Luxury bathroom accessories: All you need to about Jaquar's Queen's Prime range

Heard of the saying ‘to live life queen size’? Ever wanted to experience the personification of that saying? You can revel in the feeling of royalty right from home.The personality of your house directly reflects the lifestyle that you live. More importantly, you would be surprised to know what a lasting impression your bathroom could leave on yourself and your guests. Every small detail like the model of faucets, sinks and their match with the bathroom decor counts. A bathroom in essence is a true reflection of your personality.

Well, you might be wondering what sets apart an average bathroom from an exquisite, luxurious looking bathroom. It lies in the look and feel, in the taste of picking out the most unique luxury bathroom accessories to give the feel of a fancy bathroom. We at Jaquar have enabled you to do just that with Queen’s Prime from Jaquar, a range of royal and luxury bathroom accessories that are inspired from the Victorian era.

What is Queen’s Prime?

Queen’s Prime is the new range of Jaquar faucets and luxury bathroom accessories from Jaquar. The name might sound familiar as Jaquar invented the very first line of royal bathroom fittings in 1993, called Queens. This Queen’s range of faucets which went on to become a popular hit among the masses and was their immediate choice to redefine their opulent bathing space with royal decor. The 20th century, contemporary style Queen’s range got a modern makeover and has been reborn as Queen’s Prime. The Queen’s Prime range of luxury faucets reflect the grandeur of yesteryear’s contemporary style as well as the simplicity of the modern era. The faucets bear the designs of graceful curves and sleek and slender lines to give a catalogue-bathroom like look. 

What are the Royal Styles of Queen’s Prime and how to incorporate them in your bathroom?

Inspired by the the style of British royal residences, Queen’s Prime’s faucets and fancy bathroom styles come in a variety of modern royal aesthetics, namely:

  • Hampton

  • Balmoral

  • Buckingham

  • Windsor

  • Osborne

Hampton- Taking cue from the Hampton Court Palace which is a royal residence of the British royals in England, this style gracefully marries a lighter palette of wood and pastels with crafted embellishments, metaphorically bridging the past with the present. You could give a modern-meets-vintage look to your bathroom by pairing this style with unique sanitaryware, an oxidised-gold rimmed mirror, wooden cabinets and a nude shade rugs. 


Balmoral- The Balmoral Castle in Scotland, is a private property owned by Queen Elizabeth II and has been one of the most favourite royal residences of the British monarch dynasty. The style statement of this 50,000 acre estate which exudes sublime elegance is directly translated into Queen’s Prime’s Balmoral bathroom settings which fuses softer colors like pastel pink with harder surfaces like granite. You can create this strikingly sweet and soothing bathroom atmosphere by pairing pink undertone wallpaper with rich marble or granite cabinets to create a dreamy, fairytale-like theme. Add a small bathroom plant like a lucky bamboo plant and add a splash of freshness and color to the bathroom. A tissue box and other premium bathroom accessories can be added to get the glam look.


Buckingham- Needless to say, the official residence of the British royal family, the Buckingham palace, stands in all its mammoth grandiose and glory right in the centre of Westminster in London. Inspired by this resplendent royal structure, the Buckingham design of Queen’s Prime range infuses timelessness with a color palette of stately greys, classic browns and earthly green. Give your bathroom this contemporary look by opting for rustic colored tiles, paired with pure white and sleek basins with sharp lines. Install a large vanity mirror and give a touch of nature by placing potted plants near the ventilation. 

Windsor- Another one of the royal families’ residences, the Windsor Castle situated in Berkshire embodies an amalgamation of Victorian and Georgian features redefined in modern style resulting in an architectural marvel. True to its source of inspiration, the Windsor bathroom from Queen’s Prime with its clean lines combined with muted natural tones of young leaves, is classy. A minimalist bathroom style in essence, this look can be recreated by earthy tone paints, large windows and vanity mirrors paired with contrasting decor like long hose taps, dark curtains, jute woven baskets along with wooden flooring to give that truly rustic, natural theme.  

Osborne- Osborne House which was once the royal residence of Queen Victoria was built in the architectural style of an Italian Renaissance palazzo. Almost as if echoing the very style statement, Osborne bathrooms from Queen’s Prime epitomizes the coming together of geometric patterns and the purity of white symbolising the femininity of Queen’s Prime. This glam yet modern and minimalist masterpiece can be created by going for a bold wallpaper with geometric patterns. Go for neutral undertones of cabinets and tiles to pair the wallpaper with. A mighty vanity mirror at the centre of the bathroom will enhance the chic white basin, shiny faucets and elevate the wallpaper patterns.

What’s in store the Queen’s Prime collection

This distinctive range of luxury bathroom accessories from Jaquar faucets includes basin mixers, pillar cocks, wall mixers, diverter, shower and bathtub mixers. The single lever basin mixer is designed with long braided hoses for ease of use and is a trademark Jaquar bathroom tap. Another notable design from the range is the 3-hole basin mixer without popup waste system which is an eye-catcher with its sleek and slender design. This basin mixer is sure to uplift the look and feel of even an average bathroom. The Aquamax thermostatic shower mixer with two separate levers is the best Jaquar bathroom tap for your hot and cold showers. The shower mixer is designed in variations of 2-way and 3-way diverters. Everyone seeks to end the day with a nice calming shower in the bathtub. This Bathtub mixer from Queen’s Prime literally elevates your bathing experience with a sleek and shiny design and a telephone shower arrangement.

Your dream of ‘living life queen size’ could come true by transforming your bathroom and making a majestic style statement with Jaquar faucets from Queen’s Prime. 



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