The Best Office Lighting Design Tips to Improve Productivity

Office lighting design is one of the most important elements of any workspace. It directly impacts your mood and the productivity of your team. It is the bedrock of a productive work environment and hence needs careful planning for proper positioning. But don’t let this overwhelm you as we are here to help! In this article, we will discuss the importance of good lighting design, key recommendations to keep in mind and different LED lighting fixtures to light up your office. Let’s start with why you should carefully plan your office lighting design.


Importance of Office Lighting 

The perfect lighting design for offices has strategic positioning and diffuses enough light for focus and calm. So, concentration with a calm mind improves productivity. Here are a few reasons why choosing proper lighting for offices is crucial:

1. Influences Personal Well-Being and Health 

Employees spend most of their working day at the office and hence, maintaining their well-being is critical. Lighting that is too dim can make them feel tired and result in underperformance. Overly bright office lighting design, on the other hand, can be hard on the eyes, increase their stress levels and even trigger migraines.


2. Improves Motivation and Performance

The right lighting design for offices can boost your employees’ creativity, allow them to stay alert and motivate them to perform their tasks better. Office lights should neither be jarring as they can cause headache and stress, nor too dim as they may harm eyesight.

3. Ensures Overall Safety

One of the foundations of a safe work environment is maintaining good lighting. Whether your office space involves manual or desk work, good lighting can help employees move around and perform tasks safely.


Now that you know why good office lighting design is crucial, let’s take a look at some key recommendations to keep in mind when designing your office lighting.

Key Recommendations for Lighting 

Lighting an office space is completely different from lighting your home. Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind before lighting up your office space: 

1. Colour of the Light

While warm lights may be perfect for your living room light ideas, they can deteriorate productivity when placed in an office setting. Warm lights can be great if you want to relax and unwind, which is why they work well in residential settings. Cool-toned Commercial LED lighting  helps employees stay alert and create an ambience of energy and productivity. 


2. Energy Saving & Durable

Cost is a critical part of choosing the right office lighting design as the lights in offices run between 8 to 14 hours per day. Hence, you need to make sure that the lighting fixtures you choose are energy saving, prevent heavy electricity bills and are durable.


3. Brightness

A common mistake in lighting design for offices is to fit overtly bright ceiling lights that hurt the eyes. Instead, layer your lighting with mild LED panels across the ceiling along with down lights near desks for task lighting.


Now let’s discuss some common LED lighting fixtures that you can add to your office for maximum productivity.


Common Commercial LED Lighting


Here are 5 LED lighting fixtures that can help elevate your office lighting design and ensure maximum efficiency. 

1. LED Batten Tubes 

Tube lights are some of the most traditional ways to light up an office and are excellent for smaller office spaces. LED Batten tubes are extremely cost-effective, durable and save up to 40% on your electricity bills as compared to fluorescent tube lights. 


2. LED Panels 

For large office spaces, LED panels are an excellent way to cast uniform light without any shadows. They are thin, easy to install on ceilings and don’t hurt the eyes when you look directly into them.


3. Indoor Downlights 

Downlights are a minimal, all-purpose lighting solution for offices and can be excellent for casting task lighting in areas that require focus. They are also easy to install and are one of the best commercial LED lighting options that save on energy and overall maintenance costs. 


4. Office Pendant Lighting

Commercial LED lighting doesn’t always have to be boring. Instead, elevate your workspace  with office pendant lighting. Such decorative lights are an excellent choice for key areas like your office reception. They make way for a great conference room lighting as they can help set the tone of the office and elevate the overall aesthetic.


5. Strip Lights 

Stip lights can be a great way to subtly light key areas like cabinets, shelves and desk areas and ensure no item gets misplaced. They can also add a decorative element to conference room lighting without being too overbearing. 


Now that you know how to go about with your office lighting design, are you ready to light up your workspace yet? 


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