5 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximise Space

Your bathroom is the place you truly wake up every day after a splash of water on your face and a warm soothing shower. It is the first thing your mind comprehends, even before dwelling on the intricacies of everyday life. So, it is not just recommended but also crucial that your bathroom serves as an orderly place that can be brought by with proper storage and organisation. You may think you need to have a large bathroom with plenty of storage space. But, all you need is some handy bathroom storage ideas that can make your life easy.


Top Bathroom Storage Ideas You Must Try

There are multiple bathroom organisation ideas that you can implement into your bathroom to keep it neat and tidy. In this article, we specifically discuss storage ideas that you can try in a bathroom of any size. Let’s jump right into our list of top 5 bathroom storage ideas to maximise space:


  1. Storing Towels in Bathroom

The first impression of an unorganized bathroom is towels lying willy-nilly. When you don’t have storage racks, make use of the vertical space in your bathroom and install a towel rack for storing towels in the bathroom. You can install them on the opposite end of your shower to prevent them from soaking. We also recommend adding a towel rack beside your sink to keep the hand towel and bath towels separate. 


2. Bathroom Organiser Shelf

You don’t need a master bathroom to be able to store everything properly. All you need is a tiny corner! Install a floor-to-ceiling shelf that can hold all your essentials in one place. You can install doors or leave the cupboard open, at your convenience. Complement this bathroom organizer shelf with a shower tray near your shower area for easy access to daily essentials. This bathroom storage idea will allow you to display only the necessary items while keeping your occasional toiletries hidden safely. 

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3. Under-Sink Storage Idea

One of the most underrated storage areas in a bathroom is the under-sink area. It not only allows you to create storage but also hides away the otherwise unappealing plumbing of a sink. There are several under-sink storage ideas that you can incorporate into your bathroom, including adding a little cubby to store towels, medicines, bath products, and much more. If you have budget constraints or are unable to store a cubby, you can install organiser trays to store your essentials. You can also try Pinterest-worthy and practical small bathroom storage ideas like a lazy susan, tool organiser, and stick-on hangers to easily organise your toiletries under the sink.


4. Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas

By now, you must have figured out that we love vertical space! In a room where most parts are fixed, you have little space to think horizontally, but walls are your best friends here. You can hang basket shelves beside the mirror to store hand towels, lotions, toothbrushes, and more. The sleekest and most practical space-saving bathroom storage idea that we swear by is installing toilet accessories like soap holders, brush holders, and soap dispensers. These tiny accessories make your bathroom stand out and ensure that you don’t have any such toilet essentials lying around carelessly. These bathroom storage ideas save your sink area from looking cluttered. 


5. DIY Bathroom Organisation Ideas

If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and implementing your own bathroom organisation ideas, we have got you covered with some of the best ones! Use adhesive hooks to create your own set of cloth hangers, repurpose an old bar stool to store magazines or hampers, store bathroom utilities like cotton, Q tips, and toothbrushes and neatly organize them in mason jars or cups that suit your bathroom design. But, the most important DIY small bathroom organisation idea is to keep all your toiletries where they belong after you are done using them. This is crucial for small bathrooms where space is already limited. And, if you can do with keeping certain products outside the bathroom, there is nothing like it! 

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These bathroom storage ideas will surely help you make the best use of your bathroom space. Whether you have a master bathroom or a half bathroom, organising it well will help you maintain it easily and ensure that you start every day with a smile on your face. Check out a wide range of bathroom accessories by Jaquar for an organised and stylish bathroom, all under your budget!

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