Types of Lamps in India to Spruce Up Your Home

Types of Lamps
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February 20, 2023

While our homes are the place of our comfort, one aspect that truely makes them special is the lighting inside. The lighting of a place will actually control your mood to an extent. For example, a study light is focused and makes sure to properly light up a particular area. However, when you go to sleep, you’d need something that’s mild and almost lulls you to sleep. Likewise, there are multiple different types of lamps in India that can spruce up your home. And here, we have segregated based on light sources and placement. So, let’s dive in to understand them.

List of Types of Lamps in India

Based on Light Sources 

  1. Incandescent Lamp
  2. Halogen Lamp 
  3. Fluorescent Lamp
  4. Compact Fluorescent Lamp
  5. LED Lamp

Based on Placement

  1. Ceiling Lights 
  2. Table Lamp
  3. Overhead Lamp
  4. Floor Lamp 
  5. Wall Lamp

Based on Lighting Aesthetics 

  1. Buffet Lamp
  2. Arc Lamp
  3. 3D Moon Lamp
  4. Tripod Lamp
  5. Torchiere Floor Lamp
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Types of Lamps: Based on Light Sources

If you are keen on choosing a lamp depending on how the light source is, then this list is perfect for you. These types of lamps in India are not just decorative, giving an aesthetic punch to your rooms’ vibes but also help switch your mood to a more pleasant one.

1. Incandescent Lamp

The incandescent lamps tend to glow in a warm yellowish tone as electric current passes.  Due to their yellowish and warm tone, they are ideal for desk lamps, hallway lights, table lamps, closet lighting, and also chandeliers. These light bulb types are easily dimmable and act as a colour standard that is considered when measuring other lamps.

2. Halogen Lamp 

These types of lamps in India are mainly used in under-cabinet lighting, work lights, and automotive headlamps. Halogen lights are for studying working and doing things that need attention and focus as opposed to incandescent ones. Halogen lamps tend to be more energy efficient and there is an increasing demand for them throughout. They are also used as searchlights or floodlights to find things from a distance.

3. Fluorescent Lamp

These types of lamps in India provide light from a large bright surface instead of a small source. They are commonly used to light up offices, classrooms, hallways, retail stores, and cafeterias. Moreover, they are ideal for other commercial purposes like hotels, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, warehouses and more. Fluorescent lamps are energy-efficient thereby being an ideal pick for commercial industries.

4. Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Compact fluorescent lamps are ideal for residential purposes. They provide almost shadow-less lighting and can fit into sconces, table lamps and ceiling lights. The fluorescent light bulb types are the ones that use less energy than conventional light bulbs and thereby produce lesser greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, it’s one of the most energy-efficient light bulb types in India.

5. LED Lamp

LED lamps are primarily known for their energy efficiency thereby enabling industries to choose LED lights in bulk. Imagine how much you’d save using it at home. Not just that, LED lamps provide ample lighting while being environmental-friendly. They also act as types of lights used in interiors. You can use them as accent details, to highlight and decorate a particular room or section of a room and more. Simply put, these types of lamps don’t just act as excellent focus lights but also as a great decor element!

These were the different types of lamps with different light sources and their applications. Now, let’s look at the other types of lighting fixtures that you can look into depending on placement.

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Types of Lamps: Based on the Placement

When decorating your house, you’d definitely want to look at the placement of lights. Light sources from different angles also impact your mood. You’d not cherish an LED light falling to your face from above especially when you are going to sleep. Hence, this guide here talks about the different types of lighting that you’d need depending on your room thereby making the space more conducive to its purpose.

1. Ceiling Lights

Ideal for living rooms, ceiling lights help bring more liveliness to the room. It’s best for spaces that include a lot of gathering of people to bring warmth and more brightness. It also has the potential to accent as accent lights with the right colour to set the mood. Decorative ceiling lights are great for common hallways as they ensure uniform lighting in space while taking up less space and energy.

Also, there are different types of ceiling lights that help bring different aesthetics to your rooms. They are light ambient lightings whose ceiling lights can be dimmed to ensure mild yet uniform lighting. Moreover, these lights can be great lighting ideas for kitchen as there would be lights all over without actually bothering your eyes much.

2. Table Lamp

One of everyone’s favourites is the table lamps at home. Essentially, these types of lamps are not just to illuminate a room or a particular area but also to add to the room’s decor. They are the types of lights used in interiors also depending on the designs and the type of light source.

Moreover, these types of lights for home cater to tasks like studying, reading, working on the computer, etc. Again, the usage of table lamps depends on the lamp’s design.

3. Overhead Lamp

Overhead lamps are a type of floor lamp that has an arched design. If you place them in the corner of your living room, because of their overhead design, they will be able to provide ample soothing lighting in the middle of your sofas, too. Typically, they are large in size to make space for the arch. Sometimes, light from a corner lamp might not spread to the other corner. This is where these types of lamps come in handy. While normal floor lamps provide a soothing vibes to the room and only some light in the nearby space, overhead lamps provide uniform lighting while maintaining a smooth effect. Also, they can be used to try out great over dining table lighting ideas and let you have an enjoyable meal with your loved ones. 

4. Floor Lamp

As said earlier, floor lamps can prove instrumental in trying out the best lighting ideas for living room, especially, when you are quality time with your family and having an interesting discussion at night. The light of these lamps is enough for when you are not reading or working. They also have the capacity to lull you to sleep when used for a long. Hence, a lot of people turn on smooth lights when it turns dark outside to encourage the habit the sleeping early. 

5. Wall Lamp

Wall lamps are the types of lighting fixtures that make a room look brighter and make the atmosphere pleasing. Moreover, when positioned correctly on walls with pictures or artwork, these wall lamps actually enhance your room’s decor. Now, there are different types of lighting for wall lamps for interior decor- you can go for multiple small ones like sconces to make the wall itself an attraction or a medium-sized yellowish light that can act as an added accent.

Moreover, you can also use wall lamps near your bed instead of table lamps. They are fixed and won't take up space on your nightstand. Now, let’s look at the types of lamps in India that actually focus on amping up your home interiors.

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Types of Lamps: Based on the Lighting Aesthetics

Let’s look at the different lighting ideas for living rooms, kitchens, dining, and bedrooms that can actually boost your interior styles. These different types of lamps add on not just through lighting but their designs as well. So, let’s dive in.

1. Buffet Lamp

The buffet lamps are also called candlesticks owing to their shape and design. They offer a sense of elegance and are ideal for living rooms. You can place them on top of medium-sized chests and top them off with a small photograph stand and a few books. Buffet lamps ensure a pleasant ambience in the room that can actually set the mood for some deep connections, movie night and the like.

Moreover, you can also place these types of lamps on dressers, side tables, desks, and bedroom tables to experience their pleasant essence. Of course, they can be great bedroom lamp designs to make the setting calmer.

2. Arc Lamp

Arc lamps are just like overhead lamps but with a finer design. They act as decorative lights for living room, providing not only a soothing ambience but also uniform lighting. It also helps you read and study peacefully. When it comes to aesthetics, you can also keep the nearby wall colours light and add just a couple of photographs in a similar colour tone. This would make the space a smooth corner for guests to catch up or to read and watch a film.

Moreover, you can place the arc lamp behind the sofa- which is a common practice because of its focus on the centre of the sofa sets. You can also choose to place it next to a corner desk or beside your TV. Don’t limit this beauty only to living rooms- you can place them in your dining room as well as use them to experiment with few impressive over dining table lighting ideas. You can enjoy your meal while also maintaining a pleasant ambience all over. Of course, the best practice is to place it at the corners so as to let it drop the focus on something where people gather.

3. 3D Moon Lamp

These are the types of lamps in India that serve as great bedroom lamp designs. Also, they are used commonly in bedrooms or personal rooms. They have a soft light and you can change the colour of the light easily to change the vibe of the room. Depending on the product, you can choose between, yellow, white, green, red, multicolour, etc.

4. Tripod Lamp

Talking about designs and types of lights used in interiors, tripod lamps are ultimate statement makers! It’s ideal as a functional light as well as an atmospheric light. It allows you to peacefully read your book, and have a coffee while watching your favourite shows on Netflix. Like other floor lamps, it’s best to place it behind a sofa in the corner and near a window. It looks appealing with the right placement and supporting design elements like a vase with a green plant on a side table and neutral curtains.

5. Torchiere Floor Lamp

Before highlighting the best use of floor lamps, let us take you through what a torchiere lamp is. It’s a type of floor lamp that ensures indirect lighting. It contains a reflecting vessel that lets the light go upwards. This way, it makes the room light up but no direct light hits the eye. This is ideal for the living room as it has an aesthetic touch to it. You can also use this floor lamp in your dining area.

6. Smart Table Lamp

This type of table lamp is great for studying because it offers a variety of colour temperatures and brightness levels to choose from. It usually also has a USB charging port and a sleek, modern design.

7. LED Desk Lamp

This type of lamp has a unique design that helps reduce eye strain and offers a wide range of brightness levels. It also features a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the light output to the surrounding environment.

8. Rechargeable Table Lamp for Study

A rechargeable table lamp for study offers the convenience of not being tethered to an outlet. It's an eco-friendly option that can be used for several hours before needing to be charged again.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps not only provide a warm and soothing glow, but they also have air-purifying properties that can help improve the air quality in your study space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your aesthetic.

10. Edison Bulb Lamp

An Edison bulb lamp is a great study lamp for students as it can add a warm and rustic touch to your study space. Look for lamps with exposed filament bulbs and a simple, minimalist design.

11. Wooden Study Lamp

A wooden study lamp can add a natural and organic feel to your study space. Look for lamps made from sustainably sourced wood and with a simple and sleek design.

12. Geometric Table Lamp

A geometric table lamp can add a modern and sophisticated touch to your study space. Look for lamps with geometric shapes and clean lines.

13. DIY Mason Jar Lamp

DIY mason jar lamps are easy to make and provide a unique and rustic charm to any study space or room. All you need is a mason jar and a small LED Bulb to create one your

14. Adjustable Swing Arm Lamp

Adjustable swing arm lamps are one of the best study lamps for students as they offer both functionality and style, with a classic and timeless design. They provide versatile and adjustable lighting, allowing you to direct the light wherever you need it.

15. Nature-Inspired Lamp 

Nature-inspired lamps offer a natural and organic aesthetic, with elements such as wood or stone incorporated into their design. These lamp lights for study can create a calming and peaceful environment for studying, bringing the outdoors inside.

16. Floor Lamps 

Floor lamps offer a versatile and portable lighting option that can be easily moved around to illuminate different areas of your study space. They come in a variety of styles and designs to suit any decor.

17. Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are specifically designed for study and workspaces and provide focused lighting for reading and writing. They often feature adjustable arms and brightness settings.

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6 Best Room Lighting Ideas with Lamps

Now that you know all about the different types of lamps in India, let’s begin to explore how to actually style your room with other types of lights as well. Ultimately, you will come to a home whose aura washes your fatigue and discomfort away. Here are a few lighting ideas for living room, kitchen, dining room and bedroom!

1. Decorate your Bed’s Headboard with String Lights

While table lamps are quite common, you may want to consider something new. Yes, what about string lights all around your headboard? If you don’t have a headboard, use the wall behind it for further lighting. Using such soothing lights around the headboard allows you to reach your books without any shadows cast on them. It also avoids throwing lights directly at your eyes as you’d be looking at the opposite side.

Moreover, this style gives the entire room a pleasant tone that anyone would love to be in. It’s not just for inducing sleep but also to actually have a fun conversation or get-together with your close friends!

2. Don’t Ignore the Bedroom Wall

While some may already have some design elements on your bedroom walls, why not top it off with some pleasant lights? Wall lamps with the torchiere style that doesn’t hurt the eye or even the good old string lights! If you choose the lighting styles carefully, you will be able to set an entirely different tone to the room. A bedroom needs to be conducive for sleep and comfort. Hence, no harsh lights- if you want to add study lamps, it better be a table lamp as it will focus on only one part of the room.

3. A Soothing Floor Lamp in the Living Room’s Corner

These types of lamps in India are perfect for living rooms as mentioned above. Your living room also needs a soothing lighting option. You may use ceiling lights or arc lamps in your living room when doing some work or something that needs enough light to concentrate. But sometimes, during a movie night or anything calming, you’d need to dim it to something soft and easy on your eyes. And this is where the floor lamps come in.

4. Pendant Lamps for Dining Fine

Pendant lamps are the best pick when it comes to dining room designs. They allow your meal to be the focus from above and just make it super conducive to dining. They generally hover over a table or counter. These types of lamps act as great lighting ideas for kitchen counters too! Pendant lamps are the smartest ways to illuminate more space in a room.

5. Bulb Lights all Around your Wall Mirror

When you get ready in your bedroom, why not use a mirror that’s well-lit on its frame? You can place this near your closet and dresser where you can check yourself out before heading out. They are also surprisingly soothing yet bright as they focus on the person looking at the mirror. So, instead of some plain simple lighting that may hit your eyes too brightly, you can experiment with a creative style like this.

6. Lighting Sconces

Wall sconces are light holders placed on walls. You can place any lights there as long as you are able to fix them into it. They can be an added style to your walls, especially with photographs!

So, here were all the different types of lights for home decor that you can implement to amp up the home decor game!

Now that you have learnt about the different types of lamps in India, it’s time to try out some really impressive lighting ideas to brighten up your living space using Jaquar lighting solutions. Get in touch with our team today! 

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