5 Modern luxury bathroom designs with sensor solutions

While designing a home, the bathroom is often the most neglected space. But in reality, there are so many designs you can opt for. When you are spending time in the bathroom you can gather your thoughts and plan your day or destress and unwind after a hectic day. Irrespective of the time of the day, the bathroom gives you your personal space that nobody can invade. So why not spend a little more money while designing this shrine to make it a place that you enjoy? The modern luxury bathroom designs you see today are a combination of style and practicality. 


There are many ways to renovate your bathroom using modern luxury bathroom designs that will make it your own private escape.


An Open Concept Bathroom


An open concept bathroom is a modern luxury bathroom design that opens up into your bedroom. This can make your space feel bigger, brighter and more open. An open concept bathroom goes really well if you have a beautiful scenic view to look out at. Including a window or two in this setting allows you to enjoy the sunset while you unwind during a bath after a long and stressful day. Adding sensor water taps to the basins of modern luxury bathroom designs such as this one could be the first step you take to make your bathroom a smart one. A separate bathtub or a shower enclosure adds to the elegance of this design that makes bathing an experience you look forward to everyday.


Witty and Whimsical


This modern luxury bathroom design is for those who would like to add a whiff of fun and frolic into their daily bathroom routine. A witty and whimsical design of your bathroom may include a piece of art that you look at everyday while you look forward to enjoying your short stay in your bathroom. A hint of bold colors in the bathroom that catch your eye give off the feel that you are someone who isn’t afraid of experimenting in life. You can add a quirky element to your bathroom with fun curios or artwork. Going for a tall boy water faucet instead of the regular water taps is another way of making your bathroom fitting stand out. Even if you wake up tired or groggy in the morning, stepping into this bathroom will help you kickstart your day with the freshness and energy you need.


Rustic yet modern


Usually when you read the word rustic, you are reminded of plain or basic designs. But modern rustic designs include a lot of natural material, with an emphasis on comfort and minimalism. Making the entrance into an aisle with a rug on a wooden floor along with wood tinted vanity closets on one side and a wash basin area with a sensor water tap on the other will make your bathroom a serene habitat. The aisle leads up to your secluded shower enclosure that whisks you away from your busy life.


Vintage Parisian designs


Nothing makes your bathroom stand out as much as following classic Parisian modern luxury bathroom designs. The classic look of such a design follows a monochromatic look with tall wash basin sets and smart tall boy faucets equipped with sensor bathroom solutions. To give your bathroom the real Parisian touch, you can add a gilded mirror to make you feel glamorous every time you get ready.


Floral designs

Bathrooms and floral designs are a match made in heaven. Turn your bathroom into a homage to an English garden with floral wallpaper, flower vases and floral-patterned toiletry sets.. You can even take the extra step by adding potpourri to the mix or lighting up a scented candle to make you feel like you're really in a lush garden. To further embrace the floral look, a marble sink design with contemporary taps is a must-have.


Sensor bathroom solutions to transform your bathroom


Nowadays, the world is looking to turn everything “smart”, so why should your bathroom miss out on this? Sensor bathroom solutions such as sensor water taps allow you to wash your hand without touching the taps and minimizing water wastage. A smart water closet that uses sensor flushes and temperature controlled seats gives you an experience of what bathrooms of tomorrow would feel like. In addition to smart water taps, smart soap dispensers allow users to wash their hands with ease without pushing and tugging at the dispenser’s end.


Installing such smart bathroom fittings and utilizing the designs that have been suggested above will transform your bathroom into the luxurious spot that you look to enjoy.



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