The top bathroom cleaning equipment that you must have

Maintaining the cleanliness levels of your bathroom can be quite a hassle, especially because washrooms are a lot more susceptible to the buildup of bacteria and germs. With so many wet surfaces and moisture trapped in enclosed spaces on a daily basis, cleaning your bathroom should be at the top of your list at least once a week.

Having the right bathroom cleaning equipment stored around the house can make this process less tiresome, and is an essential factor in keeping things hygienic and squeaky clean.

Rubber gloves
Since you’ll be using chemicals and possibly some bathroom acids, and you’ll be coming in contact with surfaces covered in germs and bacteria, it is recommended you wear a pair of rubber gloves when you’re cleaning the bathroom. Keep a pair in the bathroom’s supply cabinet for easy access.

Toilet brush
You’ll want to start with cleaning the toilet since most of the germs and bacteria live there. Many choose to fill the bowl with a cleaning agent and let it sit for a while to trickle down and have the chemicals work their magic. But this alone isn’t enough. Use a toilet brush after allowing the cleaning agent to sit for a few minutes to effectively scrub away the buildup of dirt – especially in places that can’t be reached like the inner rim of the toilet.

To make this process easier, keep the brush in a holder near the toilet bowl itself, and after its use, fill the holder with bleach to disinfect the brush.

Mop and bucket
Bathroom floors often see pools of water collect, and this can become a breeding ground for germs. Not to mention all the stray hairs, dust, lint and more that fall on the floor as you walk in and out every day. To keep the floors clean, keep a mop and bucket handy to serve as a bathroom floor cleaner. Add a cap full of a cleaning agent of your choice to the bucket and fill it up with water to allow the soap to foam and spread throughout the water. Mop the floors in a direction towards a corner so that you can collect the remaining dirt to toss away after.

You can also use hot water in the bucket to effectively kill germs. Another tip is to use a mop that can be angled in order to clean the corners well. An angled mop need not be used as just a bathroom floor cleaner, but can also be used to wipe down bathroom wall tiles by swiping up and down from the floor to the ceiling.

Disinfectant and sponge
While you may assume bathroom acids are the best bathroom cleaners, they can’t be used on all surfaces and materials. For example, if you have a copper sink, you should avoid using any chemical abrasives as it can damage the metal. In fact, any acidic product will break down the finish of a sink made of metal – this is true even in the case of homemade cleaners with lemon and vinegar. And since a sink made of stone can absorb liquid due to its porous nature, chemical cleansers will damage the make of the sink.

Instead, use a multi-surface disinfectant with a sponge or soft microfiber cloth to wipe down mirrors, countertops, faucets, handles, ceramic, and the glass of shower enclosures and windows. Alternatively, a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water also acts as one of the best bathroom cleaners. If you’re making your own disinfectant, store it in a spray bottle and use it 3-4 times a week to prevent hard water stains and the buildup of bacteria.

Use a squeegee as a tool to remove excess water and moisture from glass doors, walls, countertops and other flat surfaces, especially after a hot shower. Wiping down the residual moisture can help cut down on the buildup of mildew and scum, which becomes a lot more difficult to remove if left to grow for a long period of time. Using a squeegee on glass surfaces can also help keep it looking clean and can prevent hard water stains from forming.

While keeping your bathroom clean will help maintain it, bathroom facilities tend to age with use over time and can look unflattering despite how much you clean it. Which is why it’s important to invest in premium amenities that will always reflect your upkeep. Check out Jaquar’s line of luxury products for bathroom solutions to keep your bathroom clean effortlessly, with anti-germ glazing toilets and sanitaryware.

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