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Any light that is mounted on a ceiling is considered to be a ceiling light. While this is a very simple definition, there are many types of decorative LED ceiling lights for home available in different styles, shapes and purposes. Fancy ceiling lights are some of the best ways to decorate your home and play a large role in the interior lighting design of a space. Here are some of the most popular styles in the market today:

1. Hanging Ceiling Lights

Also known as pendant lights, hanging ceiling lights are a popular type of ceiling lights for living rooms as they illuminate the space while also decorating it. They also make excellent bedroom ceiling lights as they add some vertical length to the room while still keeping the space minimal. 

2. Chandeliers 

If you are looking for fancy ceiling lights, then you should opt for a chandelier as they bring a sense of grandeur to any space. You can read more about tips to choose the right chandelier for your living room and light it up the way you always wanted. 

3. Wall Ceiling Lights/ Wall Mounted Ceiling Lights

This type of modern ceiling lights hang close to the ceiling and light up a wider space while attracting minimal attention. These wall ceiling lights are a great option for contemporary homes. These lights also work as excellent outdoor ceiling lights in spaces like patios and decks. 

A great tip to have the best ceiling lights for living room is to choose a ceiling lamp that matches with the aesthetic of your room. For example, if you have a minimal room, it is best to opt for a ceiling lamp that is also minimal to ensure cohesiveness. 

Are you looking for fancy ceiling lights for living room? Jaquar brings you an easier way to illuminate your space with LED ceiling lights for home. You can find a wide variety of options, whether you are looking for outdoor ceiling lights or bedroom ceiling lights, Jaquar has the perfect choice for you!