The bathroom would have to be the most underrated room in any household. Right from the simple
act of relieving yourself to having a “Eureka” moment that displaces the course of science, a lot can
happen in the bathroom. When it comes to renovation, we often get started with the bathroom.
Remodeling your bathroom is not just about, aesthetically appealing, glossy tiles, and a bowl of
potpourri to go with it. The very essence of a bathroom lies in its utility. It is about accommodating
sanitaryware and an inviting, warm shower.
A cozy jet stream shower can feel like a warm hug and is a wonderful way to both kickstart as well as
wrap up your day. The best way to complement the most refreshing ritual of your day is by ensuring
you choose the right shower head for your bathroom. One of the most prudent choices you can make
will have to be the air shower- a true all-rounder!
What is an Air Shower?
Leading bathroom fixture manufacturers in India have developed a next-generation device namely
‘Air Showers. It operates on revolutionary green technology and is the complete package when it
comes to sustainable living. The air shower system comes with an in-built aeration unit that
combines air and water, pumps the water droplets in the showerhead with tiny bubbles of air, making
it rather voluminous. The resulting shower stream feels just as soothing and welcoming as any other
type of showerhead.
Benefits of air showers:
Aside from the in-built aeration unit, air showers come equipped with an array of benefits such as:
1) Water-Saving Technology- Studies have shown that in an average household, showers
typically have the third-largest water usage rate after toilets and washing machines. While
striving towards a more sustainable lifestyle has now become the need of the hour, these air
showers come super handy in a bid to give ground to the greater good. Thanks to the in-built
aeration unit, your shower stream that was originally 100% water becomes 70% water and
30% air hence enabling you to reduce your water consumption by one- third.
2) Works in Low Water Pressure Environment: Factoring the population explosion that the
country has been witnessing for quite some time now, citizens have resorted to seeking
residence in skyscrapers and high rise buildings with compact houses stacked one on top of
the other. While a house at a higher altitude does wonders for ventilation and natural light, it
often plays spoilsport in terms of plumbing. The higher the apartment, the harder is it for
groundwater to rise against gravity. Cue, the air shower! Not only can you fix shower leaks
on your own, but this aeration technology is also especially beneficial for those buyers who
are cursed with lower water pressure. The air shower can make for a powerful jet of water
despite low water pressure conditions as it aerates every droplet, hence giving it the
demeanor and feel of a full forced jet of water while in reality, it uses lesser water.
3) Thermo Insulation- While heat flow is an inevitable consequence when two objects of
different temperatures come in contact, these air showers are thermally insulated which
effectively prevents scalding. A form of childproofing you never knew you needed!
4) Soothing Effect- Air showers essentially eject air bubbles trapped in a water droplet giving
the stream a steady flow with wider water coverage at a lesser water consumption rate.
These highly aerated water droplets, upon contact, burst like miniature water balloons,

exploding into a million small droplets giving you a truly refreshing shower experience. The jet
stream stemming from the air shower is light yet forceful leaving behind a calming, massage-
like aftereffect.

5) Healthy Skin- The advanced Rubit technology present in these showerheads ensures that it
remains clean, making it more durable and increasing its longevity. These showerheads are
made of elastic silicon which ensures that harmful minerals that are present in hard water
such as limescale deposits and magnesium are filtered out and do not stick to the surface of
the showerhead. Exposing your skin to this filtered, pure water helps your skin remain supple
and healthy.
So go ahead and have a guilt-free, showering experience without having to compromise on the quality
of the most refreshing ritual of your day- showering. And what’s more, air showers come in a wide
range of hand and overhead showers with both single and multi-flow options!

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