What is a Bidet and a Bidet Toilet Seat? 5 Reasons To Buy Them

Have you ever wondered what a bidet is and why so many people in western countries use them? Bidets can be defined as specialised bathroom fixtures that one uses to clean themselves. In fact, these intelligent contraptions have been around for over 300 years and have taken many shapes and forms over the years. 


What is a Bidet? 

Traditionally, bidets are separate porcelain fixtures that are placed near a standing WC. One may have mistaken these as a very short hand wash but that’s definitely not the case. If you are wondering how to use bidets, particularly this kind, then here’s the answer. You would need to do your business in a regular WC and shift to the bidet to wash. While these types of bidets help maintain toilet hygiene, they can be awkward to use if you aren’t familiar with it. 


Now that you know what is a bidet in the traditional sense and what is a bidet used for, let’s discuss what is a bidet toilet seat. 


What is a Bidet Toilet Seat? 


Over the past 300 years, we have come a long way with the reinvention of the bidet. A bidet toilet seat is basically a high-tech WC that combines the benefits of a bidet with a regular WC to give you the best of both worlds, without having to get up from your seat. 


Not just that, these high-tech commodes give you many additional features too like temperature control, a remote to change water pressure, and automatic sensors. Owing to its high-tech capabilities, bidet toilet seats are often synonymous with smart toilets. 


But what is the benefit of using a bidet, you must wonder. Here are 5 reasons you should buy a bidet toilet seat for your home! 


5 Reasons to buy a Bidet Toilet Seat 


1. Improves Toilet Hygiene 

Using a bidet can improve your toilet hygiene as it removes the need for toilet paper or jet sprays. For those who can’t or don’t know how to use jet sprays, smart bidets ensure a hands-free experience and are easy to navigate for everyone. 

2. Limits the Spread of Germs 

Because the entire process of using a bidet toilet seat is self-contained, they help limit the spread of germs across your entire bathroom. Overall, bidets can help keep your bathroom cleaner and more hygienic.  


3. Enhances your Overall Bathroom Experience

 While answering the question, what is a bidet used for, particularly a smart bidet, the obvious answer is that it enhances every bathroom experience. A bidet toilet seat allows you to have the best possible experience by washing and cleaning you well, with just the push of a button. It ensures that your comfort comes first while ensuring utmost hygiene. 


4. Good for the environment 

Because these types of bidets reduce the need for toilet paper, they are significantly better for the environment. Certain smart bidets also come with sensors that can help prevent water leaks. 


5. Gives you complete control of temperature and pressure

Most smart bidet seats nowadays give you complete control over the temperature of the water, the pressure as well as how much wind to blow in order to keep you dry. This ultra-smart benefit is one of the best reasons why you should fit your bathroom with an electronic bidet seat. 


Jaquar Bidspas

Jaquar brings you the ultimate electronic WC/bidet seat with its premium Bidspa collection. This Bidpsa range is the best addition for your next bathroom makeover because of the following features:


  • This slim shaped integrated one piece toilet has a powerful flushing system & minimal noise, making it ideal for residential spaces. 
  • It also comes with a smart wireless remote controller that makes it easy to operate
  • The smart toilet also has an adjustable spray, position, water pressure, temperature & oscillation functions, allowing you to customize every bathroom experience. 
  • The lid of bidspa opens automatically when approaching the toilet. After usage, the lid closes automatically ensuring hygiene each time.
  • Built-in Foot sensor senses presence at a close distance & opens the seat automatically aiding to a touch free experience.
  • Built-in high efficiency temperature sensor enables precise water temperature control according to the user.
  • Smooth & curved spray arm with UV sterilization is an ultimate hygiene feature.
    Curved design ensures fresh water spray. After the user leaves, 10 seconds later UV function auto activates after an eradication cycle of 3 minutes to ensure anti-bacterial and clean bidet function.
  • This device also comes with an air drying function that allows users to dry after the use of the water spray with 3 levels of intensifying drying functions. This helps you stay environment-friendly and promotes the touch-free experience. 
  • Smart deodorization keeps the air fresh all the time. Cold catalyst deodorization technology makes deodorization more efficient. It helps to maintain a fresh comfortable air atmosphere.


Learn more about Jaquar Bidspa’s features, functions, and how to use bidet today! 


Now that you know about the best bidets in the market, are you ready to fit your bathroom with this incredible modern bathroom idea yet? Still unsure? Get in touch with Jaquar’s team of experts through a virtual consultation today! 

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