Small Investments, Massive Upgrades!

We renovate our house every year around Diwali, add new utilities to the kitchen every now and then, bring in a new LCD TV for the living room every few years and change the mattresses in our bedroom frequently. What do we do for our bathrooms? Since the bathroom is the least visible room to others we ignore it in the process of making upgrades to our house. But adding luxury bathroom accessories is actually much simpler than making changes around the house and very often cheaper too. Here are a few changes you can make in your bathroom instantly to completely revamp the look.

1.Change the Faucets

Newer upgrades of your old faucets add far more than just a contemporary look to your bathroom. The right investment like sensor taps, can save you water while offering you convenience to the point that you don’t even have to turn the knob to wash your hands. Which, by the way, is actually very un-hygienic. Dirty hands touch the knob before you wash them, and once you turn it off you end up touching those germs again. Making these little changes goes a long way with your health


If you’re a little low on budget, just change your lights. While looking for luxury bathroom products in India just pick the right lighting to completely elevate the mood of the room without having to change anything major. Go for a fancy wall mount with light bulbs or change your old ones to a different color and notice the difference.

3.Shower Panels

If you haven’t felt the luxury of multi function shower sprays, you’re missing out. Not only do they save you water by creating the effect of a full shower, regardless of the pressure they reinvent your bathing experience completely by offering a range of functions that other showers don’t. For example, you can choose between a normal flow, soft flow or a massage flow depending on your mood; amongst other things.


Just small upgrades can make a massive difference in your bathroom’s look and appeal. When you go looking for Designer bathroom accessories in India, understand that hefty investments aren’t the only way to go. Your bathroom needs upgrades just as often as the rest of your house and you shouldn’t ignore it since it has a direct effect on your health and hygiene, more than any other room.

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