Gas geysers vs Electric geysers: Which is better?

The world of geysers has become a vast one over the past few years and the abundance of choice can sometimes overwhelm us. Two of the most popular types of geysers based on energy sources are gas geysers and electric geysers. In this article, we will be discussing gas geysers vs electric geysers and comparing different aspects of the two so you can decide which geyser is best for bathroom. 


What is Gas Geyser?

When we compare electric geysers vs gas geysers, the most important difference is their energy source. As the name suggests, gas geysers use LPG (liquified petroleum gas) to heat water in your bathroom. Gas geysers working does not depend on electricity, making them a good choice in areas that have frequent power cuts. You can learn more about how gas geysers work or in general, how do geysers work in this complete guide. 



  • Gas geyser working allows you complete control of the level and rate of heating 
  • They can run on both, pipeline natural gas and through household gas cylinders 
  • Ideal for large families 
  • They are very easy to repair and maintain 
  • Since they don’t require power to run, they can be used anywhere, anytime 


  • They have a shorter lifespan as some gas burners tend to damage easily 
  • They are not safe as a gas leak could be colossal. May also cause carbon monoxide poisoning 
  • Because of how gas geysers work, they are not environment-friendly

What is an Electric Geyser?


If you are wondering how does electric geysers work, the answer is in the name as these types of geysers run on electricity and because of this reason, they have become a preferred choice in most urban homes. Electric geysers use a copper coil that converts electricity into heat that helps heat the water in your bathroom. Within the world of electric geysers, there are many different types of geysers like instant ones, electric storage geysers, heating rod types and many more depending on the use of geysers. 



1. The main advantage of an electric geyser is its convenience. It allows you to get hot water with just the flip of a switch. 
2. They are easy to install and handle 
3. Because of electricity, they heat water very quickly 
4. They tend to be safer as there is no direct fuel involved 
5. The energy source is relatively cheap 
6. They have a long life span and are durable 


1. Because of how electric geysers work, they need a constant power source to run. In case of power failure, the use of these geyers is hampered. 
2. When we compare electric geysers vs gas geysers, electric ones tend to be more expensive to purchase, operate and maintain. 


Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser: A Thorough Comparison

Now that we know what is gas geyser and electric geysers are, along with both advantages and disadvantages, let's dive into a thorough comparison of gas geysers vs electric geysers through a chart so you can easily decide which geyser is best for bathroom.


Gas Geyser 

Electric Geyser  


Tend to be cheaper than electric

More expensive than gas 

Time to Heat 

Takes longer to heat 

Much faster than gas; only takes a few minutes 


Not safe. Could be fatal during a leak

Highly safe. Great for families 

Space Requirement 

In case of a cylinder, requires more space in the bathroom 

Doesn’t need much space 


Short lifespan due to higher risk of damage to the gas burner 

Highly durable; could last up to 10 years


Installation requires professional assistance due to complex process

Easy to install 

Ideal for 

Towns and cities that have frequent power shortages and homes with large families 

All urban homes of all sizes 

By this point in the article, you can answer which geyser is best- gas or electric for your bathroom. Jaquar has a vast collection of high-performing water heaters that are perfect for every type of space. 

If you are still unsure about choosing the right geyser or if you need a new one at all, check out this blog on 5 signs you need a new geyser. You can also get in touch with Jaquar’s team of experts to help with electric geysers vs gas geysers through a virtual consultation.

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