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Nowadays, have a bathroom at home fitted with an eye-catchy bath tub is the real deal. A bathroom bathtub is no more a luxurious fitting. The rise in demand for different bathtub designs has paved the way for affordable yet fashionable bath tubs in India. Although the conventional bathroom tub design is the elongated rectangular one, increasingly there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. In terms of shapes for modern bathtub there is oval, circle, etc and built-in, floating, etc are different bathroom tub design.

Head to Jaquar if you are looking to buy bath tub online or just the perfect tub for your family! A bath tub has the ability to define your bathroom space and lets you revel in comfort and luxury after a long day. Jaquar offers you the best bathtubs in India with several features. One of the modern bathtub designs is a free-standing tub, which is made with lucite acrylic sheet for the perfect grip, strength and design. Whether you are looking for a built-in bath tub, free-standing bath tubs or bath tub fillers, Jaquar has it all! Let Jaquar bath tubs help you revamp your bathroom and make it look a whole lot better without occupying much space. Buy the finest bath tubs in India with the best designs and styles with Jaquar.

Why do you Need a Bathroom with Bath tub?

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    A must-have for renovations

    If you are planning a bathroom or home renovation, buying a bathtub is the first decision you should make. As mentioned before not only does it amp up the resale value but acts as an excellent bathroom fitting for renovations. One of the best gifts to give your parents or adults is bathtubs for adults. You will need to do a little research on finding out a good bathtub in India, the bath tub price, the range of bathtub prices in India, bathtub designs and prices that suit your needs. Additionally, we also have an in-depth blog on how to use a bathtub efficiently that you can refer to.

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    Maximise compact space

    The situation in India is such that most are compact homes and hence bathrooms are also compact. Bathroom bathtubs are a great way to harness luxury in a limited bath space. Round luxury bathtubs can also be fitted in the master bathroom to alleviate the plush factor. Jaquar bath tub come in a variety of freestanding bathtubs like Alaska, Eggy, Julia, Saipan, Queens that can be installed with ease and grip even in small bathroom spaces. These are hands down the best bathtubs for a small bathroom and form an excellent modern bathroom idea for your home.

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    Best for relaxing

    The moment you step in for a relaxing bath in your brand new bathtub, the bathtub cost will be worth it. In the presence of luxury bathtubs or even a simple Jaquar bath tub, you can unwind after a long tiring day by soaking in the warmth of the water and fragrance of a bath bomb surrounding you. Finding the ideal Whirlpool bathtub can take your relaxation needs to the next level. It is a perfect investment for the ultimate rejuvenation. You can find plenty of modern bathtub designs in Jaquar that suit your budget.

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    Best for kids in the family

    A fun and creative bathroom design idea for your toddler is to have a bathtub! If you have small kids in the family it is advisable to go for some of the best bathtubs as it makes bathing a whole lot easier and enjoyable for them. It is safer as they are comfortably placed inside the tub. You can avoid any accidents from slippage with a bath tub. One of the perfect choices for bathtubs for small bathrooms is a quadrant bathtub. Being compact, classy, and neatly tucked into a corner, it is one of the best contemporary bathroom tub design.

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    Resale value

    The more furnished and feature-rich your house is the more resale value it incurs. Surveys also state that most home buyers look at the bathroom aesthetics and appeal to evaluate their interest in the purchase. Hence, having a bathroom with bathtub will any day be more valuable than just a bathroom with a showerhead.

Why is Jaquar Bath tub the Best?

Are you planning to buy a bathtub in India? Confused which brand to go for? Not to worry, we have the solution you were looking for.

Jaquar offers you hands down the best bathtub in India with jaw-dropping features. These Jaquar bath tubs can be free-standing or built in, made with lucite acrylic sheets for the perfect grip, strength and design. They also have features that can help overflow and drain, allowing you to have the best bathing experience possible. Whether you are looking for a built-in bath tub, bath tub for adults, freestanding bathtub in India, Jaquar has it all! Let Jaquar bath tubs help you revamp your bathroom and make it look a whole lot better without occupying too much space. Buy the best bath tubs in India with the best designs and styles only at Jaquar. You can also look at our blog which gives tips to clean different types of bathtubs.

Get in touch with experts from the Jaquar team who walk you through the bathtub designs and prices, understand your requirements and refer to the best bathing tub for family inside your budget. With the raging pandemic, we understand your concern of stepping out. This is why we have virtual consultations where our experts will explain about bathtub designs and prices virtually. Buying a bathing tub for family just got 10 times easier than ever with Jaquar.

FAQs About Bathtub In India

You can choose a bathtub for adults according to utility purposes. If you are looking for a more luxurious and relaxing bath, you can go for a freestanding round bathtub if you have large space bathrooms. In the case of space restrictions you can choose a corner bathtub or soaking bathtub, which has more depth than length. You need to consider materials such as copper, natural stone and cast iron as well for sturdy grip. You also need to research about the average bathtub price in India before choosing one

Bathtubs can get rusted if the water flowing through your pipes is hard water. Continues exposure to hard water causes iron and minerals to react and form small brown patches of rust in the bathtub. You can either install a water softener that removes iron from hard water or use a baking soda solution to clean the rust.

A bathtub overflow drain ensures that the water does not overflow and spill from the bathtub even if the faucet is left running. The bathtubs are designed with overflow drains on their insides where there is an opening hole. The water gets collected through the opening and drains out.

Jaquar bathtubs give a warranty of 2 years to ensure maximum durability and trust to the customers.

If you are worried about fitting a bathtub and do not have large space, you can opt for a bathtub for a small bathroom. A soaking tub and corner bathtubs work well for small bathrooms as they do not take up much space. You can book a virtual consultation with Jaquar experts who will assess the best type of bathtub for a small bathroom and help you pick one.