Types of Geyser for small bathroom

In a lot of homes today, a geyser, also known as a water heater has become an indispensable part of the bathroom. During winter seasons, when temperatures outside are low, one of the best things to do is to take a relaxing bath in warm to hot water. Moreover, some of us by nature might prefer our showers to be hot too. There are a lot of advantages of a geyser that families and individuals can witness in their day-to-day life.


There are even some health benefits that are linked to taking hot showers. It is said that hot showers can provide relief to sore and aching muscles, moisturize our skin, and improve blood circulation too, among other benefits. Getting a geyser for a small bathroom can give you all these benefits, and more. But before you do that, it’s important to understand the different types of geysers that exist, and the ones that would work the best for you. 


Now that you know the advantages of a geyser,  you can look through the list we’ve curated by which you can get the best instant water heaters for your shower that you can affix to your bathroom and enjoy immediately!


Types of Geysers


All geysers that are available in the market today can be classified into different types, based on the method of classification that is used. Let’s go over each one by one


Types of geyser by method of heating


  • Gas Geyser


A gas geyser is one that uses Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) to heat the water that is being used. A gas geyser typically comes with a big tank that contains the water, and a gas burner below that is used to heat it. Since the geyser uses LPG or natural gas, the geyser's electricity consumption is virtually nil, but it is not very power efficient. Gas Geyser may not be suitable for a small bathroom, but can be useful for large families who require steady water heating.


It might also be worth noting that gas geysers come with significant safety risks, and that is the reason it isn’t as popular today. For small bathrooms, electric geysers and other types of geysers have become more popular today.


  • Electric Geyser


Electric Geysers are one of the most commonly used types of geysers in the country today. This type of geyser uses electricity, and is very power efficient when it comes to geyser electricity consumption. The heat water at higher temperatures than other geysers, and work very quickly. Because of this, electric geysers are one of the best geysers for small bathrooms. Since they work almost instantaneously, these geysers are also known as Instant Electric Water Heaters.


  • Solar powered geysers


Solar powered geyser uses solar energy in order to heat the water. They're a very economical and power efficient way to heat water. Since they use solar power to heat the water, the geyser electricity consumption can be cut down by 70%. This is a perfect geyser for small bathrooms that anyone can use.


How solar powered geysers work is that there are some solar panels installed, which absorb the sunlight and then convert it into electricity, and then this electricity is used to heat the water. Because this is how they work, there is usually a lot of effort that is required during installation in order to place the panels at places that will be able to get sunlight throughout the day.


The solar powered geysers also work as instant water heaters for your showers, because they heat the water up very quickly. However, it can be very difficult to avoid overheating, and it might also be difficult to heat the water when sunlight is not available, such as during monsoon or winter seasons.


Types of geysers by storage


  • Tank Geysers


As the name suggests, the tank geysers are geysers that contain a large tank to store water inside. The water is heated and then stored in the tank, and the temperature of the water is maintained inside the tank. The water can then be used as and when needed. Since the water’s temperature has to be maintained inside the storage tank, this geyser’s electricity consumption is not the most efficient. Though this is a geyser for small bathrooms, it might not be the most efficient one to use, and storage-less geysers might be a better option.


  • Tank-less Geysers


Tank-less geysers are also known as instant electric water heaters. These geysers don’t contain a tank to store water in them, and due to this have a low water capacity. They heat water only as and when required, and therefore are also power efficient. They can heat the water and provide hot water instantaneously. This is a type of geyser that is perfect for small bathrooms.

Once you’ve gone through the various types of geysers, you should be able to decide on the next type of geyser for your small bathroom. You can also check out our showers and shower panels too, and spruce up your bathroom even further! Find out more at Jaquar now!

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