Heat Pump Water Heater Installation Tips

Installing a water heater can be a handful if you have no experience at it. There are a lot of benefits for heat pump water heaters which is why they are high in demand. Jaquar offers a new high-efficiency, low-cost, eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and long-lasting water heating solution that outperforms all other water heating technologies. But before learning about the installation process, let’s find out what exactly a heat pump water heater is?

What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?


A heat pump water heater is an efficient type of geyser that uses electricity to create hot water. It relies on a compressor that absorbs the heat from the air and transfers it to the storage unit. Many users opt for a heat pump water heater because it is three to four times more energy-efficient than a conventional hot water geyser. Therefore, a heat pump installation will result in a lifetime electricity saving of up to 20%. 


Heat pump water heater installation tips to try at your home


Heat pumps water heaters have unique installation methods as compared to a conventional geyser. The positioning, spacing, material, tools and sound is different for both, which is why we have 5 simple heat pump water heater installation tips that will make the process easier for you:


1) Check the space and location: An ideal Jaquar heat pump would need at least 60-70 sq ft. area for installation. With sufficient air volume and space, you can complete the water heater installation process by yourself. Houses with a lot of space ranging from 60-70 sq ft area can have a heat pump water heater. If you have a small house with limited space, instant water heaters may be the ideal choice for you as they take up less space. 


You can reach out to our Jaquar support team for any assistance on the heat pump installation process. 


2) Positioning of the exhaust fan: The heat pump exhaust air is colder than its surroundings. Avoid positioning an exhaust fan in rooms that are often occupied since it would affect the people with windy and cold air. You can place the heat pump in rooms like a basement, exterior bathroom shaft, storeroom or laundry room. Therefore, before installing the heat pump, check the interior of your house and where you plan to position the exhaust fan.


3) Size of the heat pump tank: Tank size is another essential factor that you may need to consider before the heat pump installation process. A 200-liter water heater would fit flawlessly for a 10-15 minute shower. If your hot water usage is more than that, then you may opt for a higher tank size heat pump. For heat pump efficiency, we suggest that you upgrade the size of your tank over your current tank. This simple upgrade optimizes the heat pump to complete the heating process without external resistance. If the space and budget allows, then you can choose a higher heat pump efficiency and storage tank. You can even check the table below to choose which heat pump will help you in the long term.


Approximate amount of hot showers possible

Size of heat pump tank


200 litre


300 litre


400 litre


500 litre and more

4) Install the heat pump behind a wall for reduced sound- Heat pumps have a fan and compressor that makes a lot of noise when actively running. An average 200-litre heat pump water heater creates a sound of approximately 45-55 decibels. To reduce this sound in your home, you can create a partition wall or complete the water heater installation process away from your living room and bedroom to avoid external noise. You can choose alternative methods of controlling external noise like foams and isolation padding. All of these steps drop the sound level to 30-40 decibels, which is even lesser than the sound made by  a coffee machine.


Repairing the Heat Pump Water Heater


Jaquar heat pump water heaters can last long with proper servicing. However, repairing a water heater is also not too hard. All you need to do is clean the air filter every 3 months to make your heat pump last long. Jaquar water heaters come with a 4-year warranty (terms and conditions apply), and you can get all the details about them from your nearest Jaquar dealer.



Now that you know the easiest and best tips for a heat pump water heater, get a new addition to your bathroom from the nearest Jaquar dealer and shop your favorite heat pump water heater that will support you in hard-hitting winters!


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