Towel Rack 600mm Long

  • Range : Continental
  • Code : ACN-CHR-1181S
Description : Towel Rack 600mm Long with Lower Hangers, Stainless Steel

Towel Rack for Bathroom

Wet towels will cause a mess in your room, that's for sure. But buying a towel rack for your bathroom can make things easier. Getting a towel rack is important since it helps in hanging towels in an organized manner. You can even hang your clothes which you’ll wear after your shower. It can even act as a soap case for your bathroom to avoid cluttering of your essentials. 

What makes Jaquar’s towel rack unique?

Many reasons why customers trust the Jaquar towel rack is because of its eccentric features. Some of them are:

- Durability

- Aesthetic looks and colours

- Extra storage and spacious especially for small bathrooms

- Matches with your home decor and other bathroom accessories

- Easy installation

- Portable

- Adds quality up to your interior

Which are the best colours for your Tower Rack?

The best part is that you can choose from the various colour ranges that Jaquar offers in order to match the vibe of your bathroom. These charming colours include:

Chrome- For subtle colours and will match perfectly with simple colours like light blue, white or grey

Antique Bronze- If you want to give it a vintage look, then this colour is for your bathroom and you.

Black Chrome- A dynamic colour for sophisticated yet simple bathrooms.

Gold Dust- Add a spark of royalty and vibrance with this colour of towel rack.

Full Gold- Unlike the Gold Dust, Full Gold will look charming dark coloured bathrooms. It will blend charmingly if you have a wooden interior too.

Graphite- An all time friendly colour that matches with warm and cool shades.

Antique Copper- This colour of towel rack will blend elegantly with your bathroom.

White Matt- A trending colour that brings in a polished and glossy touch to your bathroom.

Stainless Steel- If you are looking for durability and a traditional look, then you can opt this colour for long lasting use.

Still indecisive to know the best colour for your bathroom? You can get a complete bathroom solution and find the aesthetic that matches your vibe completely. Do have a glance at bathroom renovation ideas to spark up your interior.

To know more about towel racks for your bathroom and various other accessories, visit our Jaquar website!