Solving 5 instant geyser problems that you may encounter

As winter makes progress throughout the country, every Indian home has only one thing on its mind, “hot water showers”. Whether it is before starting off the day or after a tough day’s work, a hot water shower works miracles during winters. The benefits of a hot water bath are numerous. The advantages of a hot water bath must invite you to head into one right now. Unless, you are unlucky that when geyser is not working. Instant geyser problems can make life very difficult especially during winters or if you are someone who prefers hot water baths irrespective of the weather. The working of a water heater is quite meticulous and is covered separately. This blog is a comprehensive guide listing possible instant geyser problems and how to perform geyser repair at home.


  1. Steam arising from the Faucet/Shower

Sometimes, you may be caught off guard when you switch on the faucet or shower and see steam dispensing from it. Such a situation arises when the water in the geyser is boiling hot. If you are facing such an issue, make sure to check the temperature as well as pressure settings. You may need to adjust such valves accordingly so that you can enjoy your next bath hasslefree. If these valves are damaged and geyser is not working properly, please get in touch with a professional at the earliest.

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  1. Noisy Instant Geyser

A noisy instant geyser is one that you would want to avoid at all costs. The noise is usually heard when you switch on the geyser and the water in the instant geyser starts heating up. When your geyser starts rumbling, it may be due to sedimentation and scaling at the bottom of the equipment. Such instant geyser problems’ solution is to flush the geyser periodically. Some parts of the geyser may be rusted and to avoid such situations, you can perform geyser repair at home by cleaning and maintaining the tank well.


  1. Leaking instant geyser

A leaking geyser is easy to identify but may take some time to fix. The severity of the situation depends on the damage done to the valves of the equipment. Such instant geyser problems arise not only due to damage caused to the valve but may also arise due to pressure being built up in the geyser or corrosion to parts of the tank. Your first step to fixing a leaking geyser is to check the temperature-pressure relief valve. This valve is designed to let water loose from the tank when high pressure is built up in it. Another way to fix this issue instantly is to find the faulty valve and fix them. If the leakage does not slow down, then call a professional to take a look at the tank.


  1. Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is subjective to each one’s liking. Water pressure that is too low or too high spoils the bathing experience and you may come out more irritated than you went in. Getting that perfect water pressure during your bath keeps you content and happy. If you are facing such geyser problem, the solution is that you would want to take a look at the pipes that connect the geyser to the faucet or shower. Corrosion, scaling and rusting may cause blockages in the pipes that result in the low water pressure. When performing geyser repairs at home, we recommend occasional cleaning of the pipes that helps in maintaining the geyser.


  1. Geyser Not Heating

One of the most common issues you may face with your instant geyser is not heating enough water or any water. Such an issue may force you to waste time in waiting for another batch of water to be heated or it may result in you having to cut short your bath and not getting enough time to relax. One reason for the problem is that your geyser may be too small in size. The capacity of your geyser plays an important role in the amount of hot water you can use. If your geyser is of a decent size and you are still facing the same issue, you can repair geyser at home by checking parts of the geyser, such as the thermostat, gas pilot and heating valves for faults. Identifying the issue and quickly solving it increases the shelf life of the product.


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That was all about geyser repair at home and how you can troubleshoot minor issues in your geyser so you save money and learn a new skill. Jaquar looks to make sure that you are well aware of the different kinds of water heaters in the market. We have created a guide for you to choose the right water heater and not get disappointed later.



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