The truth behind saving with led lights?

The lighting of a place plays a prominent role in contributing to the aesthetics of the space. Proper lighting makes a big difference in your home decor. Imagine you got your dream house newly constructed or renovated but still have halogen or fluorescent lights, which are dimming your house from shining in all its grandeur. This way, improper lighting might take away all the glory and beauty from your dream house, which you have always visualised.

If you haven’t yet lit up your home with the LEDs, then now is the time! You might be interested in knowing how this alternate effective lighting medium is the future of lighting and how you can contribute your bit towards electricity conservation and take a step towards a greener tomorrow. 

We recommend you sit with a pen and paper and note down the things we ask to calculate how much money along with the energy you can save in the long run by replacing your luminaries with the LED lights from the house of Jaquar Lighting!

When should you consider switching to LED lights?

  • If you are running your lights for a longer duration switching to LED lights is a sensible call. But, even if their usage is for a shorter duration, these lights are a better choice over conventional lights as they come with extended life.
  • When you want to promote the welfare of the environment switching to LED lights can be your first step. LED bulbs are known to use 50% less energy than traditional fluorescent and halogen lights.
  • If you are looking for an environment-friendly and safer alternative, we suggest you pick LEDs. Sans any toxic materials, these can be recycled and reused as compared to their halogen alternative. Apart from this, incandescent lights are known to produce a large amount of heat which is not only a wastage of energy but a common reason behind domestic and commercial buildings catching fire.

Calculate your savings in a few easy steps:

Note down the following information and perform a simple mathematical calculation to find out how well you can manage your finances by adapting to LEDs.

  • The wattage of the bulbs you are currently using (W).
  • The average time for which the lights remain on in a day (h).
  • The present electricity price you pay in KWh (p).
  • The cost incurred when your current bulbs are replaced with LED bulbs.

For calculation:
Current Cost per Month= (W / 1,000) * h * p * 30 days
New Cost per Month = (W of LED bulbs / 1,000) *h * p * 30 days
Monthly Saving= Current cost per month – new cost per month

(LEDs let you save about 52% when compared to traditional tube lights. We hope this saves you from the torment of calculation)

Once you do the maths, the result will be crystal clear; you will be adapting to green energy and liberate from the guilt of wasting energy. These lights, even when left on for 24 hours, create negligible wastage and still have a longer lifespan. Jaquar Lighting’s LED lamps help you save about 90% of the energy and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, meaning once you invest, you don’t have to replace them for at least 5 years.

Thus by consuming less electricity and lasting for many years, the LED lights support you in adding to your wealth over time. You can observe significant energy savings over the years along with enjoying the warmth of the safest lights. By investing in smart lighting you invest in an impressive future and there are no good excuses to prevent you from making the switch.

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