Bathroom Trends 2021: Enhance Your Healing Station This Year!

With easy access to social media like Instagram and Pinterest where you can find endless ideas to spark inspiration on home and bathroom decor, it becomes essential that you update your style of habitat regularly. The bathroom trends 2021, curated by designers and architects is currently hijacking all homeowners interests and you should take a look at it too if you are planning for small bathroom renovations soon!


As we all know, the bathroom is typically your healing station where you can unwind and wash away your day’s stress. It also serves the purpose of kickstarting your day with joie de vivre and a refreshing morning shower. Hence carving your bathroom according to bathroom trends 2021 can make it your ultimate healing station. Here are some of the modern bathroom designs and concepts that are in vogue:


Backlit mirrors


Backlit LED bathroom mirrors find the top spot in bathroom trends 2021. Be it big or small bathroom renovations, most of the homeowners change their bathroom mirrors to uplift the look and feel. Switching from a boring ol plain wooden framed rectangular mirror to a backlit LED bathroom mirror can immediately elevate the posh meter of your bathroom by giving the back wall a soft, embossed look. It can also serve as a nightlight when dimmed.



Smart toilets


With the pandemic still the vortex of concern for people it is imperative to have contactless toilets at home, especially if you have guests visiting regularly. By leveraging technology you can completely transform your bathroom into a smart one. I-flush from Jaquar, an amalgam of technology and timeless design is a sensor based flushing that flushes automatically based on motion sensor. This coupled with sensor taps for the washbasins can quirk up the look of your bathroom. These would be a long-term investment due to minimal manual handling, daily wear and tear. Saves you the maintenance cost!




Nothing compares to the luxury of coming back home to your own cocoon of whirlpool. Gone are the days when bathtubs were only for large and spacious bathrooms. Installing a space-savvy whirlpool can be life changing. Easing into the warm water and relaxing as the jet pulse can give even the most exhausting day a happy ending. It ensures maximum functionality as it can be fitted into even smaller bathroom spaces and requires very little water to fill up. The modern bathroom design truly reinvents the look of your bathroom. You can go for a more traditional look by choosing an oval shaped pool with rolled decks or you can go for a more contemporary choice like the Linea Duo or POP range.



Shower Panels

Any list about bathroom trends 2021 that doesn’t feature shower panels is incomplete. Gone are the days of drab ‘stand under the knob till you’re done’ kind of showers. You can now integrate with your bathrooms, multi function, hydrolite or air and body showers. There’s a shower for every mood. However, make sure you purchase showers with thermo insulation to prevent scalding. Modern showers also feature the Advanced Rubit Technology. This technology keeps showers clean and increases their longevity. The spray jets on the showers are made such that they ensure that no deposits stick to the shower face- Keeping your showers clean and hygienic at all times with minimal care. Jaquar shower panels that come in various colours and textures like infinity black, infinity white, glossy and stainless steel finish can be your go-to modern bathroom design.



Warm colours and Graphic wallpaper


Sprucing up your bathroom with a fresh coat of paint in a refreshing tropical hue or a sublime muted hue can give your bathroom new character and life. You can align your bathroom colour to suit your personality. However the top colours in bathroom trends 2021 are warm, tropical shades of yellows, greens, peaches and beach blues. Wrap your bathroom walls with modern bathroom wallpaper like bold boho patterns and geometric prints to go along with the bright colours.


Elegant Lighting


Who said the lights are just for the bedroom? Lights in the bathroom too set the mood. Various light colours indicate various moods. Red is known to add a little romance and blue is for calming down your body after a tiring day at work. You can always go for multi color or multi purpose lights and choose according to the situation at hand. Ambient soft lighting is essential for creating a relaxing tempo.





Bathrooms are the place in the house where convenience, functionality and utility matter the most. It is the one place where you should make no compromises. If you’re remodeling the house this year, make sure you keep the bathroom trends 2021 in mind as the tips are not just for bathing your body, they’re for relaxing and rejuvenating your spirit.

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