Choosing the Right Cove Lighting Design for Your Home

In recent years, cove lighting has taken over the lighting industry by  storm and has become the most sought lighting trend in the industry. Nowadays, you may see cove lighting designs in most contemporary and modern homes, mainly because of their  versatility, cost of installation and aesthetic look. 


Want to install cove lights for your home too? In this article, we will discuss the benefits and applications of this type of lighting, along with 4 popular cove lighting designs so you can gain some insights for your own home!


What is Cove Lighting? 


Before we dive into applications, let’s start with answering- what is cove lighting? Cove lighting or ambient luminescence is a form of indirect lighting where the lighting fixture is concealed and casts light towards the ceiling or a wall to create a diffused illumination. We mostly see cove lights for ceilings, but this type of lighting can be installed inside the lips of walls, paintings, cabinets and other materials placed against walls. 


Applications of Cove Lighting 

Cove lighting can be frequently used in residential as well as commercial settings. They are most commonly seen in retail stores like luxury clothing outlets and jewellery stores as they add an extra level of grandeur to the space and brighten up the area without the use of harsh, direct lights. In a residential setting, cove lighting details can be seen in most rooms of the house, including the living room, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. 


Benefits of Cove Lighting 

One of the main reasons why cove lighting is so popular is because it improves the overall aesthetic of a room without doing too much. It also works with any aesthetic, be it rustic, minimalist or even classical. Cove lighting details also enhance the architectural features of the room and make a room appear warm and romantic with its subtle glow. 


Different Types of Cove Lighting 

While there are several types of cove lighting ideas and techniques, here are 5 major styles of lighting fixtures, most commonly used for homes. 

1. Rope Cove Lighting

Probably the most affordable of options, rope lighting is also easy to install and involves placing rope lights in the recesses of your ceilings/walls. However, it is not the most dependable option and does not make up for a primary source of light. 


2. Fluorescent Cove Lighting 

This style utilises fluorescent tubes in the recesses. While it is energy efficient, it does not give a seamless look and may need frequent replacements. 


3. LED Cove Lighting 

This cove lighting idea utilises LED lights that consume minimal electricity and are the most durable options. However, they are pricier than rope and fluorescent lights but they help save on electricity costs in the long run. 


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4. Linear/ Track Cove Lighting 

Track cove lights can be moved around and produce a beautiful beam of light with a low voltage. They often come with the ability to be dimmed and work well in areas that require task lighting to a certain degree like kitchens and living rooms. 


Besides these 4 types of cove lighting, there are two other types based on the direction of the beam. Cove lights for ceiling have fixtures pointing upwards and shine light directly on the ceiling area. Wall cove lighting on the other hand is installed under a wall lip and shines downwards. These lights are usually accent lights because if the lights were too bright, they would be hard on the eyes for those directly under the fixtures. 


4 Cove Lighting Ideas for Your Home 


1. Living Room Cove Light Ceiling Design

Probably the most popular area to install cove lighting, there are plenty of ways to incorporate cove lighting in your living space. If you are building your own home/ renovating your space, you may want to consider a false ceiling so you can install your ceiling cove lights for an overall glow. Besides this living room cove lighting ceiling design, you can also add wall cove lights under the trim to highlight a painting. Besides cove lighting, there are hundreds of other living room light ideas for you to explore while illuminating the most important area of your home. 


2. Kitchen Cove Lighting Designs 

Since your kitchen is an area that requires task lighting, cove lights can help with this purpose. You can install cove lights under cabinets and shelves to improve visibility while still ensuring functionality in the space. 


3. Bedroom Cove Lighting Ideas 

Cove lighting for your room, particularly the master bedroom is an excellent way to add warmth and depth to the space. As a bonus, you can also install a dimmer to control the brightness of the cove lights to help make the room more romantic. With this bedroom cove lighting idea, you can even use the lights as a night light to softly illuminate the space while you sleep. 


4. Cove Lighting Design for Your Foyer/Entrance 

Give your guests a warm welcome by adding a simple cove lighting design detail to your foyer. While this may not work for all types of homes, if your home has an entrance passage, then this idea is perfect for you. To further elevate your foyer, you can even add a chandelier to make the area grand and give a fabulous first impression.  

From the above cove lighting designs, it is clear that this simple lighting technique can be applied in different areas of your home to give the space a warm glow. It’s no surprise that this trend continues to be popular with all generations, and in all styles of homes. Now that you know how to go about choosing the right cove lighting design for your home, are you ready to choose your lights? Check out Jaquar’s exquisite collection of lights for all your lighting needs. If you are still unsure, you can get on a virtual meeting with Jaquar’s team of experts who can help you find the right cove lights for your home.

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