Small Investments, Massive Upgrades!
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We renovate our house every year around Diwali, add new utilities to the kitchen every now and then, bring in a new LCD TV for the living room every f...View More
Rejuvenate Your Personal Healing Station – Bathroom!
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A long warm water shower after an exhausting day at work is so healing it could resurrect the dead. Your bathroom is a stress-free zone, from the mome...View More
Bathroom Trends 2021: Enhance Your Healing Station This Year!
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With easy access to social media like Instagram and Pinterest where you can find endless ideas to spark inspiration on home and bathroom decor, it bec...View More
Jaquar – Proudly Made In India For The World!
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Having faith in yourself is the key to success and it can lead you to win any world! Ever since our liberation and even before that, we have believed ...View More