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Flush Valves: Find the perfect toilet flush valve for your bathroom

With the ever-changing and evolving world, our bathrooms have evolved too. From simple taps and minimal mechanics to the rich and relaxing experience, our bathrooms have now become a stress-relief zone. 

On the other hand, toilet flushing systems have evolved over time and even an insignificant feature matters a lot. Most of the time people don't pay attention to the flush in their bathroom and let the mechanic choose it for them, but the lack of awareness of a proper flush system could lead to a variety of problems and you might just end up compromising on hygiene. That’s why Jaquar has designed the perfect flush valves with a multitude of options to choose from. Maybe you should say bye to the problems coming in the future. Visit the Jaquar website to know more about Flush Valves and concealed flush valves.

Features Of Toilet Flush valve:

1) Water Conservation:

Water conservation is one of the most important aspects of today's world. In a time where water has become more than just priceless, Jaquar is working towards introducing water-conserving solutions and eco-friendly products. Jaquar's toilet flush valve is the perfect choice to fulfil the needs and save water simultaneously. 

2) Modern Technology:

Keeping up with trends and keeping in mind your comfort,  Jaquar does it best. We have created the smoothest and most efficient working flush valves with the latest updated technology. Jaquar even comes with a variety of concealed flush valves that makes your bathroom look unique yet aesthetic.

3) Unique Designs:

Prioritizing wellness, Jaquar spends a lot of time perfecting the interior keeping in mind what you enjoy aesthetically as well. We provide a range of unique designs and styles in line with comforts and basics of needs. Jaquar has a number of options for you to choose from and find your perfect fit.

4) Easy to install:

We know that installing a toilet flush valve can be quite hectic, and they take up a lot of your time. We know that your time is precious and the most basic of your needs shouldn’t be so hard to take care of. That’s why Jaquar believes in quick and hassle-free toilet flush valve installation that makes the experience seamless.  If you have any issues with installation you can contact us for further assistance.


Jaquar Flush Valve

Regular Flush Valve

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Extra Spacious


Types of Flush Valves that Jaquar offers:

Metropole Flush Valve (Regular):

A unique concealed flush valve design that makes your bathroom look flawless with Exposed Shut Off Provision. The amazing design offers a high range of beautiful and modern colours so you choose your perfect fit.

Flush Valve Complete:

The unique flush valve with 32mm Size Control Cock with Elbow Set & Wall Flanges in regular size fulfills your flush needs and gives your bathroom a sophisticated and elegant look.

Remote Operated Flush Valve:

Remote operated Flush valve is a high-tech toilet flush valve with operating lever assembly and 32mm size control that will make your bathroom stand out from the crowd. 

Metropole Flush Valve Dual Flow:

As the name suggests, the Metropole flush valve dual flow gives you the double flow as compared to the regular one in an affordable range. A concealed flush valve with the size of 40mm. With Exposed Shut Off Provision & 100mm Square Plate will make your bathroom look alluring and royal. 

Metropole Flush Valve Dual Flow:

Another concealed flush valve with a unique design of Rectangular Dual Flush Plate (ABS Chrome Plated) in 40 mm size with  Concealed Shut Off Provision. This again comes in various colours that go perfectly with your toilet interiors.

Don’t hesitate before buying the royal range of Jaquar's flush valve at an affordable rate, so you too can rejuvenate yourself while feeling like a King. Jaquar provides a complete solution for your bathroom that not only fulfils the need but also makes your bathroom unique and flawless.

We at Jaquar prioritizes the care of costumes as the very first criteria to be fulfilled. Knowing that you can rest easy and worry not, as it’s already done for you. The perfect flush valves are waiting for you. 

A flush valve may sound negligible but contrary to that, they play a huge role in maintaining the bathroom. Why compromise one of your main assets? You can also know more about how to blend your toilet components with bathroom designs.