How to light up your homes with smart lights?

The world is becoming smarter with each passing day, so it is natural to transform our homes into smart homes, as well. If you are also thinking of upgrading your home to a smart home, the best way is to start with smart lighting. While switching on and off the lights seems like a small effort, smart lighting can help us in more than one way to feel safe, comfortable, and happy. 

Why smart lights?

Smart Lights give you the convenience of controlling the lights as per your requirement. It gives you the power to adjust the intensity and colour according to an occasion or your mood. And at the same time, it helps you ensure the safety of your home by setting a schedule to switch on and off the lights. Making people believe that you are home even when you are not is a great way to deter burglars.

Smart Lights offer double the benefit: enhancing the look and ensuring the safety of your home. For example, motion sensor LED lights are not only a creative way to decorate your home but also an effective method to keep intruders away.

How to choose the smart lights for your home?

Just like any other decor or lighting, the first step to select smart lighting for your home is to understand your requirement. If you are looking to turn your home into a smart home, you would surely be adding a lot more smart features in addition to the intelligent lighting; thus, you will need a smart hub to manage everything.

But if you are just looking to add smart lighting, all you need to do is select the lights, install the app and enjoy the ease that comes with it.

Types of Smart Lighting and how to use them to light up your home?

Smart Lighting comes in various styles and product ranges. However, they can be broadly classified into:
- Motion Sensor LED lights -
Motion sensor LED lights, as the name suggests, light up whenever they sense the movement around. They are a perfect fit to illuminate the hallways and long pathways. They can also be aptly used for layering techniques, which means to use multiple light sources to illuminate an area, especially on the staircases.
- Smart LED Tube lights - Smart LED Tube lights can come with a number of features, including motion sensors, tunable colours and remote-controlled operations. They are an ideal way to light up your rooms, especially the ones where you host guests.   - Smart LED Light Bulbs - Bulbs are usually used to illuminate a relatively small area. Smart LED light bulbs changes the colour and intensity at your command, making them a great match to highlight your decor or art pieces. These can also be installed in kids’ rooms and living rooms to bring out the celebratory vibes when you host a party at home.At Jaquar Lighting, you will find a wide variety of smart lighting options that are sure to meet the unique needs of your home.
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