. Now, enjoy the amazing benefits of hot showers with our rain showerhead. Visit the Jaquar website to find a premium bathroom and lighting solutions.

FAQs on Overhead Showers

In order to ensure continuous water flow without any blockages, we recommend placing a plastic bag with distilled white vinegar and allowing your showerhead to soak in this liquid for half an hour. This vinegar solution will help dissolve any blocking particles. After soaking, rinse with water and use a toothbrush to remove tough stains from limescale buildup.

For a standard rainfall shower head that is around 6-12 inches wide, you will require a shower arm that is 3-6 inches away from the wall.

No, it is a common misconception that rain showers use more water when in fact, they use around the same amount of water as a standard showerhead.

It is commonly known that rain showers have less pressure than standard showerheads but with Jaquar, this is not the case. Jaquar’s rain showers have powerful water pressure with spray nozzles, ensuring that the water flows at a comfortable pace while you bathe.