Top bathroom plants to freshen up your space

Plants are known to improve the quality of the air wherever they are placed. And while it is common to place them in a living room, bedroom or even a dining room, plants aren’t found in bathrooms as much, even though it’s a good practice to give one a spot in every room.

Bathroom plants not only keep the air fresh but also add a natural and aesthetically pleasing element to the washroom decor. But as is the case with every plant, you must choose according to the climate and amount of sunlight available.

Bathrooms typically do not have a lot of light and have humid and moist conditions. Since not all plants do well in such environments, it’s important to read up on which would make the best plants for bathrooms around your home. We’ve decided to make this one step easier and list the top bathroom plants for your home.
A money plant

One of the most famous kinds of house plants, money plants make for great additions to any home, including the bathroom. There are many plants which are called money plants, like Epipremnum auruem, Pilea peperomioides, which is also known as the Chinese money plant with its rounded leaves, and the flowering Lunaria annua.

A money plant in the bathroom is almost impossible to kill since they require very little sunlight, and its leaves can stay green even when the plant is kept in a dark corner. Many people also choose to keep a money plant in the bathroom because they also believe it to be a feng shui bathroom plant.
A lucky bamboo

One of the best plants for bathrooms is the lucky bamboo plant. This, too, is known as a feng shui bathroom plant and is probably the best shower plant one can have, as it can grow without soil, and requires bare minimum lighting. In order for this plant to take root, all you need to do is put a shoot in a bowl of water, and a few pebbles to help it stay upright. Ensure that you keep the bowl full of water at all times so that it stays hydrated. Place it on a shelf or counter with low lighting.
A fern plant

Ferns grow in places with high humidity and low light, which is most often the environment of a bathroom. This means that ferns thrive as shower plants, and the humidity from taking a daily shower helps to keep it lush and green. With very little maintenance, ferns look beautiful on wooden shelves or on top of cupboards.
Spider plant

As long as a spider plant is kept in a room with a fair amount of sunlight, it will grow. It should not be placed in direct sunlight but should be kept just out of the reach of direct sunlight. Spider plants are also known to remove impurities like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from the air in the moist bathroom environment. They are also easy to take care of, as they need to be watered only once or twice a week, and they tend to grow new buds which can be re-potted to decorate and grow in different parts of the house.


Orchids are some of the most exotic blooms, and since they are tropical plants, they make for great shower plants as the heavy and humid environment of a bathroom is perfect for them to grow. Many fear that these are difficult to take care of, but the trick is to place them on a windowsill. The indirect sunlight will allow it to remain wet and will keep it healthy and alive. A pot of orchids will give any space a beautiful pop of colour and make your bathroom look luxurious.

Peace lily
Peace lilies are beautiful additions as shower plants because their lush leaves and white flowers make a classy statement. But in order to make sure these plants stay alive in a bathroom environment, it’s important to keep it in low or filtered light and to keep the soil at least a little damp. Their leaves also help to filter the air for better quality, making them natural bathroom air fresheners.


A popular bathroom plant is an ivy plant, as it helps to spruce up a shower space. Many have small bathrooms and don’t have the counter space or room on their shelves to keep a potted plant. Ivy can be hung in a pot from the ceiling near a window instead to save on space and will look beautiful with its leaves drooping down to filter sunlight through its green foliage.

Indoor plants for bathrooms are always a good idea since their benefits are so many, and because they add natural beauty to any bathroom. If you’re looking for some luxurious accents and fittings to renovate your bathrooms, visit Jaquar for a selection of premium products.

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