3 handwash sink designs that add luxury to your bathroom

“Cleanliness is a state of clarity, purity and precision.” Neatly organised homes seem to speak for the people who live in it. One of the rooms that require major attention is the bathroom.  It is a room that is often used by guests. Rusty taps, bad odour or bugs can ruin its appeal. It is not just important to keep it sanitary, but also have pleasant handwash sink designs. 


How do handwash sink designs help your bathroom?

A good handwash sink design will not only enhance the beauty of the bathroom but also ensure comfort.  Sticking to a boring white handwash station can make it look bland. If your handwash sink design is well-planned it allows you space to keep important toiletries while complimenting the other elements of your bathroom. Here are some good handwash sink designs that you can try out to bring in a luxurious feel.


  1. Table Top Wash Basin- This is a classic handwash sink design. They are perfect for houses that like the simplicity of a wooden cabinet and the comfort of extra storage. The tabletop handwash sink design compliments muted rugs, golden rustic mirrors and metal handle on the cabinets. When paired with a central hole basin mixer tap, the earthy rugs, towels, cabinets can take you through an experience of minimalistic yet princely beauty. You can also spice it up with a vanilla-scented candle or light some incense sticks and place them in the handwash station.  The calming smell of vanilla and the gentleness of the basin mixer tap allows the user to have a soothing wash. With every face wash, a spa-like feel.


  1. Tabletop/wall hung basin- Next in the list of handwash sink designs is the wall hung basin. This is a great handwash sink design for homeowners that have smaller bathrooms and are looking to make the most out of the space. This can be accompanied by largely printed wallpapers, long and slender mirrors with wooden frames that bring out the purity of a white basin. You can also go for a pillar cock tap to add stately beauty. Pillar cock taps seem feminine because of their structure and stance. Wall hung handwash sink designs also occupy lesser space, so you can attach smaller shelves next to it to keep toiletries or roll up some yellow linen towels. Invest in a small stool with a brightly red/blue coloured cushion to give your handwash station a royal yet modern aesthetic. 


  1. Pedestal washbasin- Pedestal washbasins provide brim with antique beauty. They allow room for a lot of creativity. You can go for brightly coloured wallpapers or printed tiles. Take it up a notch with a wall mixer tap to add more elegance to it. Installing a wall mixer tap leaves no space for guests to feel confused while using your handwash station. Many wall mixers come labelled as “H” for hot and “C” for cold, so they are also user-friendly. These handwash sink designs can be placed around natural ventilation from large windows, paintings, and long vases with indoor plants. 


Other ideas and accessories for handwash sink designs:

  • Install taps that come with rich colour palettes, like antique gold, bronze, copper, matte black etc that can add luxury to your handwash sink design. Make sure the tap also has a flow restrictor for a gentle flow and lesser wastage of water. Basin mixer taps are wonderful additions for people who like to wash their hands and faces in warm water. 

  • Go for wallpapers that are bold if they are not printed and pastel wallpapers if they are printed. If you do not like wallpapers then textured walls too are great ideas that beautify the handwash station.

  • For handwash sink designs, having shelves around the washbasin area can help in its appeal. You can keep scented candles, rolled towels, lotions, perfume etc to bring in more colours.

  • Having small indoor plants or ferns in golden/copper vases can add a royal look to the bathroom.

  • Installing yellow/warm lights brings serenity and calmness to the washbasin.

  • Using stools with cushions of royal colours make your bathroom look luxurious.

  • Your handwash sink designs need not be classic white- Marble textured basins, black basins, patterned basins all add richness to the entire bathroom. 

So now that you know of some of the wonderful handwash sink designs that are available, visit the Queen’s Prime page to see the entire collection and add these beautiful accessories to your bathroom. The inspiration behind this collection of faucets were the royal palaces, courthouses and castles from Britan and Scotland.   A simple faucet change has the power of bringing in a unique blend of imperial and modern beauty.  While beautifying your handwash station, they also keep you and your loved ones germ-free. Place your favourite scented candle, a small indoor plant, a muted linen towel, or a small painting to bring in regalness and princely beauty. Your handwash station can be a form of self-expression now. The slenderness, the gentle flow, rich colour palette, the preferences of the popup waste system and the unmatched warranty of 10 years will make your simple hand wash a royal experience. 



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