Shower vs Bathtub- Advantages and Disadvantages

Two of the most common types of bathing solutions are either showers or bathtubs. The ideal debate between shower vs bathtub continues and depends on your personal experience. Everybody likes a relaxing bath, and for each, certain preferences signify only one might be a better choice for you but not so nice for the other person. Here is a comparison and key factors of showers vs bathtubs for different experiences comparison and classification.

Shower vs Bathtub - For the Skin

A hot and relaxing bath can certainly do wonders for your health but might not work well with your skin. Taking long and steamy baths can result in flaking and dryness in your skin. Your decision to take a shower, on the other hand, with cold or lukewarm water can control any aggravating skin conditions. Here is where the shower benefits supersede the benefits of a bathtub since the former exposes your body to less water in comparison to the latter. For individuals with sensitive skin conditions, like rosacea, psoriasis or eczema, long durations in bathtubs can seriously damage their skin. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a shower if you are looking for healthier skin. There are several benefits for an air shower and why you may need one in your bathroom like enjoying longing showers and multi flow systems. If you still wish to relax in a bathtub, try adding additives that prevent any dryness or dehydration to your skin. These additives can be in the form of bath bombs and Epsom salts.


Pros of shower-

  • Avoids flaking and dryness of showering with cold or lukewarm water
  • Less exposure to water
  • Beneficial for skin condition

Cons of shower- 

  • Warm shower may cause dryness
  • Not as relaxing

Pros of Bathtub-

  • Relaxing
  • Soothes your skin
  • Better effects with bath salts

 Cons of bathtub-

  • Not advisable for long duration
  • Not advisable for sensitive skin users


Shower vs Bathtub - For your Convenience

Showers are mostly less time-consuming. Many people prefer taking a quick and comfortable shower if they have a decent shower head. It is usually opted by individuals who have busy lifestyles and prefer spending not more than 5-10 mins a day on self-grooming.. On the other hand, baths are often more relaxed - a great choice after a long, eventful day when you just want to unwind. Nevertheless, they may also cause slight inconvenience to basic bathroom tasks. For instance, washing or shampooing all of the soap from your hair comparatively requires more effort in a bathtub. After that, you need to rinse your body with clean water and remove all the soap from your skin. To fit your convenience well, you can even explore some exciting shower ideas for modern bathrooms that fit your needs well


Despite that if you wish to enjoy the benefits of a bathtub, you can add additional bathroom accessories. These accessories include a shower holder, towel rack and support or even a soap dispenser for a calming bath experience. An Air shower close to your bathtub can help add the required pressure of water to clean and rinse yourself. Some people prefer adding an overhead shower like the HydroLite shower right above their bathtub to get the best of both features.

Pros of shower- 

  • Works well within 5-10 minutes
  • Quicker to wash off soap

Cons of Shower-

  • Not as relaxing as a bathtub 

Pros of bathtub-

  • Great with added accessories 
  • Easier to calm yourself down

Cons of Bathtub- 

  • Difficult to clean water or soap of body
  • Takes time to clean


Shower vs Bathtub - For Conservation

In a shower, the usage of water is lesser compared to a bathtub. That of course depends upon the duration of your shower. If you have a multi-functional shower head, it might use ten to fifteen litres of water per minute. An average bathtub utilises approximately a hundred to one fifty litres of water that too depends on the size of your bathtub. Considering the water-saving mindset, most people prefer a bathroom shower over a bathtub.


Pros of shower-

  • Saves water


Cons of shower- 

  • Utilises a lot of water if showering for more hours


Pros of bathtub- 

  • Water quantity remains same if not refilling


Cons of bathtub-

  • Comparatively, more usage of water


Shower vs Bathtub - For Relaxation

After some time in their week or even day, an individual really desires to let off the steam and enjoy a relaxing bath, right? To help out, a bathtub fills that gap and gives your entire body and mind some space to relax. You can also use other soothing things like playing some background music, creating a bath bomb or simply lying down all relaxed to experience the calmness of your body. There are various benefits of bathing in hot water like loosening the tension in aching muscles and helping them to rebuild after physical strain. Picking a bath in a bathtub instead of a shower after a gruelling training session might give your body some space and resources to recover.


Pros of shower-

  • Cleanses your body and each especially with Jaquar overhead shower
  • Beneficial for your body to relax


Cons of shower-

  • Needs effort and constant movement

Pros of bathtub-

  • Relaxed position of body
  • Effortless relaxation with no physical strain
  • Works perfectly for sports conditioning
  • May reduce recovery time after an injury 


Cons of bathtub-

  • Not ideal for extra long hours


Now that you know the major shower benefits as well as the benefits of a bathtub so that you can easily choose between shower vs bathtub and elevate your bathing experience like never before! With Jaquar, you get to choose from premium quality bathroom showers or bathtubs that blend beautifully and add utility to your home.

Apart from shower or bathtub, you can also select from a wide range of toiletry, faucets, shower panels, bathroom accessories and much more in the world of bathing solutions. Visit your nearest Jaquar dealer today and choose your favourite shower or bathtub for your bathroom!

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