10 Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Quick Makeover

Sprucing up your bathroom doesn’t always have to break your bank! We agree, sometimes it’s essential to renovate with some modern bathroom ideas but they tend to be more expensive so we can’t do it very often. Instead, simply opting for modern bathroom decor can help you spruce your space without making any permanent changes or costing much. In this article, we will be discussing 10 bathroom decor ideas that are easy to incorporate.


1. Wallpaper/ Tiles 

While refreshing the paint in your bathroom is a great way to change up your bathroom wall decor, we instead recommend adding wallpaper as they are easier to use ad remove and you get more variety when it comes to styles and prints. Another alternative bathroom decor idea is adding decorative tiles in the areas that have the most moisture like the sink area and shower room. Decorative tiles can do wonders for your bathroom design. 


2. Mirror 

A great way to incorporate some modern bathroom decor is to choose a mirror that works with your overall bathroom interior style. If maximalism is your style, then opt for a unique frame for your mirror that matches your bathroom style. You can also get mirrors cut in any shape of your choice for a completely unique bathroom decor idea! 


3. Designer Faucets 

Why go for a simple basic faucet when you can have a unique faucet that matches your bathroom style? Decorative faucets along with a unique washbasin design are one of our favourite bathroom trends of 2022 because it's a simple touch that helps tie your entire bathroom together. Besides different styles of faucets, you can also change the colour of the faucet itself into gold, chrome black or copper based on your preference. 


4. Bathroom Aromatics 

Besides activating your visual senses, one of the best bathroom decorating ideas on a budget is incorporating scents and aromatherapy into your bathroom space. Not only does this elevate your bathroom experience; but it also has therapeutic benefits and is a great way to make your shower more serene. You can add scents in the form of essential oils, potpourri, scented candles or even incense to your bathroom. 


5. Plants 

Adding a touch of green is one of the best ways to decorate your bathroom and add some freshness to the space. Plants also help make the bathroom feel more spa-like and cosy. You can add potted money plants, flowers, cacti or even climber plants to create a beautiful bathroom wall decor. If maintaining real plants is too tough for you, artificial plants can also serve as a good alternative to get the same aesthetics. 


6. Decorative Lighting 

Incorporating the right type of bathroom lighting design is absolutely essential when you are planning a bathroom decoration. The right lighting can help expand your bathroom, set the right mood and improve the overall functionality of the space. You can check out Jaquar’s premium range of lighting for your bathroom today! 


7. Bathroom Fitting Accessories 

Another functional small bathroom decor idea that helps maximise space is adding shower and bathroom accessories like towel racks, health faucets, grab bars, soap and shampoo holders/ dispensers, etc. To maintain a cohesive bathroom design, it is essential to carefully plan your bathroom fitting accessories and ensure their colour and styles match. 


8. Colourful Cabinets

Cabinets in the bathroom are an absolute necessity as they help keep away the clutter and organise your space well. A great small bathroom decor idea is to give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint and change up the handles to match your bathroom interiors. 


9. Print & Patterns in Shower Curtains 

If you have a shower curtain that separates your bathroom from the shower/bathtub area, then you must incorporate bathroom curtain ideas with a trendy, printed shower curtain. You can also get a matching bathroom rug to tie the space together while creating a hint of cosiness and warmth in your bathroom.


10. Storage Baskets 

If you aren’t able to spruce up your cabinets, a great alternative is to add storage baskets to keep away your things and reduce clutter. Incorporating beautiful baskets is a great bathroom decorating idea on a budget and they can easily be tucked away under your vanity, cabinets or placed in a corner. Opt for materials like jute, rattan or canvas rather than cheap plastic as they add to the aesthetic of the space. 

These simple and affordable touches help increase the aesthetics, functionality, utility and warmth of a room. Incorporating a few of these simple bathroom decor ideas is a great way to give your bathroom a new look without a complete renovation of fixtures. But if a complete renovation of sanitaryware, showers and faucets is what you are looking for, then there’s no better place than Jaquar for all your bathroom requirements. Learn how you can plan your bathroom from scratch and check out our wide range of bathroom fittings today! 


11. Shower Enclosures 

Installing shower enclosures is the most practical way to add more glam to your bathroom. For instance, if you want your bathroom to look bigger, fitting a frameless glass enclosure would be a great idea. On the flip side, a frosted glass shower enclosure would be the perfect way to create a sense of privacy while offering a sophisticated look to your shower space.  


12. Spas and Saunas 

Spas and saunas not only offer numerous health benefits, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can prove instrumental in adding finesse and elegance to your shower area. These wellness products when coupled with the best bathroom lighting ideas transform your humble bathroom into a luxurious shower system and offer you an enhanced bathing experience. 


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