The Best Lighting Picks For Your Bathroom

A bathroom is not just another room. It is the room where we have given our Ted talk to an imaginary audience. We have all shown our acting and dancing skills. We have got ready for our most special occasions and have practised the monologues of our life. As it is where we refresh ourselves to start our day, it is essential to keep it organised and illuminated.

A well-lit bathroom is just as crucial as an adequately illuminated bedroom or a living room. Stepping into a dimly lit bathroom first thing in the morning can negatively impact your mood for the entire day. It will make you feel lazier and make the morning schedule a tiresome process. On the other hand, a bright bathroom can freshen up your mood and start your morning on the right and on a positive note. A bathroom should be constructed in a manner that contains elements of utility and design both. 

Here are some of the best bathroom lighting ideas:


The mirror is the first thing that draws your attention when you walk into your bathroom. It is where we sit and spend a lot of time talking to ourselves, doing our makeup and boosting our confidence.

The sides of your bathroom mirror should have ample lighting to provide illumination to your face when you look into the mirror. When you light up your mirror, you will start your day with enthusiasm. To do so, picking up Jaquar’s LED strip lights are perfect to light up your mirror. You can attach them behind your mirror surface and feel all the glam and glamour like any actress.

Avoid using lighting above the mirror. It can create dark shadows on your face and can be a real bummer when you’re doing your makeup.


Sometimes we put excessive lights around the mirror, and it brightens our face way too much. As a result, we cannot see our original image in the mirror. To address this problem, Jaquar brings forth the task of lighting. They are considered the best lighting for bathrooms. It is placed at eye level on either side of the mirror to provide shadowless illumination. It creates an ideal scenario for makeup application, shaving, and tooth care and so on.

Using dimmer task lighting will help you adjust your eyes early morning and unwind during the nighttime. Also, remember not to use ceiling lights or recessed lights in your bathrooms. They are ineffective and makes you look older in the mirror. You can learn more about task lighting at the Jaquar store and find the perfect fit.


If you are one of those people who want to be decorative and add colours to your bathroom, then you should pick LED batten lights. LED Batten lights are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, cost-effective, produce less heat, are maintenance-free and more durable than fluorescent tube lights.

The best feature of LED battens is that you can choose their colour. Colour temperature plays a vital role while doing your bathroom as it offers you light, which enhances the way you look and boosts your confidence. Any colour you pick is natural and non-flashy, which adds no strain to your eyes. You can easily change the ambience of your bathroom according to your mood. Jaquar provides high-quality decorative LED battens, which are innovatively designed.


You come home tired from the office and want to have a cosy bath that flushes out the stress. If you enjoy their baths and some me-time, you can set the whole vibe of your bathroom by lighting your tub with LED strips. LED strips are perfect for adorning your bathtub. Get that glass of wine, put on the jazz music, get your book and switch on the lights. By using Jaquar’s decorative LED strips, you skip out on the candles. The LED strips can be placed beyond the danger zone. 

One can experiment and even use wall lights in bathrooms; they bring a contemporary art look. It is advisable not to have hanging or recessed lights over the bathtub to avoid injuries. Check out the Jaquar store nearby and choose the lights according to your taste.


If you are looking for clean, shiny modern bathrooms, your go-to lighting should be LED. LED bulbs are perfect for bathrooms as they’re durable, energy-efficient and can provide light in all angles and directions. LED bulbs don’t appear too bright or too dull; they give the perfect clear light that suits our eyes. Since it gives out natural light, you can apply makeup correctly and check the original colour of your clothes.

Jaquar has a plethora of decorative bathroom lights. They provide LED bulbs to LED panels that can be customised as per your needs. To explore different shapes and colours, visit a nearby Jaqaur store


The amount of time you have left your bathroom lights switched on is for sure uncountable. Modern-day stress has made us forget almost everything. However, new technology has found smart lights, which are widely available at the Jaquar store.

These smart lights work as an assistant to human beings. With the help of automated controls, you could simply command your lights to be switched on or off while you are lazing around in your bed. 

Jaquar’s smart lights can be easily connected to wifi or Bluetooth, and it can increase or decrease the brightness at your command. Yes, all of this happens as you are all tucked up in your bed. For more information and designs, check out the jaquar store around you.

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