Come and Join us at ISH Messe Frankfurt 2017

An introduction to ISH Messe Frankfurt 2017

ISH- The World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies. It is the World’s Biggest Exhibition that covers all aspects of forthcoming building solutions from sustainable sanitation solutions to environmentally friendly ventilation technologies. The main goal for holding this event is to display the combination of water and energy under one roof.

The event will be focusing on the combined topic of water and energy, such as the conservation of resources and the use of renewable energies. Apparently, ISH is the leading trade fair to showcase the sanitation solutions such as the process of sanitation installations, innovative bathroom designs and energy efficient technologies combined with the renewable energies to eco-friendly air conditioning, cooling and ventilation technologies.

Participation of Jaquar at ISH Messe Frankfurt

From visibility to credibility, Jaquar is establishing a presence through this powerful platform for meeting new customers, and reaching out to the existing clientele, and building a more established and reliable brand since this trade fair is standing for growth, continuity, and a successful concept for more than five decades. This event explains a half-century story success.

Jaquar is honored to be a part of such a big event, which is taking place in the city Frankfurt, Germany, showcasing its innovative bathroom designs. More than 2,400 exhibitors, including all the big market leaders around the world, Jaquar will display its latest products, technologies and sanitary solutions onto the world market through this International Trade Fair.

ISH Product Segment

This event is segmented into 3 sections that would help you to know more about the event:

  • ISH Water

This section of the event focuses on sustainable sanitation and innovative bathroom designs for the betterment of the people. Moreover, the world’s biggest exhibition spotlights modern, and high-technology, designed to meet modern needs. As Jaquar offers a wide range of water-saving products, this section can describe about the products that are designed with the revolutionary technology for saving water. Under this section, a display of comfortable, health-promoting, digital, and individual bathroom will be made for the better bathroom experience.

  • ISH Energy

Under this section, trade visitors can see the entire spectrum of innovative building technology. For building-services and energy technology, heating systems in association with renewable energies such as solar thermal energy conversion and biomass is demonstrated to the visitors for the better understanding of people. Under the name of Aircontec, air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation technology is presented to the visitors for a sustainable, and future-oriented solutions.

  • World Of Installation Technology

This is an element linking with ISH water and ISH Energy. Modern plumbing systems, such as modular construction, pipe and connection technology, help saving time and money simultaneously in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Join us at the event

This International  event is taking place at Frankfurt, Germany, so discover the new technologies, products, and solutions that would be onto the big platform at ISH. Most of the trade visitors would be from retail trade, architects, public authorities, and housing & property companies will participate in this event but the largest group of visitors would be from sanitation, heating and air-conditioning installation trade. Save the date:14March-18March’17 and 18 March 2017 would be open for public visitors.

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