Benefits of installing sensor toilet flush

How often do we walk into the restroom of a shopping mall or multiplex or any public bathroom for that matter and cringe at the stench? Or even worse, endured the nightmare of walking into a bathroom that was used and not flushed? Unfortunately, these are common instances in the Indian public restroom scenario. However, in actuality, they are extremely unhygienic and could pose a health risk. This is where the inventive sensor toilet flush comes into play. Sensor technology offers many advantages, making it literally a godsend!

What is a sensor toilet flush?

These are automated sensor valves that don’t require any physical contact to flush after using the toilet. The sensors in the toilet flush valve installed above the cistern, senses motion once the toilet is used and flushes automatically. The sensors capture the heat waves from the body of the person using the bathroom and once they move away, due to the loss of heat, the toilet automatically flushes.

Fully automated toilet

Be it for the luxurious aesthetics or for the convenience, fully automatic toilets are in vogue. Sensor taps, hand driers, sensor walk-in showers are not just featured in commercial backdrops like star hotels, multiplexes and malls, but also in residential bathrooms. People who want the ultimate bathroom experience at home - a place to relax and unwind after a long day, or rejuvenate at the start of the day - opt for toilets that are fully automated. An automatic toilet with a sensor toilet flush does not only impress the user with its sleek designs but is also hugely time saving. They are an added bonus to the bathroom where you would not have to worry about remembering to flush.

Saves water

Manual flushes are a thing of the past due to its arduous flushing process. One has to press the valve several times to make sure it is flushed properly and sometimes when the valve gets stuck, it’s a non-stop whirlpool in the toilet with water gushing incessantly. At pressing times like this when we have to be environmentally conscious, wasting so much water would not be a great choice. With the use of sensor toilet flush, water wastage is minimal as the flush strictly regulates the amount of water used to flush, and it automatically stops every time after it is used.

Great for hygiene and upscaling sanitary conditions

Automatic toilets are a great option for commercial spaces as there is more foot traffic in them than houses. This means thousands of people urinating and excreting in the same toilets. This calls for extreme sanitary measures and workplace hygiene tips as germs and odour emanating from frequent use of the toilets need to be warded off. In a country like India where toilet etiquette is given less priority, it is common to find people forgetting to flush in public toilets. It could be due to fear of touching any dirty objects or just negligence. It is at times like this when a sensor toilet flush becomes the need of the hour. It gets rid of the waste automatically after every use and without any human contact too, cutting down the risk of germs transferring to people and contamination in a post-COVID world.

Contactless toilet

People predominantly have inhibitions using public toilets due to fear of contracting any germs from touching the taps, faucets, flush etc. Especially in post-COVID era when touching surfaces in public spheres causes paranoia, people are going to get increasingly sceptical about public bathrooms. However, an automatic toilet can save the trouble of having to touch the flush valves and eliminate fear of contracting the virus. Usage of sensor flush toilets in public spheres can bring about a revolution in restoring normalcy once the pandemic is past us.

Less wear and tear

Calling the plumber once a year to fix that faulty, broken or a midway stuck toilet flush valve can be forgotten if you decide to switch to a sensor flush toilet. The sensor flush valves are more durable and have a longer lifespan than a manual flush valve, due to less wear and tear. Most of the sensor flushes available in the market are priced economically which suits both commercial and residential budgets. Once you invest in these sensor flush valves, you would save up on those yearly plumbing and maintenance costs as there is zero contact in handling sensor flushes, thereby slashing any chances of wear, tear and damage. Moreover, it would save up massively on water consumption in the toilet.

Though the sensor flushing system is relatively new and unconventional, the many benefits of installing a sensor toilet flush including the prime reason – ease of use – outweighs all the reservations. Visit Jaquar for high quality sensor toilet flushes along with other products like sensor taps, faucets, wash basins etc to give your bathroom the complete automated makeover.

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