What is a Heat Pump || 5 Benefits of Heat Pump in your Bathroom

In the last few decades, technological advancement has reached its peak, and is continuing to make much larger strides in order to make life easier for all of us. Now, there’s a device for almost everything you might need. You can heat your room, search for any information that you want on a device, can operate your home lighting etc.


One such device is the water heater, also known as the geyser. There are different types of geysers, and the most efficient of which has to be the heat pump. What is a heat pump water heater? Basically, it’s a type of water heater that uses the heat in the air to heat the water. This is more efficient than traditional water heaters as the heat pump uses the available heat in the air to heat the water, while traditional water heaters generate heat by using electricity. The efficiency of the heat pump is one of its most significant advantages. 


Now that you know what a heat pump is, it is important to know that there are different types of heat pump that are available. Let’s take a quick look at what they are.


  • Air Source Heat Pump: An air source heat pump uses the heat in the air to provide heating solutions. This is the most commonly used of all types of heat pump.

  • Water Source Heat Pump: A water source heat pump uses water to dissipate the heat. Because of this, using a water source heat pump requires access to a well, lake, or other water body. The water source heat pump system is, therefore, not as common.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump: A ground source heat pump uses the ground to dissipate the heat. Using a ground source heat pump means that there is a lot of effort required in drilling the ground and setting up the heat pump system, and therefore this is not as common either.


Now that you know what a heat pump is, and the different types of heat pumps that exist, let’s look at some of the benefits of having a heat pump system in your bathroom. 


  • Highly efficient


The foremost advantage of using a heat pump is its significantly higher efficiency over the other forms of water heaters that are in the market. All other types of heaters use electricity to generate all the heat that is needed to heat the water. But a heat pump uses the heat in the air, and transfers it into the water. 


This results in significant saving of power, which can be used for other purposes. In fact, it is said that heat pumps are the latest bathroom tech innovation, and can be upto four times more efficient than other heating solutions!


  • They can act as coolers as well


If you know what a heat pump is, then you probably know that it uses the heat in the air to work as a water heater. But there’s another side to this coin as well. Since the heat is being removed from the air, the heat pump can also act as a cooler to the areas in which it is installed!


With a heat pump, it’s like you’re getting two devices in one. You can both heat your water and cool your room at the same time, using no extra power!


  • They can heat a high volume of water at a time

What you probably don’t know about a heat pump is the amount of water that it can heat in one sitting. Heat pump water heaters come with storage capacities of at least 200 Litres! They can often heat more than that in one sitting, depending on the capacity of the heat pump that you buy. 


This, coupled with the heat pump’s efficiency make it an irresistible choice for your home.


  • Ease of installation and maintenance


Another big advantage of buying a heat pump for your bathroom is that heat pumps are relatively easy to install and maintain. Installation of heat pumps can be done very quickly, and since the system uses the ambient heat in the air to heat the water, it uses a lot less power. What this means is that a heat pump is going to be much easier to maintain, and will last longer than other types of heating systems as well.


  • Minimal noise while operating


Another advantage of using a heat pump is that it is designed to make minimal noise while operating. This again leads back to the efficiency of the heat pump in its operation.


Since the heat pump uses minimal energy to heat the water, there is very little noise and heat that is generated from the machine. So, if you’re looking to replace your old heater with a new one, it would make a lot of sense for you to go with a more efficient, less noisy system.


  • All weather comfort


One more advantage of using a heat pump is that it can be used in all weather conditions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be summer when you can use the heat pump. The heat pump needs only minimal energy to operate.


This is one of the bigger advantages of using a heat pump. Since it can be used all year round, and it operates very efficiently, it is an excellent investment for most people.


  • Eco Friendly


One of the biggest advantages of the heat pump is that because it is highly efficient, it is very eco friendly as well. The heat pump works by using the heat in the atmosphere and transferring it to the water, and requires only a limited amount of power to run.


Therefore, if you’re conscious about the environment, a heat pump is the way to go for you!


  • Durability


Another advantage of using the heat pump is that because it is very efficient, it is also extremely durable. The maintenance of the heat pump is also very easy, and doesn’t take much effort as well.


Because of this, what you’re getting is a highly efficient, long lasting, noiseless water heaters that can double up as room coolers as well!


From the above points, it can clearly be seen that heat pumps are the future of water heating solutions. While heat pumps might be expensive to purchase and install, the savings you make in terms of power will outweigh the cost at one point. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these heat pumps and buy one for your house today!


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