5 tips to decorate your home with Chandeliers

Lighting is a crucial part of decorating a place, be it your home, office or restaurant. And while there are numerous options available today to light up your area in style, nothing can beat the vogue and grandeur of a chandelier.

But how to choose the right chandelier for your place? Should one go for traditional grandeur or look for sleek modern chandeliers? Well, choosing the right chandelier is like choosing an outfit; select a style that matches your personality and the occasion, in this case, the room.

Here are 5 things to do before finalising the chandelier for your place:

1) Browse different options available

There are limitless lighting options available nowadays, providing you with a wider variety of options to choose from. So, it is always advisable to widen your search net by visiting different websites and scouting different styles to see what matches your style and fits the look of your room.

And the best way to do so is by visiting the orientation centres that will allow you to perceive the overall look & feel of the chandelier in a real set-up.

2) Choose a chandelier that fits the size of your room

While we agree that grand chandeliers add a distinctive look to a room, but if the size is too big, it can become quite overwhelming. The key to buying the perfect chandelier is to understand the right proportions, and there is a mathematical formula to calculate it. All you have to do is add the dimensions of your room in feet together and convert the result into inches - this would be the optimal diameter for the right chandelier for your room. 

3) Complement the colour scheme and decor of the room

Just like any other decor piece, a Chandelier must complement the style of your room. While looking for your ideal chandelier, keep in mind the colour scheme, decor and the purpose of the room in which you wish to hang the chandelier.

While a living room chandelier can be a little eccentric and attention-grabbing, the same style might not work for a hallway or bedroom.

4) Hang Chandelier in an unexpected place

Get a little creative and try some non-traditional places to hang your chandelier. Maybe your open kitchen needs some extra lighting, and a small modern chandelier is a perfect way to bring out the charm. Baby nurseries and study rooms can be great places to hang chandeliers.

5) Make your chandelier the focus of your room decor

Chandelier looks excellent as the focal point of a room, especially if they are ornate or vibrant in colours. If you decide to decorate your room with a Chandelier, forgo big furniture and attention-grabbing decor pieces and let your chandelier be the talk of the town. 

How do Jaquar Orientation centres help you choose the right chandelier for your room?

While the above steps will definitely help you in selecting the right chandelier for your room, Jaquar lighting’s online orientation centres will help you get a visual of how a chandelier will look in your room in real-time. With Jaquar Lighting, you can browse a wide variety of chandeliers online and then visit your nearest orientation centre to get the feel of how it will look in your room.

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