Bath Accessories

Looking for ways to uplift the feel of your bathroom? Want to make your bathroom more appealing and functional? You should try the extensive range of bathroom accessories offered by Jaquar. These bathroom accessories do a great job in making the bathroom more functional as well as uplifts the aesthetics of the washroom. The Bathroom accessories range from Jaquar include the Continental, Kubix Prime, Queen's and Hotelier each of which look classy nad contemporary to say the least. These accessories include double coat hook, tumbler holder, towel holders, soap dispensers, toilet roll holder, robe hook, swivel mirror and more. Head out to the closest Jaquar dealer to buy bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Accessories and Modern Bathroom Fittings

Bathrooms are not about the toilet, wash basins and shower area. The details of your bath space speaks in volumes about your personality. This is why bathroom accessories are important, as they complete the overall opulence of your bathroom. It takes great creativity and pursuance to make your bathroom your ultimate relaxation oasis. And it is the bath fittings that decorate and elevate the sense of luxury in your bathroom. It is simply not enough to paint your bathroom walls, find a suitable toilet and shower panel. The real beauty lies in the chrome shimmer, golden accents, matte-finished demure of your bathroom accessories. 

At first it will be confusing to find the best bathroom accessories given the plethora of bath fittings available in different kinds of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes. You need to plan out and look for the best bathroom accessories according to your needs. Jaquar bathroom accessories is the best range of bath fittings you can ever lay eyes on and read on to know why. 

Types of Bathroom Fittings and Accessories

Bathroom fitting accessories are basically pieces of furniture, or utility products that are installed in the bathroom. Many people overlook bathroom fitting accessories in the initial stages of bathroom designing and planning as they deem it unnecessary or not essential. But gone are the days when bathrooms were boring, and just a place to take a quick shower. Modern bathroom fittings not only accentuates the body language of your bathroom, but also makes your life easier! Here are some of the best bathroom accessories that you definitely need in your bathroom.

Grab rails

Grab rails are one of the most important bathroom fittings, especially if you have elderly people at home. They can be fitted near toilets and bathtubs or shower areas for safety and extra grip whenever they need to use the bathroom. You can buy bathroom accessories like high quality grab rails with an eccentric chrome or silver matte finish from Jaquar bathroom fittings.

Cup holder

Next comes the wash basin area. Cup holders or toothbrush holders are essential bath accessories to hold your toothbrushes, toothpaste, tongue cleaners, razors, tweezers etc. This bath fitting can be attached to the wall near the washbasin for easy access. 

Vanity mirror

This is probably where everyone spends most of their time while getting ready. A vanity mirror is a must-have on your list of modern bathroom fittings as it is not just a fancy piece of bath fitting but also for important uses like checking the oral hygiene while brushing, looking at your body overall for any unusual growths, because self assessment has been the first step of precaution in many health-related cases. Vanity mirrors come in different shapes like round, oval, rectangular, square and even full-length mirrors or a wall-to-wall mirror. Backlit LED mirrors are all the rage now, as it creates a soft, embossed look and acts as ambient lighting.  Jaquar toilet accessories provides a unique swivel mirror that magnifies your face and enables you to see your pores! This is a godsend for skincare and makeup applications. You can find out about this Jaquar bathroom fittings price on the Jaquar official website.

Toilet paper holder

One of the most essential bathroom fittings - Toilet paper holders are fitted in the wall near the toilet pan. They are made out of a variety of different materials, like stainless steel, wood, plastic, chrome. Highly durable and stylish, toilet paper holders are bath accessories that add a quirk to your bathroom in a subtle way. Jaquar toilet accessories present a variety of toilet paper holders to match the essence of your bathroom aesthetics.

Towel rail

Towel rails are of utmost importance in home bathroom accessories. It is an essential element of hygiene in bathrooms. It is used to hang up wet towels or even wet clothes to dry. You can opt for a single rail if you are a compact family or a double towel rail to hang more towels and clothes if you are a larger family. You can buy bathroom accessories such as elegant, swivel towel holders or even a towel rack from Jaquar toilet accessories.

Find Bathroom Accessories Online

With a plethora of international and local brands selling bath accessories, the market is definitely saturated and can leave you, as the customer, a little perplexed. At the outset, you can start by doing some research and finding bathroom accessories online. Surf some bathroom inspiration guides, e-magazines and note down the list of bathroom fittings and accessories you require. You can later do a simple search for ‘bathroom accessories near me’ and visit the nearest showroom to get a hands-on experience of the products. 

Or you can do a search for ‘bathroom accessories near me’ and walk in to the nearest Jaquar orientation centre or dealer present across the country. You can find all bathroom accessories you would have ever dreamed of at Jaquar! Now with the pandemic in mind, our goal is to ensure our customers maximum safety while still not compromising on their best bathroom accessories shopping experience. This is why we have virtual consultations with Jaquar in-house experts who will guide you through all bathroom accessories available in their various designs, colours and finishes. You can inquire about Jaquar bathroom fittings price to the expert in the virtual consultation.

Why are Jaquar Bathroom Accessories the Best?

Categorized into Continental, Kubrix Prime, Queen’s and Hotelier, Jaquar is simply the best destination to buy bathroom accessories from an affordable range. Jaquar is a one-stop-shop for people looking for home bathroom accessories as well as uber-luxe hotel bath fittings - Jaquar bathroom fittings is the answer. 

While continental and Kubrix Prime are more square edges and simpler designs keeping functionality at its core, Queen’s range of Jaquar bathroom accessories is truly unique with its curves and carvings, evoking a colonial architectural design. The towel ring, soap holder, robe hook and toilet roll holder embodies regal and royal, true its source of inspiration. The hotelier series of bathroom accessories are modern bathroom fittings in its core and designed exclusively for luxury hotel requirements. 

Be it homes or hotels, Jaquar bathroom accessories are a true testament to luxury, excellence, opulence and affordability. We strive to help you create beautiful bathrooms that reflect your personality and speak of Jaquar’s excellence. Come and explore the never-ending possibilities of bathroom accessories and fittings at Jaquar!

FAQs about Bath Accessories

When you are in the market looking for bathroom accessories, you must primarily think of what products you have and what accessories will go with those products. You can choose from bath accessories such as:

  • - Lights
  • - Shelves
  • - Soap Dispensers
  • - Shower Railings
  • - Towel/Robe holders Mirrors
  • - Toilet roll holders
  • - Soap Dishes
  • Your primary go to option when looking for bathroom accessories is to search for them online. When looking for bathroom accessories online, a few things to keep in mind are:
  • - Have a budget ready
  • - Understand the different offerings
  • - Shortlist brands that you want to buy from
  • - Have an idea of the space requirement
  • - Choose accessories that will go well in your bathroom
  • You have built your sanctuary in your bathroom and are looking at adding on to an enriching experience by buying a few shower accessories such as:
  • -Towel holders
  • - Soap dispensers
  • - Soap dishes
  • -Towel racks
  • -Shower curtains

To start out, you can look at a variety of bath fittings online. There are many options to choose from not only in terms of brands but also in terms of designs and colours. Once you have understood what you want, you can continue your research online or visit the closest store to understand the look and feel of the bath fitting you like. Before making your choice understand the space availability and the tone you are trying to set for your bathroom.

The usual signs of a faulty faucet cartridge are:

  • Making a bathroom attractive is something that everyone dreams of. To decorate your bathroom, we suggest adding,
  • - Shower curtains with great designs
  • - Bathroom plants
  • - Lighting accessories
  • - Attractive soap dispensers/dishes
  • - Colours or tones that match your personality
  • - Air fresheners to fight odors