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October 31, 2022

This guide explores the do’s and don’ts of choosing the best bedroom lighting design in India and teaches you how to get started. Learn about the three main types of bedroom lighting design and get inspired with 15 popular bedroom lighting ideas in India that help you open up your space, add functionality and enhance the overall appearance of the room to make it more cosy. 

Lighting a Modern Bedroom

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

A bedroom is arguably the most important room in any house because it is the space where one starts and ends their day. Besides sleeping, your bedroom is used for several other purposes, from getting ready to step out of the house, reading, working and a plethora of different activities. Because of this, your bedroom lighting design needs to be transformative, to accommodate all your needs. 

Choosing the right lighting can actually make or break your space and this is especially true for a bedroom because of the range of activities performed here. In this article, we will be discussing the fundamentals of choosing the right bedroom lighting design, along with 15 room lighting ideas that you can implement in your own room during your next renovation. 

Before we get into the different light decoration ideas for bedroom, let’s get down to the basics of a strong bedroom lighting design.

Decorating Bedroom with Lights
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Decorating a Bedroom with Lights

When it comes to lighting a modern bedroom, there are many aspects to keep in mind before beginning your lighting journey. A balanced way of decorating bedroom with lights is to incorporate different types of lighting styles- like ambient, task and accent lighting. Let's discuss these three types of light design for room in detail.

1. Ambient Lighting

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Also known as general lighting, this type of lighting's main purpose is to provide overall, uniform illumination across the entire bedroom. While this light brightens up the entire room it is typically soft and diffused to be easy on the eyes and prevent harsh shadows. Ambient lighting in your bedroom lighting design usually comes from ceiling lights like chandeliers, flush mounted recessed lights, wall sconces, tube lights, LED panels and many more. No light design for room is complete without ambient lights as this is the light that allows you to comfortably and safely exist in your bedroom space. A great and affordable way to add ambient lighting is with the help of a led panel design for bedroom as they can illuminate the room without any strain on the eyes.

2. Task Lighting

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

This type of lighting provides a direct beam of light to a focussed area for you to easily perform tasks like reading, writing, grooming, etc. Unlike ambient light, the beam of task lights tends to be brighter and narrow; but good task lighting ideas for bedroom should not cause any glare or eye strain. Some popular options to get task lighting in your room include bedside lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, pendant lights and vanity lights.

3. Accent Lighting

Room Lighting Ideas

Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific feature or item in the room by converting them into a focal point. These lights tend to be three times as bright as ambient lighting but because their beam is meant to focus on a small area, they don't brighten the space too much. While this type of light may not provide the most illumination, adding accent lighting to your room lighting ideas is a great way to make the space look balanced. Accent lighting through wall lights, spotlights and track lighting is usually used to highlight a painting, sculpture, bed frame or cabinet and add drama and style to the space.

A well-balanced bedroom lighting design incorporates all three different kinds of lighting in the right proportion. Here are some modern bedroom lighting ideas that you can utilise to create this balance in your bedroom. 

Decorating Bedroom with Lights
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 Choose Timeless pieces for Decorating a Bedroom with Lights

4. Add Floor Lamps for Vertical Height 

While floor lamps are a common addition to most living room light ideas, they are a great way to add some height to your bedroom as well, particularly if you have lower ceilings. This small bedroom lighting idea is especially suitable if you have a bookshelf or a reading chair in the corner of your bedroom as you create a reading nook. Floor lamps also add a decorative touch as they come in a multiplicity of styles in India for every interior design idea. 

5. Opt for Spotlights in Your Closet 

Adding spotlights to your walk-in closet is one of the best master bedroom lighting ideas because it makes your closet space dreamy and luxurious. Not only for aesthetics, but spotlights also illuminate your clothes and accessories so that it's easier for you to make the tough decision of what to wear each morning. 

6. Go for Matching Bedside Lamp Designs

Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When you take at any hotel room lighting ideas, you may notice that most of them opt for matching bedside table lamps on either side of the bed. This small design touch provides a cohesive balance to the room while providing function. You can incorporate a matching bedside lamp design into your bedroom as well to create that crisp, beautiful hotel room look!

7. Don't Forget the Night Lights

Adding night lights to your bedroom lighting design is a great way to make your room safer and comfortable during dark hours. The subtle glow from a night light can actually help set the mood and help you sleep better. Hence, you should seriously consider adding a night wall light design for bedroom.

8. Try a Chandelier for Bedroom

Lighting Ideas for Bedroom

Who said chandeliers were only for living rooms? These grand bedroom ceiling light ideas can be used in any room to elevate the aesthetics and they make excellent master bedroom light ideas as they add a grandiose facade to the entire space. Depending on the style of your room, you can find a chandelier that matches perfectly, be it minimal, rustic or modern classic. Seriously considering these beautiful light fixtures? Learn more about how to decorate your home with chandeliers today!

9. Add Track Lights for a Contemporary Look

If your architectural style in your bedroom is contemporary, with interesting wallpaper and paintings, then track lights might be the right choice for you. When you are decorating bedroom with lights that can be adjusted, it gives you the ability to move things around whenever you please without having to worry about the bedroom lighting design not matching the space. Track lights are also simple light fixtures that don't take up too much space, making them excellent small bedroom lighting ideas.

10. Let your Room Glow with Cove Lights

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Accent lighting can be tough to add to any room and may require an eye for design to be able to incorporate seamlessly into your bedroom. But fret not, because choosing the right cove lighting design can help solve these problems and add a dramatic but subtle glow to your entire space.

11. Make it Magical with String Lights

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When it comes to light decoration ideas for bedroom, it doesn't get more festive than string lights. Also referred to as fairy lights, these affordable lighting solutions are a great addition to bedrooms, particularly children's rooms as they add a festive cheer and also double up as a night light. These lights are extremely easy to install and can be moved around wherever you like. But a tip to keep in mind is to invest in quality string lights to prevent frequent replacement.

12. Add Accent lights with LED Strip Lights

Similar to string lights, LED strip lights are also an excellent way to add a spark of festivity to your bedroom lighting design without doing too much. One of the best parts of strip lights is that you can place them wherever you like; in your false ceiling for a cove lighting glow, under cabinets for the perfect LED cabinet design for bedroom or even place them behind your bed to create the ultimate bed light design. These versatile lighting fixtures are hardier than string lights and can last you a long time.

13. Opt for Wall Sconces with Adjustable Arms

A modern lighting idea for bedroom that combines aesthetics and functionality is opting for wall sconces by either side of your bed to give you light when you need it. These sophisticated lighting fixtures with adjustable arms provide you with just the right amount of task lighting without disturbing anyone else in the room, making them one of the best bedroom wall light ideas.

14. Save Space with Pendant Lights

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Pendant lights are a great addition to any space, particularly a bedroom as they help add vertical space while giving you the perfect amount of task lighting. For the perfect bedroom ceiling light idea, place a pendant light above your dressing table so you can bask in the warm light and look your best in the mirror every day.

16. Light your Headboard with Accent Lights

The ultimate bed light design does exist and you can attain it with the help of accent lights behind your headboard. This futuristic bedroom light design makes it appear like your bead is floating and adds a dramatic look to your room. If you're looking to save money, you can add the LED wall design for bedroom by yourself with the help of simple strip lights and place them behind your headboard.

17. Add a Pop of Colour with Lighting

 Decorating Bedroom with Lights

Who said colour in bedrooms is only for the walls? You can add a pop of colour to your lighting as well and enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom. Some popular ways to add colour to your lighting include getting coloured bulbs to match your room lamp design, adding colour through strip/string lights or installing a coloured light to your LED panel design for bedroom to give your room a uniform, colourful glow.

18. Light up your Wardrobe with Cabinet Lights

If you have wardrobes in your bedroom, one of the best ways you can enhance their appearance is by adding an appropriate LED cabinet design for bedroom with motion sensors so that every time you open your wardrobe, all your clothes will be beautifully illuminated. This small touch can do wonders to your bedroom lighting design and give your space an expensive look.

19. Illuminate Open Shelves with Accent Lights

If your bedroom has open shelving, this means only one thing. You need to display the best of the best, whether it's an artefact or a set of luxurious perfumes on them. And what better way to highlight these items than with subtle accent lights? If you have open shelves built into the wall, then you can definitely opt for an LED wall design for bedroom that allows your shelf to glow and create a more visually pleasing space.

With the following 22 tips, we hope you can incorporate a few of them into your next bedroom lighting design. However, before we part ways, here are a few more considerations and final tips to keep in mind to give you the confidence to go ahead with choosing the right lighting ideas for your bedroom.

Bedroom lighting ideas
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Consider Budget When Coming up with Bedroom Lighting Ideas

To conclude this comprehensive guide on choosing the right bedroom lighting design, here are some final tips that can help you start your journey towards a brighter, well-lit bedroom.

20. Add a pop of colour by decorating bedroom with lights

While bedroom lighting designs usually tend to fall in the warm light category, too much warm light may cause your space to look dull and dingy. However, cool lighting can give the appearance of a hostile space, which is the last thing you want for your bedroom. So, don't be afraid to mix bulb colour temperatures while choosing your bedroom's lighting design.

21. Strategically Utilise Natural Lighting

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

As advanced as professional lighting to get, there's nothing that can beat the rays of the sun beaming into your bedroom. Hence, strategically utilise this natural light and make sure you can make the most of it during the daytime. This can also help you choose the right bedroom lighting design.

22. Consider Budget When Coming up with Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Light decoration ideas for bedroom come in a variety of price points and before you go ahead and shortlist the ideas you want to implement, carefully consider how much budget you want to allot for lighting.

Once you have these 4 considerations in your mind, you are ready to begin your journey towards choosing the ultimate bedroom lighting design in India! Still have some more questions? Talk to Jaquar's team of lighting experts today with a virtual consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for some of the best bedroom wall light ideas, then consider decorative wall sconces that add a soft glow to your room while blending seamlessly with the interiors of your bedroom. 

Whe it comes to choosing the right lighting for your bedroom, the best options in India to make the space cosy yet functional is to opt for warm or neutral white light. If you want the best of both worlds, then go for smart lights that you can change the temperature of. 

If you have a small bedroom, fret not as there are tons of small bedroom lighting ideas in India that can actually make your space appear bigger. Wall lights are some of the best options as they wash your walls with light and enhance the space without taking up much room. 

If you have low ceilings, then hanging lights are probably not the best option as they can actually shorten the appearance of your room further and reduce the space. Instead, opt for wall sconces of recessed ceiling lights for an ambient glow across your room. You can find the best wall sconces in India on Jaquar

If you are looking to place a floor lamp in your bedroom, then one of the best places to place them is in a corner. By illuminating the corner, your entire room appears bigger while also creating a great space to sit down and read a book!